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Remote Desktop - RDP

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Remote Desktop - RDP

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Jan Frydendal
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User Reviews for Remote Desktop - RDP

Having problem and I think it’s fake

The tools is not working and please refund my money, Aug 29, 2018
Cannot Connect

Does not connect. Does not say why. No support. No troubleshooting. A refund would be nice.

Bill0416, Oct 19, 2020
RDP--Amazing but . . .

I've only had this app for a week, and I am pleased with it. It worked the first time and everytime after that (I've used it perhaps 10 times). So as far as the app goes, really nice.If I have a complaint about the software itself, it would be the awkward multiple keyboard arrangement. So I have to switch from one keyboard to the other to get the function keys or the cursor keys when I am typing something in the desktop. Very awkward. And the mouse button to manipulate mouse actions is just NOT consistent with the touch screen type interface. If I could figure out a better way, I would complain bitterly: "What's the matter with these guys, why didn't they . . . ???" But I can't imagine what the solution might be, so I am not complaining very loudly. Nice try, but I'm not really happy with the arrangement.And I still have to work with the limitations of remote desktopping on a tiny screen (better than any other smartphone screen, but still limited and limiting). I really couldn't do serious work. I could get to my desktop, check on a few things, move a few files around. But trying to edit a document or call up the email application on my desktop so that I could send an attachment to pick up on my iPhone, for example, was very difficult. That's the nature of working remotely from a tiny screen. Not the fault of the software, I think. So if you must remote in to your desktop, this software will work.

gn5, May 02, 2009
Fixed and works like a charm again

Fixed so now works with latest NLA connection on win 10. The best RDP app by far!

happywithMac, Apr 06, 2018
The best Remote Desktop

This is the best remote desktop, no other RDP works like this, even the one from Microsoft is difficult to move around the screen and select things.This new version fixed the connection issues for me by selecting TLS 1.0

max.123, Feb 16, 2019
Best RDP app out there for the price

I tried a few other RDP apps but their performance just doesn't match this one. With this app you can enjoy super smooth fast graphics performance even with 16-bit colors and the wallpaperOn. Other apps force you to turn off wallpaper, reduce the screen size or the color bit depth to achieve decent speed. This one does it all without having to sacrifice anything. Awesome. I tried the free lite version and then I decided to buy the full version. It's well worth the price. Other apps are much more expensive and don't perform as good as this one.The "motions" feature that scrolls the screen using the accelerometer is an annoyance more than anything else. First of all it doesn't work the way it should. Sometimes the screen will stubbornly get stuck and won't scroll where you want it to. I've used scrolling with accelerometer features in other apps and even in other phones (non-iPhones) and it never scrolls where you want to or it is hard to stop the scrolling. So it's a feature that is better off not included. I'm glad I can turn that feature off. But anyway I'm giving it 5 stars because the keyboard disappearance bug has been fixed.

mveras1972, May 31, 2011
Need 4.6 version!

NLA needs update like you did for RDP Lite version. Can’t connect and RDP Lite only lasts 5 minutes.

ponage,!!!!, Apr 03, 2018
Works Great

Have been using it for a good amount of time now and this is a great app. Wish the google remote app I use when not on the same network worked even half as good as this one.

ring6992, Sep 14, 2019
Wake on LAN stopped working

Wake on LAN used to work on this app, but I have not been able to make it work anymore. I know it is not my PC on the network because I can wake it from my laptop. Please look into why it doesn’t work anymore on IOS 13.2.3.

S. Som Shun, Dec 05, 2019
Black screen when connecting to windows 2008

Microsoft client works just fine with tat host. This bug has never been fixed, totally worthless for me now

User3137, May 31, 2019


Using your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to your Windows Workstation Computer and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen. Mocha Remote Desktop (RDP) provides access to a PC running Windows XP Professional or Windows 7/8/10. HOME edition or Windows 200x Servers cannot be supported.

Before buying, please try our free Lite version. FEATURES - Standard RDP protocol. - 8/16 bit color mode for faster screen updates. - Zoom and scroll as the Safari Browser. - Landscape mode. - View only mode. - Mouse left/right click, drag , hover and wheel. - Support for Swiftpoint GT hardware mouse. - Support for a Bluetooth mouse, when using an iPad. - Support for Mouse Easy. Use an iPhone as a bluetooth trackpad. - WOL (Wake on LAN). - Printing. - Barcode scanner. - NETBIOS name support for easy configuration - Banners with extra keys (ctrl, alt,shift, arrows f1 f2...). - Stylus pen - Unicode keyboard support (any keyboard type) - Have patent license for the RDP protocol from Microsoft. LIMITATIONS - Windows HOME edition cannot be used, as it does not include the RDP protocol. - Support for Windows XP Professional or Windows 7/8/10. We cannot offer Windows 200x Server access, as it will require another patent license from Microsoft.

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