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Regal: Movie Tickets & Times

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Regal: Movie Tickets & Times

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Regal Cinemas, Inc
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User Reviews for Regal: Movie Tickets & Times

Too many notifications

I only got the app to begin with because it was required to use my Regal credits. The first day having it, I had so many notifications that I vowed to delete it after I used the movie tickets. I would get a notice saying that I had 15 notifications, when I opened the app there was only 1 thing in the message center and it was a promo for a new movie. I turned the notifications off, but it still has that little annoying red dot (OCD I know) and it will say anywhere from 5 to 15 or so notifications. Then when I open the app to delete them, there will be only 1. I tried to keep the app for a while, thinking it would improve, because I would like to use it for access to my credits. I just deleted it because I can’t deal with the notifications any longer! It drives me crazy. If they can remove this feature entirely, so no more red dot, I would reload. I did use it to buy the movie tickets and that worked fine, just not worth keeping because of all the other fluff.

Cabrown21, Jan 22, 2019

As an update I decided to look more into the unlimited. It’s crazy in the state I am in there is only one theatre which is good as it’s the one close to me. The thing I didn’t care for was they want 3 months up front when you go to download the app in the App Store first picture shows get 90 days free. Don’t know where that is. Megaplex is closer to me and while I would like to see unlimited movies and any day of the week I think I’m good sticking to the 5 dollar Tuesdays they offer and just see movies on Tuesday. Not only is it closer I’m just not okay signing up for something for an entire year. I’m not really sure where to put this feedback so I will leave it here. I went and saw a movie and I am a movie buff. It’s the one thing I go way to much to do. At the movie there was an ad for the subscription service and I was like cool I’ll check it out. Reading the piece of paper and the first question talks about can I cancel and it says there is a 12 month commitment. That right there will make me not try the service. I don’t mind paying 20 bucks a month o watch movies if I know stuff is coming out I want to see but I’m not gonna pay 20 a month to not watch anything. As I was typing this up I did realize there is a way you could cancel it after you start it and not have to pay any more money so I might try it out then do what I figured out and not try it again.

Gaspatchosoup, Jul 05, 2022
Amazing App & Amazing Theatre!!

I love being able to see the movies, trailers, and rewards from my phone instead of driving up the theatre just to see the timings of movie I want to see. Regal more specifically does an outstanding Job on the user friendly interface for all ages and you can use apple pay to purchase tickets! The only thing I wanted to mention that could be updated for iPhone Users is the ability for the app to to take an automatic screenshot to save your ticket into your camera roll instead of The Wallet App due to Apple Wallet not being compatible with all mobile digital readers in stores and movie theaters. If there was a way to add this feature and allow your app to access the camera roll to save your ticket, that would be amazing! I’m excited to see all the future integrations regal will be taking on!!

Let_V_Pray4U, Dec 28, 2018
Awful refund policy. Imposible to contact customer service

I bought movie tickets through the app and realized when I was getting scanned to enter the theater (popcorn and icee in hand) that they were for the wrong theater!!! I had bought them just 15 min prior to show time looking to get in fast. When I asked if I could cancel those and purchase new ones I was told to just buy the right ones and that I had to call to get a refund. So I did and they put me on hold and got a call back 2 1/2 hours later and could not answer because I was inside the theater. When I tried calling again the next day, same wait time for a call back by the way, I was told that they could not refund me even though those tickets were never used or scanned. You have to call 1 hour prior to show time (imposible if you buy right before entering) to get a refund. Also if I had known in advance I would have done something. So the lady’s advice was to go personally to the theater and talk to a manager to see if maybe they could give a movie pass. This does not seem fair at all. FYI parking in downtown LA is expensive. How much time and money will I spend “to see” if they’ll give me a credit or movie pass. This is absurd and seems like an abuse to the consumer. The app offers no options or support ni had to dig through the internet to find a stupid number to call. Ridiculous.

