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Mohamed Afifi
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User Reviews for Quran - by Quran.com - قرآن

Great app

I really love this app. It’s clean and minimal, without lacking the features I need. A notes section would be great. I was thinking if I wanted to use an iPad with an Apple Pencil and have hand written notes or be able to make notes from the main reading pain, so it’s easy to see all the notes in one place and refer back when I might be reading further down the page. Using the basic features of (highlight, underline, and writing). A sort of Quran version of “pdf expert” from readdle. It’s an area no one has really tackled in the Quran app realm and not many Quran PDFs from online are formatted properly. Thanks for all your efforts and may Allah bless you.

AidanHeartsBread, Apr 08, 2020
Clean interface and good features

This is a good Quran App that is adapted from the online web-based version. May Allah reward the team greatly for the efforts, Amin.Some notable features (frequently used myself)1. Division by Juz. Good for tracking reading or listening progress by juz.2. Auto bookmarking. Good to track where we last left off3. Many reciter options and english audio for meaning.4. Clean interface that makes use of space wisely to facilitate reading. 5. Ad free! This is awesome n not distracting. I would like to make some suggestions for kind consideration:1. Include Option to play English audio translation (e.g by Ibrahim Walk) after arabic recitation per ayah. I use the app regularly to listen while commuting/driving. If the english translation can be played right after the arabic, it will greatly aid understanding thru listening.2. Option to customize e view of the quran. Font size and position of the translation and transliteration3. Option for word-for-word translation and transliteration. This can be an alternate view while reading. This is one feature i see lacking in most apps. I tink the app has a way to do this via the arabic quran view, but it would be great to have this option as part of the main interface viewJazakallah Khair.

cos.im.fiah, May 08, 2018
Amazing Quran app

As a frequent Quran reader I’ve been searching for a good Quran app. I was looking for an app that didn’t contain ads and isn’t extremely complicated. This app is just perfect. I’ve been browsing through so many Quran apps but this is the best one out of all, no doubt about it. I really love the searching tool. If I’m looking for a specific page I just type it in and it just appears. You can also type in words in the search bar, which I think is a really cool feature.

Cr7yusuf18, Mar 31, 2021
The BEST Quran App

I have been using this app for a while.. and I can say that I cannot go a day without it. It has brought everything you need along with the Quran along in one app. Audio, notes for each verse, bookmarks, saved verses, and translations. It has everything you need and is very user-friendly and not complicated or old-looking. It does not glitch or stop working. Highly highly recommend. Sincere thann you to the developers. May God bless you and bless your work.

Fatemamohamedhadi, Mar 15, 2021
I love this app; I use it the most for memorizing

This app is awesome for familiarizing with larger parts of the Qur’an. The way the ayat are broken up makes it annoying to listen to just one ayat on a loop, other apps or sites are better for that, but the newest updates have made this app FANTASTIC for looping a specific part of the Qur’an. For example, I’m trying to memorize 33 ayat a day. So I will put my 33 ayat on loop, and it doesn’t matter if the 33 ayat contain ayat from 2 different surat because you can set beginning and ending ayat, choosing both the beginning and ending surah and beginning and ending ayat in each surah. So for instance, I wanna listen to say 78:5 to 79:3 — I can easily select those two ayat for beginning and end points. This is the best feature of this app by far, and it’s very clean looking, great translation and transliteration options for us non-Arabic speaking reverts, and the Arabic is very clear and easy to read. I just wish there were tajweed markings bc for now I read along in my tajweed Qur’an but I would like not to pull out my physical Qur’an from my backpack anytime I’m on the bus or something and just have tajweed in the app. A solution could be to read along in a different Qur’an app that does have tajweed markings, while listening to audio of this app. But, Alhamdulillāh and masha’Allāh this app is great. Jazakumullah khairan

itsnouraalbalawi, Jul 09, 2021
Best Quran app

Mashallah this app has everything you need. My favorite feature is the Quran is shown by pages just like the book, but you can select each individual ayah and play the audio from a wide selection of reciters. I love this feature, because I want to make sure I’m pronouncing everything correctly. Also not to mention the wide variety of translations offered in English and many other languages PLUS tafseer of Ibn Kathir and many many others. So thank you and jazakallahkhair.‏جزاك الله خير ربنا يتقبل منا

Jakedasnake510, Feb 14, 2020
The best Quran app on iOS!

