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REALITY-Avatar Live Streaming-

  • Social Networking

REALITY-Avatar Live Streaming-

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for REALITY-Avatar Live Streaming-

It’s super fun actually

This is a fun app and it’s super easy to use in fact because of it I do want to continue in live streaming on here and other platform but I do have a few complaints like the male customisation stuff I’ve had a lot of my guys friends complain about the fact that why don’t like the male stuff for the male characters and I agree they aren’t that great compared to the things offered for the Women on the app I also feel like there should be more skin options and the fact that this app is super easily accessible to young children and that can be extremely dangerous leading to grooming or SA there needs to be a way to verify your age on here I’ve ha literal 8 year olds join my lives one of my older friends said that they seen a live that said 18+ m0aning and stuff but it was actually a 10 year old which is disgusting so that’s something that has to be addressed also when people send you gifts where is that going to because that’s their actual money and it’s doesn’t seem like most of it is going into my live points

baevickt, Aug 07, 2021
the best way to be a vtuber if you dont own a pc!

as the title of this review says,yeah this is definitely the best way to be a vtuber if you do not own a pc! its easy to use and the community is really nice! they also give you a lot of free options for customizing your model,i kinda wish there were more ways to be able to do gacha pulls since theres a lot of cute things on there i want,i also hope that streaming apps you have on your phone will be possible in the future since i would love to stream myself playing some games i have on my phone. There are also some things here and there that should be translated for those that can’t read japanese.TLDR; very easy way to be a vtuber,lots of customization options,some stuff needs to be translated, want to stream apps that are on my phone,need more ways to be able to do gacha pulls!

chiakiisgreat1212, Jun 29, 2021
terms of use?

I think this is a really good app apart from the fact that there’s a lot of sexual stuff but y’know it’s 17+ I understand. The only thing I wanted to focus on was that I stopped using this for a while, alright, but I wanted to come back and like just play around with it and I get the pop up “You must agree to the terms of use before using REALITY.” Okay, I would like to accept them but first read them very vaguely. There were two options “Agree” and “Confirm” like.. what? I’m not like usually superstitious about apps using my personal info but.. this app tracks your face to put that onto an avatar. This app has some personal information that’s a little *too* personal. With that I believe it to be a very stuck moment when you give your players a yes or no question but only let them answer with the answer you want. Like WHAT?? :)) IM CONFUSED, DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE A CHOICE? CAN YOU AT LEAST PUT THE LINK TO THE TERMS OF USE????? I WOULD APPRECIATE THAT.If anyone reading this who works in part of REALITY please send me the terms of use and fix that option on the app, even if you want people to pick yes, you should just give them the terms of use and then let them pick yes or no.It makes you a more trustful company and gives you a better rep because you aren’t forcing people to pick what you want. Please fix this so that I can enjoy your app with ease.

Cutefox18, Sep 12, 2021
i love it!

the app is wonderful! I dont stream though and I like the Japanese servers too! But what would be a great idea is to add body tracking so you can also add dancing! It probably could only be for vr because it would hard to do it on mobile and program it anyways you should make more stuff for mute ones too because the stream can get boring when there not talking like that especially in chat so that can get a lot of views to because I noticed there not getting that many another thing is to make when you steam for 15 ominutes to get 200 or 100 coins to buy some stuff and when the time doubles then your coin amounts doubles because I don’t really wanna spend money and there should be atleast some time of way to get coin other than streaming for 2 hours and getting 999+ views for avatar points or buying them also could you add more free clothes options when getting coins is so hard anyways other than that it’s pretty good.

ddgbfdgbbhg, Sep 24, 2021
Good app but…

Listen don’t get me wrong this is a good app, HOWEVER! There are a lot of underage accounts that I’m seeing even after the update on age restrictions, please look into people’s bio because most kids will fake the year they were born. Please work on the above issue of underage accounts because this is not an app that people under 13 should be using! I understand the previous age update mentioned regions might have a different age limit but I doubt any region would let someone not in their teenage years or older use the app. Also keep in mind there are some toxic people, and with toxic people, there will be drama. I personally was shadow banned because someone was spreading false lies about me and now mainly bot accounts show up on my broadcasts. Another thing, people who are new to the app or have less than 500 followers have a severely unfair advantage in most, if not ALL events, so pretty much the same popular streamers are always winning the events.Overall decent app but some things need to be fixed and or adjusted.

Flame1213-760-1314, May 18, 2022
Good people- easy streaming- expensive gatcha

I love this app! I’ve made some amazing friends on here and although there are a few bad eggs it’s easy to rid of them. The streaming can be quite laggy sometimes and causes my phone to heat up. You can join other peoples collabs and socialize. Another problem is it’s not the best with age blocking. There are so many underaged children running around when it’s a 17+ app. I have nothing against children, but it worries me to know they could be running into some bad streams and being exposed to some things no child should have to witnessAnother huge problem I have with the app is how dang expensive the coins and gatcha are. For $100 you get only 24 gatcha pulls. 24?! And you’re not even guaranteed to get anything you like, it’s like a gambling thing. Each pull costs 500 coins usually which is ridiculous in itself. You can get free pulls either if you earn live points through streaming and convert them into coins or if people donate you gatcha tickets but both rarely happen if you aren’t already a big streamer, and many people don’t even join your stream if you don’t have any gatcha. I get that the app wants to make money, but I would personally be more likely to purchase the coins if it wasn’t such a ripoff. And I’ve talked to my community as well and nearly all agree they would as well. Just something for the developers to think about if they want more profit.