Lilichavarria, May 21, 2018
Stealing my gift card money that is loaded on app

I am an avid movie goer. I take my son at least a couple times a month, it is our bonding time. I have used the app for over a year with zero issues....until now. If you are like me, you load your gift cards on your app to not have to keep them and you can use the app for purchases when out and about and decide to go to a movie. Lately every purchase has been filled with glitches. Busy release nights are not allowing purchases to go through and if you happen to use a GC the balance disappears even though the purchase didn’t process. The argumentative employee on the phone said I should keep every gift card even though loaded for months with no issue because it is the same as my credit card. Also I should expect issues on busy nights and glitches are common. This is not acceptable. I did not keep the cards, I am trying to limit what I carry with me. Are they hoping we won’t try to recover the gift cards and Regal can pocket it?? Another rep did help in a positive manner and try to give me free tickets in the place of my gift cards. I feel this is a serious glitch that needs to be fixed and I may have to find a different app to buy my movies tickets.

MMINNC, Jun 21, 2019
I wish I could give this a zero

this is a review for anyone considering joining the regal crown club or unlimited subscription. DONT DO IT. After a few years of not being able to go to the movies because of COVID I was so excited to enjoy this experience again. I live within walking distance of a regal theater and figured I'd save money if I got a membership. However, the regal near me does not put on many recent releases. Many of the movies coming out that I wanted to see we're not going to be playing in the theater and if I wanted to see them I had to go to another theater 20 miles away. this wouldn't be a big deal but membership is about 24 dollars a month and where I'm from movie tickets are already so expensive I can't justify giving another theater my money when I'm already obligated to pay regal every month. After realizing this, canceling the membership was almost impossible. The only way you can cancel is if you are physically unable to go to the movie theater because of injury or sickness. It's such a rip-off. Don't put yourself through the stress and get HBO

nickname4427, Apr 14, 2022
Get your act together Regal!

I moved my regal points over to use them for 5 movie tickets. I went through the process of selecting seats and started the payment process. It gave me an error every single time I tried to complete the purchase. I finally just used the Fandango app to buy the tickets, which means I had to pay full price and was unable to use my points. The app needs to be fixed to allow points to be used, especially since Regal states the points can ONLY be used on the app or at the theater for tickets. Another issue with the app I had was seat selection. There were 6 seats available at the end of the row and I was purchasing 5 tickets. No matter where I select the 5 seats out of those 6 available, there is going to be 1 left over. If I left the seat open between us and the next seat, I got an error that you can’t leave an empty seat between 2 people. If I shifted the seats down I got an error that you can’t leave the aisle seat empty. So basically if you have an odd number in your family you’re screwed. If Regal wants people to use their app the app needs to work!

rebekahlynn6, Jul 20, 2019
Movie Theatre Buff

I will start off by saying that because of my job, (treatment facility) i am taking my clients to the movies about every other weekend especially if it is raining. I might add that that’s a lot because i live in Miami. Because of this and always buying at least 4 tickets 5 including me (most of the time it’s about 7-9 tickets) and concession for all of us, i rack a lot of points which allows me to go just about whenever i want either with me and my girlfriend, or us and two of our three children. So i pretty much end up spending maybe $5 for popcorn and that’s it because i save the points for tickets only (i sneak snacks in) and I’ll just give my sons each ten bucks to play at the arcade. Most of that is useless information for you guys but overall i love this app because of how easy it is to use, it never glitches on me never freezes or crashes. And still loads pretty fast when I’m using only data on the road or at the theatre. If you go to the movies and spend a lot of money there, in regards to popcorn or you have a decent size family you take, this app is the bomb. Save hem points and run it up. 🤙🏻

SethenAteHer, Aug 25, 2018

I finally got through on the phone today, and was told that even though my bank still shows the money was taken out, it was not. I was told by the customer service rep that it was due to servers crashing because of the amount of people purchasing Avengers tickets yesterday, but that doesn’t explain phone calls made to them hanging up on customers. I drove to the theater, got out, had no assistance from the customer service desk and the guy actually hurried away to I assume go turn up the heat in a theater at the request of a customer that cut in front of me to ask for it to be turned up. I sat forever in the lobby trying to get someone on the phone, then finally emailed, and got no response from that either. Today I’m told sorry you missed your movie, and your bank acct was charged, you spent probably an hour of your own time attempting to buy a ticket then working on the problem, but hey, have a nice day. Thanks Regal! I live in an area with plenty of competition nearby, and although you were my favorite theater, I do have options and choices of spending my money where I am appreciated.

