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Reminder, Reminders with Voice

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Reminder, Reminders with Voice

  • Productivity
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Sergio Licea
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User Reviews for Reminder, Reminders with Voice


Nothing fancy, does exactly what it’s supposed to do and in a very efficient and simple way, and it’s great for when you need to customize the way you schedule your reminders. I use this app in conjunction with Todoist which is also a very powerful task scheduling app; however, this reminder app is just quick and straight to the point and is best for helping you create and keep up with your everyday task list. If you have ADHD, or if you are just someone who needs help staying on track and on task, this app is an easy and very effective way of helping you accomplish your daily task goals…and the nominal fee compared to other expensive task/reminder apps is well worth it. Thanks to the developers who had the insight to see that simple and straightforward is best for most people.

All Smiles:-), Mar 13, 2022
So much better than apple calendar and alarms!

I’ve had a huge problem of missing my therapy and doctors appointments because I forget to set an alarm to wake up and the apple reminders app is a joke. With this app I can schedule alarms for certain days although it’s a little awkward since the “wake-up alarm” option can only be set to a weekly function. I wish you could schedule one-time alarms like you can schedule one time reminders but those aren’t as persistent and wouldn’t work as an alarm. Overall it’s saved me a lot of stress because I can finally remember when my appointments are happening and is better than apple’s alarm, calendar and reminders combined. Setting up the 5 pre-alarms is much easier, the different sounds you can use are great too, I love the happy birthday song they have. You can’t really use the free version other than to just try it out but it’s worth the measly 2 bucks so I can make it to my appointments.

Best WOF app, Jul 26, 2022
Love it!

I love all the features. So many ways to set alarms. I can add pics and/or voice recording to each reminder. Critical to me is the ability to turn off/on individual reminders if I am not doing something for a period of time but will start again in the future. Also being able to pause ALL reminders is outstanding for vacations. Nothing worse than being on vacation and having a work reminder go off. I’d like the ability to track completion data but not critical. Or be able to group reminders to be able to turn on/off groups like “work,” “workout,” “home,” etc. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I would be willing to pay subscription for more features. But don’t remove anything please! Love it!

BigD67, Feb 19, 2020
I love this app and have a suggestion

Several times viewing the "Days" screen I wanted to enter a new reminder and accidentally changed the date. Other times I have wanted to view tomorrow and instead started entering a new reminder. I suggest the arrows for changing the date be located closer to the center on the "Days" screen, so the "+" for adding content will be more isolated and a sleepy me won't hit the wrong button. Thank you for such a fine, useful product. Bill Sullivan I have been using this app for several years now. Have created custom images for certain scheduled events. Have virtually nothing but praise for its performance, but tonight as many times before when I wanted to touch “>” I hit “+”. It’s not the end of the world, I will survive, but it sure gets aggravating that these 2 important actions are so close to each other.

bills1937, Dec 19, 2021
Excellent App - could use a few improvements

This app is excellent. Since doing remote school we’ve needed something to help keep us on schedule. I’ve tried many “to do” type apps but they never have the reminders/alarms that’s needed. This app has that plus is very versatile. We have set each class it’s own voice recorded message so we know which class and it has a reminder. A few things would make this app outstanding: -1 easily getting music from the Apple Music library like you can do with some morning alarm apps. This app makes it a bit difficult and I skipped that entirely as too much work. -2 allow for adding in or holidays. Our child is on an A/B day rotation. Every 2 days works in the app but it doesn’t take in to account holidays and I can’t add “skip x date” for like school holidays weeks. -3 require a login so that the app can be synced/used across devices. I can backup them restore from my iPhone to my iPad but it would be ideal if it linked real-time so that my husband and I can share and also have it on the iPad with the child. I wold gladly pay for this feature. (AnyList does this by the way as an example)

emmy2002us, Sep 07, 2020
Has soo many options

I freaking love this calendar/reminder/To-Do list app. I have certain events in my life that occur every other wednesday, or every week but only on sunday, thursday, and friday, or on a cycle 4days on/ 3days off... This app lets you do all that and choose what time you want to be reminded about it and how often; you can even add pre-alarms, and snooze options. It’s got a gallery of “icons” to choose from to illustrate your reminder, and lots of different reminder sounds if you’re into that. There are three main tabs which lets you switch screens between the reminders of the day, the list of all reminders you have set up, and a monthly calendar view. I had to download like 15 different reminder/calendar/to do list apps until i got this one; it’s so far the best for me.