Jade_Lacy, May 14, 2022
Custom background or choosable backgrounds in stream

I couldn’t figure out how to change the theme/background of my stream. I wanted night sky background I had designed but I was stuck in a beach background and couldn’t find how to change it. I absolutely adore the app so far after only having it for a day or two. I’ll probably be diving in more as I’m currently wanting to start streaming and this seems like a good way to break the initial stage fright. I’d also like an option to add music, some sort of pre-copyright filtration system would be cool. I have my own custom music on my Files app I’d like to add to my streams. And a different user said that eyebrow movement would be a good idea. I agree with this: eyebrows can change an expression from neutral, to angry, to sad, and to my next point: I would also like a few expression changes (embarrassed, annoyed, sad, etc) This would liven up the models and make for a more unique viewer to streamer experience.PS: sometimes my Vtuber model shakes uncontrollably for no reason. I’m holding the phone completely still but they shake/vibrate in place and it throws off the whole experience.

Kinohami, Oct 20, 2021
Good app, but it rarely loads

The two times I was able to get the app to load, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed using it, however, I can rarely use it because it keeps me at the starting page that just has the logo when I open it. I’ve tried freeing up storage on my phone, switching between various networks so I’m always on whatever’s most stable and gives me the best connection, and I always check to make sure I’m on the most recent update whenever I have issues. If I click on notifications that people are streaming and go into the app, I’m still stuck at that starting page, just I can hear the stream. This is a really irritating problem and from what I’ve heard from another user, I’m not the only one with this issue, so I don’t think it’s just a problem with me. Again, I really enjoyed using the app the few times I got it to work, it would just be really nice if it would actually start up every time I opened it.

MajoraLink, Aug 02, 2021
Amazing game but…

I love this game overall I think it’s amazing I don’t even have to worry about someone finding out where I live but when it comes to motions I think we could add a few things for one I would love to see hand syncing just so we can go off more then the emotes I would also like to see more mini games the ones you have now are great but most involve having to read Japanese for example the drawing one I tried ti play it with a group of friends but only one of us could read Japanese I feel like you should make it where you can select a language for the mini game so more users from different parts of the world can play! However I love this game and highly recommend it. Sincerely Elvina

this is perfect but, May 01, 2022
Not bad but...

I love using this app. The models are adorable, as well as the gacha aspect to it, the community is amazing and I would highly recommend this app for anyone who is looking to socialize, into creating avatars, want to get into streaming, or are looking to practice being a future Vtuber. I think it's such an outstanding app and I adore it, I love broadcasting. The only issue I have is the fact that IOS users do not have the function to kick someone out a broadcast. Me, and my friends have had multiple people come into the broadcast and say things that can really put us down, either that or they spam words that can make people Uncomfortable. I know that it's easier to ignore it, but if we were able to kick like many others can, it would be helpful for users who deal with repetitive people coming into the broadcasts just to say things that are uncalled for. Overall the app is amazing 10/10. I have never met any bad broadcasters, just unfortunately nasty viewers, hence why hopefully in the future the kick option will be available for iPhone users as well as any other devices that are unable to use it.

WildLoser, Jul 02, 2021


With REALITY, live broadcasting is made easy! Whether it’s streaming virtual avatars or real time game chats with friends, just a tap keeps you in touch! Now is your chance to hit the ground running on a brand new, totally original virtual community! ======================= Customize Your Avatar!

Fully customize your 3D avatar just the way you like—it's all you! Give your stream some flair with seasonal costumes and cute onesies! You can change your look to fit your mood. With your phone's selfie camera, REALITY translates your head and facial movements directly onto your avatar, bringing it to life! Broadcast Live! You can start your own stream in seconds! And since viewers can only see your avatar, you can keep your identity totally secret! Need content to get started? Play drawing and card games while you stream! Watch Live! Watch popular streamers and entertaining content whenever you want! You can even send interactive 3D gifts, chat, and more to make broadcasts more fun! REALITY features a less than 1-second lag, unpixelated high quality graphics, and low-data viewing settings for everyone to enjoy! (*Note: Does not apply to all content.) Find Your Online Tribe! Join virtual communities with your customized avatar! Check out collab streams with up to 4 people as they play games and quizzes! Connect with others using chat outside the stream! ======================= We recommend REALITY if you: ・Are into vtubers, youtube, or live broadcasting! ・Just love dressing up avatars! ・Love having fun chatting with others! ・Want to show everyone how awesome you can sing! ・Want to make friends that share your interests! ・Want someone to root for! ・Want to make your mark on the streaming stage! ・Are interested in VR, AR, and 3D content! =======================

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