I have used other Quran apps and they were good, until I got an iPhone X. The apps I used then were not optimized to take advantage of the larger screen. That was, until I searched for apps that are optimized. Turns out, this app as the first and it is a really good Quran app. It has all the features I need to read and memorize the Quran as well as a vast array of reciters. And to top it all off, they now introduced a dark mode where I can use the app and it doesn’t drain my battery as fast as well as read it in low lighting. If you are looking for the best Quran App on iOS, this is it!

JediLinkNYC1989, Oct 02, 2018
All that you need… and more

This is a beautifully designed Quran app. It has an easy to read Arabic text, a large variety of translations (my personal favorite being English by Dr. Mustafa Khattab), and a diverse assortment of reciters (my personal favorite being Saood Ash-Shuraym).I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to start reading the Quran. You can read at your own pace, and the app will automatically bookmark where you stop. You can even create multiple bookmarks of your own to mark spots to revisit in the future. The interface is well laid out and easy to navigate.I commend the developers of this app for making something truly amazing, and keeping it completely free. May Allah reward you for all your hard work.

M.S.A.Khan, Dec 14, 2021
Mash’Allah! Love this app💙

Dear developers, this is to let you know that I am very fond of your app. I used it on a daily basis up to 2/3 of my time in general. I really like the feature of listening and reading simultaneously. There is a slight issue by the end the Qur’an recitation of Cheickh Salah Bukhatir. Starting from Surat Ash-Sharh to An-Nas, the audio breaks occasionally and doesn’t go along with the screen cursor. The Audio is kind of ahead of it. It would be very nice if you could fix that. Also, I have noticed a couple of typos throughout the book( French Translation, which language I happen to know quite well). I can try to note them on the side as I read through the whole Qur’an again and then send them over to you. Once again, thank you for this wonderful app. May Allah SWT reward you with Jannatul Firdaws!Best, Souleymane

nbalhadji, Mar 24, 2021
AMAZING APP!!. But please increase margin-bottom for word pointer tool tip

This is the best Quran app for iOS. My only suggestion would be to increase the bottom margin of the tooltip this appears when highlighting a word with the word pointer so it is easier to see the translation of the word. Also adding the word being highlighted in a magnifier above the word(like the iOS keyboard does when you press a letter or long press on an editable text!) would really take this feature from an A to an A+. Jazzakum Allahu khair to the developers. I know it is not easy and greatly appreciate the time and efforts that go into its engineering. I love this app!

saudapop, Jun 26, 2019


From the makers of Quran.com comes Quran for iOS, a beautiful, and ad-free mushaf app. It’s now easier to read the Quran on the go, memorize it and listen to your favorite reciters. This is just the beginning for Quran for iOS.

We’ll be updating the app regularly insha'Allah and would love to hear your feedback and feature requests. You can reach us at [email protected] As the Hadeeth (prophetic statement) in At-Tirmithi states: “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward, and this reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that 'Alif, Laam, Meem' (a combination of letters frequently mentioned in the Holy Quran) is a letter, rather I am saying that ‘Alif’ is a letter, ‘Laam’ is a letter and ‘Meem’ is a letter.” [At-Tirmithi] We hope this app will help you increase your recitation of the Quran and increase your blessings in this world and the hereafter. من صناع Quran.com يأتي تطبيق القرآن للأجهزة المحمولة، تطبيق للمصحف ذو صفحات جميلة خالي تماما من الاعلانات. لقد أصبح من السهل قراءة القرآن بالشارع، وحفظه، والاستماع إلى قارئك المفضل. هذا هو مجرد بداية لتطبيق القرآن. سنعمل على تحديث التطبيق بشكل منتظم إن شاء الله، ونحب أن نسمع رأيك ومتطلبتك. يمكنك الوصول إلينا عن طريق البريد الإلكتروني [email protected] عَنْ ابْنِ مَسْعُودٍ قَالَ : قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ { مَنْ قَرَأَ حَرْفًا مِنْ كِتَابِ اللَّهِ فَلَهُ حَسَنَةٌ وَالْحَسَنَةُ بِعَشْرِ أَمْثَالِهَا, لَا أَقُولُ الم حَرْفٌ, وَلَكِنْ أَلِفٌ حَرْفٌ, وَلَامٌ حَرْفٌ,وَمِيمٌ حَرْفٌ }. رَوَاهُ التِّرْمِذِيُّ. ونحن نأمل أن يساعدك هذا التطبيق على زيادة قراءتك للقرآن وزيادة حسناتك في الدنيا والآخرة.

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