Tammynic, Apr 03, 2019
Subscribe to AMC if you can

The app is very buggy and has obtrusive advertisements. The app does not let you leave an empty seat next to you hen booking a single ticket. Which makes a single moviegoer with on the end and not in the middle. Even if the theater is completely empty. Even worse when me and my spouse try to get tickets together we have to both sit on the end as the app only lets you book one unlimited pass ticket per transaction. Also before you think about subscribing READ THE FINE PRINT! Each booking on the app charges a non refundable .54 convenience fee. Going to the theater and buying your ticket on the kiosk is the only way to avoid this fee. Also, I pay $23 per month and I only get to see standard movies included. If I want 3D, IMAX, 4DX, or whatever else they have that is more than the standard movie rate, I have to pay the difference. I have no choice in theaters because there is no AMC near me. I had their monthly program before I moved and although it was only 3 movies per week, it truly was ANY movie, ANY showing, and above all, ANY SEAT! It didn’t matter if I wanted to see a 3D IMAX movie and sit in the middle of the theater alone, I could, and for no extra charge. Not with Regal! Avoid them if you can.

thatsit515, Jan 18, 2020


Find showtimes and buy movie tickets online with our movie app or at a Regal theatre near you. Read movie reviews and watch trailers for movies out now before buying your mobile tickets in the app. Sign into your Regal Crown Club and start using your movie rewards now.

With Regal Unlimited movie subscription pass, you can watch as many movies as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Plus, get advance tickets as soon as they go on sale, enjoy 10% off all food and non-alcoholic beverages in theatre. Enjoy the movies app you've been looking for. GET MOVIE SHOWTIMES AND BUY MOVIE TICKETS INSTANTLY WITH OUR PREMIERE TICKET APP • See movies playing in theatres now or new movies coming soon. Get your tickets today. •Looking for last minute tickets? Find showtimes and theatre locations near you • View our movie finder and purchase movie tickets instantly. Or visit our box office to purchase your ticket stubs. • Watch HD movie trailers for movies coming soon to theatres and IMAX® • Use your Regal Crown Club to earn and redeem movie rewards. Endless entertainment. FIND NEARBY THEATRE LOCATIONS • Save your favorite theatres to watch movies. • Easily search for movie theatres in other locations • See new movies and showtimes at a specific theatre • Get directions to the theatre SKIP THE LINE AND ORDER CONCESSIONS IN THE APP • Browse and order available concessions at select theatres • Get concession discounts with Unlimited and Regal Crown Club memberships • Receive alerts when concession orders are ready for pickup EARN MOVIE REWARDS WITH THE REGAL CROWN CLUB • Earn coupons and rewards for concessions • Scan and store your Regal Crown Club card for quick use • Check your Regal Crown Club balance OTHER FEATURES • Discover movie reviews and audience ratings • Access Twitter to read real-time options on current movies • Find movie synopsis, runtimes and cast ---------------- By downloading, installing and using this App, you agree to Regal Cinemas Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as well as Fandango's Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Purchase Policy. Regal Cinemas Mobile Application Privacy Policy: https://www.regmovies.com/static/en/us/privacy Regal Cinemas Terms of Use: https://www.regmovies.com/static/en/us/MobileApplication/termsofuse Fandango Privacy Policy: http://mobile.fandango.com/privacypolicy Fandango Terms of Use: http://mobile.fandango.com/termsofuse Fandango Purchase Policy: http://mobile.fandango.com/purchasepolicy

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