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Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App

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Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App

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User Reviews for Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App

App is Cranky

I’d purchase but when using the product I try to post to Facebook and get messages like these: something about connection and then a message that the file size is too big. The 3rd outcome is that the item posts but the video and GIF doesn’t work - it’s a still photo. So in essence it doesn’t work correctly with Facebook. I’ve saved the videos and GIFs to my videos on my iPad (I cannot email them to myself) and then I again try to post to Facebook and it doesn’t work properly. I can send the videos and GIFs to other thru Messenger. I used to be a paying customer of JibJab and never had this issue. So unless the Reface app can work, there’s no sense in paying for it. (Yes I’ve cleared my iPad cache and have cleared the safari website memory and I’ve even rebooted the power on the iPad and the app is still unusable on Facebook.Now my iPad is not brand new however I still have approximately 75% of available memory in it. I’ve sent messages to your staff over your reface app and no one there seems to be able to give me the correct direction of what to do to get this to work properly.

21stCenturyWoman, Jan 20, 2021
Avoid like a plague

I had unsatisfactory experiences with their paid AI generated services in the past; and yet against my better judgment I tried it again! This time I submitted 6 pictures and paid for professional AI generated headshots, as advertised! After about 45 minutes the outcome was horrendous! The pictures were unreal, damaged and disassembled! I tried to contact customer service and been told by Maksym that despite the faulty pictures (I sent him both originals and the AI generated pictures) I am not eligible for a refund!!!! In my opinion regardless of the amount in question, this is a matter of principles and good, honest business! I will continue to follow up this matter to make sure no more customers fall into this trap! Update: the developer wrote a generic response and asked to continue the dialogue! Ok, fine! I want a refund for your horrible and useless service! If my feedback is important and you are sorry for providing bad services! Then here you go! Otherwise stop writing misleading responses and stop pretending you care about your victims!

AminMir, Aug 14, 2023

I think reface should keep the audio in the background of re-voice just to give it a more realistic appeal. For example, it would be better to hear the the audience in the background clapping or laughing while the sound of the users voice is telling a joke. In addition, the app should include a full body tracking feature. So one day I tried to perform an action and put a female celebrity’s face on me, being that I’m a male. That didn’t work. 🤦‍♂️ I’d rather use full body tracking to influence my subject without compromising his or her physical appearance. With regards to reface, there are instances when I tried swapping faces but sometimes the end result doesn’t look good. This has prompted me to use a third party app called FaceApp to enhance the look of the face which brings me to my final suggestion: A new feature that allows us to enhance our appearance after we swap faces of someone else in both photo and video. That’s not all, this feature may also enhance ones clothing style. Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you not only had a great looking face, a better looking outfit that actually looks awesome on you in addition to that? Well that’s the type of feature I’m talking about. With just a tap here and there, this new feature will switch you from wearing your typical dated outfit to a new designer suit in a flash along with a better looking face and hairstyle. The name of this new feature I’m thinking of is called: “Reflection”.

Anonymous2177, Feb 28, 2023
Wow I am surprised

I thought this was gonna be one of those cheap apps. I would use if for the free 3 days then cancel boy that is not happening . Been on it 3 hours it’s so fun. No watermarks no restrictions again wow. All my friends I send a clip to say how you do that I lie and say it took two weeks of tedious work but I did it because I love you. Lol I’m gonna have to tell them because they will not stop asking .I know such a app was coming did not think it would be this great and simple to use. I can see them doing like tikt and letting you edit in the future doing longer clips and everything. Absolutely love it. After I’m done showing off I’m going let everyone know about it hats off to the developers and again thanks for no watermarks and so much content. This is one app I’m happy to pay for.

badboychronic, Mar 06, 2021

Edit : I’ve left this review previously and their team reassured me that they are working on a quality update for the swapping filter but after reading the recent reviews of people who left the same reviews and received the same response about two months ago i’m starting to get a little scared that this may not be true. This app was amazing a month ago it was 100% perfect until recently it updated and i’ve noticed the changing filter isn’t as strong anymore . It used to change your face shape a bit more and show your features more strongly . I miss when the filter was stronger. I loved the old version 😭 but it’s still a pretty solid app I really hope you guys can fix it back to how it was if that’s possible. i thought i was wrong until i saw someone else say that the swapping filters have been watered down. I would really really love for this app to go back to how it was when the swapping would show more of your own features including face shape, eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc than the ones on the face you’re swapping with. I compared some of my swapped faces from july and now and back in july the features were so much stronger. I will most definitely subscribe once you guys fix this situation i love this app and i wish to have it back to how it was… Pls fix it or let me know if it can be fixed so i can resubscribe again once it is fixed.

BlueGTwWt, Oct 17, 2022
Inappropriate filter not working properly

This app has flagged several of my videos as possible in appropriate contact when the only thing in the video is a dog now I know it will re-face dog photos but apparently videos it doesn’t it also Said that a picture of my daughter playing with the dog was inappropriate when in fact nothing about that video that was inappropriate most of it you only see her hand with a squeaky toy playing with the dog and of course my daughter was fully dressed I’m going to give this app less stars because I don’t think it should have an inappropriate filter that flags videos that have nothing inappropriate in them that makes it hard for me to enjoy the service when it stops me from enjoying it first of all it’s a paid service so adults are paying for it last time I checked an adult can do whatever they want I’m 40 years old and I certainly don’t need an app telling me that my daughter playing with a dog is inappropriate

Burning Ranger, Sep 23, 2021
Love The App But It Lost A Star

As far as a fun app, to me, this is even more fun than any game. I’ve been having so much enjoyment that I became a weekly subscriber. One complaint though, that forced me to take away a star is the refacing of my own Gifs, its AI catching some as “inappropriate” despite nothing being inappropriate in any way. Actually one it found was someone doing a ballet arm movement, another, someone leaning forward and standing straight up. No nudity or risky attire of any kind, not even sound or use of copyright music material. And while I personally don’t convert anything of the adult nature, since it’s a private app people should post what they want. I tried contacting support but since it’s Friday they’re closed until Monday. To close, it’s very good but can use some improvements. I won’t be keeping it forever but for now it’s great fun.