Kchi Slemani, Jan 11, 2020
Great app, just needs a couple of additional features

I got this app (paid for the upgrade) a couple of days ago and so far I really like it. I just have a couple of suggestions. It would be great to be able to categorize the reminders. Also, I wish it didn't make you select a time of day, as there are some reminders and to-do things that there's not a specific time for, i.e. birthdays. It would be nice if these could just be listed instead of having a reminder alarm go off. A shopping list, along with the above features, would complete this app and would allow everyone to get rid of other apps like this. The paid version, at least, should include these extras. I do love the layout, all the great options such as picking the alarm sound and icon.

slb225, Jan 02, 2021
Great app!

Wonderful app!!! In fact the best reminder app in the App Store! If you have not purchased this app what are you waiting for? Mini useful features; The ability to record your own voice as a reminder; awesome sounds from the app that you can use as a Reminder or from your own Music library you can pick a reminder. Very easy to create reminders! Visually impaired or siteless people can use it very easily! It is very very reliable! I pray that in the future when there's another update that you'll be able to import things from other apps into the Reminder app. The app is very straightforward! You really need to purchase this app if you haven't yet!

Spiritual pops, Apr 28, 2022
Great ! (With Small issue)

This app is Amazing, i always appreciate a Application that worries about the little details like i do. Any reminder time or amount of days has been covered in this app. This blows the Stock Apple Reminders App out of the water, it was so buggy and frustrating. This app was absolutely worth the $1.99 price tag, it makes my day alot easier and organized. I look forward to seeing what new features and updates are coming soon.***** The only 2 problems i have is that when i pull down on Notifications on my iPhone and try to “clear” a individual reminder that i missed, it instead Clears “All” my missed reminders in my Notifications center which is a little aggravating.Also my other small problem is that when i dismiss a Reminder Notification that pops up on my Apple Watch It does Not show up on my iPhone Notification center as a missed reminder. Better integration with a apple watch would be greatly appreciated.

Will82584, Jan 13, 2018
Improvements needed

I purchased an app which said I can connect this App to other Apple products which I own. It looks. Like I can access more ring tones but not what I want. I know I can call Apple to “cancle” and get a refund, but I prefer to have this error corrected. What is the purpose of different colored circles with each reminder? Correction I should have said. The different colored clocks as well as the squares of different colors. If I unintentionally erase a. message I want to bring it back. Likewise, just a few words. Can you keep erased messages for me to look back.What does the check mark and square stand for? When the forthcoming appointments show on the screen mark “weekly Sunday Jan1-Saturday Jan. 8”

x q z, Jan 02, 2022


Reminder with Calendar and Voice Reminders is a powerful reminder app, you can easily set up all kind of reminders. Use your own voice recordings or pick a song from your music library and set it as the reminder sound. They will play when the reminder is due.

Reminders are fully configurable: Pre-Alarms, Auto-Snooze, Snooze, Reschedule, Custom Messages, Custom Sounds, Custom Images, Notes and More. Practically any type of reminder can be set: Repeat throughout the day • Repeat every X minutes (Every 20 mins, Every 90 mins) • Repeat every X hours (Every hour, Every 4 hours) • Repeat at specific times (9:15, 10:30, 11:50) Daily • Repeat every X days (Every day, Every 3 days) Weekly • Repeat on selected days of the week (Repeat only on Mondays and Fridays) • Repeat on weekdays, weekends • Repeat every X weeks (Every week, Every 2 weeks) Monthly • Repeat on selected days of the month (Repeat on the 15th and the 30th) • Repeat every first Monday of the month • Repeat every last Friday of the month Yearly • Repeat every year (Birthdays, Anniversaries) Cycle • Repeat daily for 21 days and then take 7 days off (Birth Control) • Repeat for 3 consecutive days and then take 2 days off One-Time • Set a reminder at a specific date and time Wake-Up Alarm • Wake up at 8:00 on weekdays • Wake up at 9:00 on weekends Main Features • Easy to use for everyone • Use your own voice as the reminder sound. It will play when the reminder is due • Pick a song from your music library and set it as the reminder sound • The Auto-Snooze feature allows to repeat the alarm up to 5 times at regular intervals (e.g. 1 min, 10 mins, 30 mins) until you take action • Snooze a reminder or mark it as "Done" directly from the lock screen or notification banner • Pre-Alarms: Receive up to 5 notifications prior to the actual due date • Add images or photos to each reminder for easy identification • Reschedule reminders to a new time and date in the future • It has a calendar to show all reminders by month • Easy one tap to turn individual reminders on or off • Option to pause all reminders when you don't want to be disturbed • Backup and restore reminders on the same device or multiple devices • More than 90 built-in images • 30 built-in alarm sounds General • VoiceOver accessibility support • Dark Mode (Available in iOS 13 and later) • Automatically adjusts to the font size selected on the device • Notifications are local. No internet connection required • App doesn't need to be open to receive notifications • Universal App, full native support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Free Version • In the free version you can only add up to 3 reminders • Full version with unlimited reminders is available as an In-App Purchase • One-Time payment. No monthly or annual fees

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