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User Reviews for Quiz for Fortnite!


Hi I am MiloI love Fortnite and I am pretty good I play on pc so I thought I would give this a try and I love it!! Hi I am Henri ( Milo’s younger brother)I like playing Fortnite also and I know all about it so I play this game but on a different iPad I love it!!Hi I an gwaceI an miyos yilltle sistwer I don play it bu it loks funn,!!!!!!!![8[ Hi I am Patric Milo’s dad let me trancilate that Hi I am grace I am milo’s little sister I don’t play Fortnite or this game but it looks fun!! I play Fortnite with my boys and we love Fortnite so we like to play this game and have a competition togetherHi I am CuceliaMilo’s older sister I don’t play Fortnite and this game looks fun only if you added a visko girl trivia because I am a visko girl kinda!! Hi I am Clare Milo’s mom I hate Fortnite because it is a distraction to my boys they always just want to play Fortnite with each other when the rest of the family is at a movie or at dinner or somewhere fun so I do not play this stupid gameThanks,Milo, Henri, Grace, Patric, Cucelia, and Clare tiang

baskrtball is great, Nov 17, 2019
Fortnite vbucks quiz

This app is awesome and if your friend says something that you think is not true that revolves around Fortnite you can test there knowledge and see if there lying or telling the truth and it also give you the chance of free vbucks and that is why I give it a five star review

cheese5678901, Mar 04, 2019
Challenging game

Earn free V-Bucks when you play Fortnite trivia. Questions are hard. Makes you pay attention to small details when playing Fortnite. Trivia interface is designed well no bugs or glitches hard to beat makes you want to play more to find the clues. Great design team addictive

Clones95, Oct 25, 2018

I just downloaded this app and IF it ACTUALLY does give free v bucks the hard questions are worth it. But I have a few questions of my own. I don’t know how to log in to my fortnite account from the app, if you could help me with that. Also, the ads are a bit annoying but again, if this app ACTUALLY gives free v bucks it would definitely be worth it for me. Please I would appreciate it and be really happy if the developers responded to my feedback! (BTW, since I’m not very familiar with this app I just gave it four stars 😬, if I get a feedback and I could use the app, I would DEFINITELY change it to 5 stars and recommend to friends and family!)

cute kity, Jan 19, 2019
Very challenging 🧐🧐

I got this game like a week ago and it’s challenging I sayAnd stuff I can’t answer I just guess but it does tell you how to get free VBucks so I can take it👍🏻👍🏻also I gave it a five star because this is one of the most challenging game I played so this game very challenging and I like it😁😁😁

hsishdyu-, May 22, 2019
Love it, but....

Love it, but you don't get v bucks for getting the questions right.. you get it from making up a good question they don't already have. The thing that makes up for this, is that I am TOLD you get 1,000 v bucks weekly. Now... I'm not sure how you get the v bucks without giving your account info. I'm scared too... they could just use your v bucks you've been saving up for John Wick, on the stupid bunny hop emote!I don't know... a little bit scetchy.

imadefaultwithnovbucks, May 19, 2019
Fortnite Quiz is entertaining!

If you enjoy the game Fortnite you will enjoy the opportunity to test your knowledge here. This free app gives you questions about the game that gets progressively harder and allows you to determine who is the biggest Fortnite fan! Even better is that the game gives you opportunities to earn V-bucks! If you are a fan of Fortnite, you definitely need to check this app out!

kagosage, Oct 29, 2018
How do you get Vbucks?

I mean HOW please like add a button that says GET VBUCKS and when you press the button it says how much Vbucks do you want 1000,2500,5000,7500,10,000 then when you press how much Vbucks you want it can send how much Vbucks you wanted and when you play fortnite you’ll have how much Vbucks You entered

vhsjgxjywegkfuegrjydgjeu, Mar 31, 2019
The best people

I love this because it is a challenge and it will really get you good and smart at fortnite. If you want to know my user name for fortnite is TSM_Carter1 thank you for this fantastic game and I really want someone to gift me any skin that is the only thing I ever wanted because I never got a gift before👍🏾😎😁😇.

youngkode, Jun 08, 2019
I don’t get it

One of the questions said which building is not available to build right now. I’m like wth all materials are able to build so I press platform. I get it wrong see the question again and press wall wrong. See the question again press stair wrong. What do to mean. Also which one was to support 60 FPS. I have an iPhone 6 which wasn’t one of the options and i get 60 FPS. I mean it is by doing a glitch, but still I get 60 FPS. Also overall it puts so little work into it and it always repeats questions so it gets old. Really I just hate it.

YOUTUBE_EVSTER_866, Jul 07, 2019


Quiz for Fortnite is the Hardcore Trivia for Fortnite Fans! Compete against other big Fortnite lovers in this amazing quiz app with always up-to-date questions for Fortnite Battle Royale! Features: - Classic arcade mode - Challenge mode - Drop-In wheel - Always up-to-date - Gamecenter - Haptic feedback - and much more Do you have your own questions you'd like to submit to our next update?

Send them to us through our social platforms and help us make this the best Fortnite trivia in the App Store. Lets see if you are worthy to become the true master of masters! Let the battle begin!!! Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, fan made Fortnite Trivia App and has NO affiliation with Epic Games™

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