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Minh Tran
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User Reviews for RedApp Web Browser


GOOD UPDATEBY FAR ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE BROWSERS OUT HEREONLY 1 THINGS MISSING🚦RIGHT NOWMY PERMITION/AUTHORIZATION TO ACCESS MY PHOTOS/PERSONAL DATA🚫‼️This is a great app, but is bypassing my authorization to access my photos🚫‼️Whenever I go in the Redapp's directory: Downloads>Files>Import File..>Photo Gallery. After touching the last option, it just goes straight in MY PhotosApp album! With out REQUESTING ACCESS first, like all other apps do.The same thing happens when I go through this app on some website like imgur, to upload an image from my phone. It just jumps right in my PhotosApp's album with out REQUESTING ACCESS🚫‼️I feel like this is a Serious Privacy Security Breach that has to be fix ASAP.THIS APP NEEDS PRIVACY ACCESS TOGGLES FOR DEVICES PHOTOS, CAMERA AND MICROPHONE BY DEFAULT

!YAY, Mar 06, 2021
I like it.

I'm using this with Voiceover on my IPad. I'm on the newest version of ios 13. I wish there were more keyboard commands as I'm using this with a bluetooth keyboard. I also do not like all the sites pinned as what, pocket suggestions? And whatever site I visit gets pinned there. I bookmark the ones I want to visit so don't need anything else cluttering up the app. Is there no way to erase these? For example Twitter; which I'm not even on. Please add this in the future? I have other suggestions but will leave this for now.

Azarry, Oct 21, 2019

It’s very good and fast. But I do have one issue with the background music feature.It seems that the feature only works for one video at a time. I can’t use any kind of playlist for it, which is sad. Other then that everything else is very smooth.

Blog is good, Dec 03, 2020
Really like a lot I see

Love the search options, the bookmark system, reader mode, and so far, no display issues. Just made it my preferred browser on my iPad, so I’ll get a lot of experience with it shortly. It’s been impressive so far - even before this update I’ll do shortly.

Crocdoc325, Nov 05, 2021

Like the app and the versatility. I use it as my default browser love the security and customization. Well done.

gdhxifbxhc, Jun 13, 2021
6 Stars

this review is long overdue.iF there is a better ios browser i haven't found it. this app (and its streamlined companion (red app focus [greenlabel]) outperforms every other that i have tried: more customization, excellent for streaming, very flexible, tremendously stable.

multi app use, Jun 28, 2022

So far it’s intriguing due to all the options for personality customization. I will update once I’ve given fair time to prove it’s more than a pretty outside cover it’s a necessary utility and function’s as such. Thank youOK UNFORTUNATELY NOT EVEN 30 minutes after giving a review I attempted to go on a site and the language popped up foreign even though I had English chosen. 😩😩😩🤣 man it was pretty too.!

Nottrack54, Aug 11, 2022
Thank you!

Finally! I finally found something that is simple, organized, and customizable (in all the ways that were lacking in other apps). More importantly, I value a company that respects the consumer’s right to PRIVACY! Thank you!

RadLlama, Jun 01, 2022
One of the best iOS browsers by far, tons of features!

Honestly this app has so many unique and cool features, I am still not used to having them so accessible. Too many to list, but I love the file sharing.

Reviewer------$$$$$, Jul 25, 2022
my new go to

Does what I like. If there is a search in page, I haven’t figured that out yet.

some character, Jan 13, 2022


RedApp is a browser with a lot of cool features, allowing you to have more choices than the current popular browsers. Privately browse the web, for free! RedApp browser is a lightning fast, safe and private web browser that prevents you from being tracked by ads.

Fast, smart, integrates many great add-ons, security and energy efficient than other browsers. SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY. Easily access shortcuts to search providers including Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon etc. Support Private browsing with Passcode/TouchID or FaceID protection help you keep more privacy and security on your business. Giving you more customization than ever before. You can change toolbars, change tint color, theme, background in new tab and other changes in Settings. You will feel RedApp is yours and very safe to use.

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