Darad227, Dec 12, 2020
Not letting me use the Pro version 😡😡

Im having an issue thats not letting me use the Pro version of this. I went to subscribe to it when it asked me and after it said “purchase was successful”, I pressed ok and it got stuck in an infinite loading screen. I restarted the app but after I opened it, it still didn’t have me in the Pro version so when i went to click on the Pro message at the top again to try to subscribe again thinking it was a glitch, the Apple message pops up saying I’m already subscribed, so when I press ok, your message pops up saying that the purchase was unsuccessful. Its very aggravating cause It shows in my subscriptions on my iPhone that my trial has already started but when I go into Reface, it still doesn’t have me in the Pro version. I really do think you guys created a great app cause the way the AI integrates any face into a video or GIF etc is insane, but it would be nice to use your free trial......if it worked! That’s why I'm taking off a couple stars. If you could fix this in the future, that’d be awesome, but I'm annoyed that my free trial is being wasted because your app is not allowing me to use it. Thanks, looking forward to a response from you guys.

Diamondmine64, Jan 10, 2021
Uno reverse card mr. app developers😎

I bought the app about like one or two years ago, and I could use features to help me in making videos, but I feel like over the course of the few months after this whole AI thing, it’s like the app was the was a bucket that was kick down the hill. now it feels like you have to use premium or pro mode for everything and I don’t want to use money on the app and I bet most people don’t either, so please app developers can you please make it where at least some of the original things are free. EDITThe app developers gave me a response, and you know what I say. I have never spent a single penny on this app so I was already practically using the free version of the app and as I said, I can’t do anything because everything is for pro so app developers there you go and remember to send me another response another AI generated or premade response if it was premade is probably made like years ago like most companies that do not have a soul, do!

Mr. Mathew Mendoza, Sep 15, 2023
App crashes a lot and won’t open

Great app when it’s working. But when you close out of the app or do something else on your phone and want to go back to the app 95% of the time it won’t let you. Yes, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my iPhone, closed all webpages and it still won’t work. I’m not sure what it is, when I go to click on the app it’s the black Home Screen page with two white inner locking circles and then quit and your back to your home page. If the circles start moving and an arrow then shows up between the circles it will start working. Very random. The last time I used the app was yesterday Feb 1st and before that Jan 18th. I tried using it the next two days, but nothing. So I ended up giving up and randomly clicking on it yesterday and it worked. However, there was an update while I was using it and I updated the app now it hasn’t worked since then.

My friends call me Red, Feb 02, 2021


》Swap Your Face on Photos and Videos & Generate Stunning AI Headshots Easily. Join the Reface community of over 150 million creators around the world. Enhance your photo collection with stunningly realistic AI baby photographs using the innovation of AI powered editing features, quickly swap faces on photos, change your hair styles or social media headshots with templates, create AI content from your favorite moments, choose from tons of stylized photo filters, and more.

Reface is your all-in-one AI Face Swap photo & video editor with all the tools you need to create your personal content. Here's what you can do with Reface: FACE SWAP • Swap your face on photos and videos. • Personalize your content with face swaps • Try on different hairstyles from long to short haircut • Add trending swap filters and popular photo effects • Be amazed by the face changer • Try face swaps with new videos and gifs posted every day • Play with live face swaps and gender swaps AI TOOLS • Childify Yourself: See your childhood self come to life • Create AI Avatars. Craft custom AI avatars in different styles • Apply stylized AI Filters to your photos with one tap • Add Tattoos: Try out virtual tattoos on your body • Generate AI Photos & Videos: Create captivating AI photo & video content with your face PHOTO ANIMATION & VIDEO EDITOR • Animate your own content • Make your photos sing with tons of templates • Choose any song you want for animation • Add video effects and filters • Create short video from your photos GREETINGS MAKER • Create greeting cards with your face • Birthday, Christmas, Halloween - you don't need to search for any picture anymore. DIFFERENT STYLES • See what you would look like in different eras • Make vintage pics of yourself • Change styles & be anyone TRENDING CONTENT & FILTERS • Choose from hundreds of viral photos or videos and create own one • Try various AI Video / Photo filters like "Mini me", "Pregnant Beauty", "Anime" etc SUBSCRIPTIONS PRO (upload your videos; exclusive content; no ads) • Weekly • Lifetime Reface is the top-rated face swap app that is also advanced, fun and well-known worldwide. Combined with a daily-updated wealth of source videos, gifs, photos, and pictures, you can make ridiculously realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. Reface will absolutely floor you as you morph your face, switch it with everything, and become a new person in the world. Be a wizard or a pop star. Become anyone's look alike by swapping your face with trending content, or have fun and replace your face with memes using our face editor and face morphing technology, as people all over the world enjoy Reface as a hilarious meme maker. Top 5 app in over 100 countries Reface is renowned in over 100 countries as the premiere face swap app. -- In case of any questions, issues or collaboration requests, contact us at [email protected] Terms and Conditions: https://Reface.app/terms/ Privacy Policy: https://Reface.app/privacy/

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