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User Reviews for Puzzle Games - Left vs Right

Few small errors with some games but overall just what I needed

Hello! This App was just what I needed when I read the reviews and description. I downloaded it and selected what i wanted to work on. I just started yesterday and already loving it. But some games either have errors or I’m just to blind to see it. For example, I was on the little precision game with the exits. It was really hard to tell who is closer. It was like this for example: 🙂 EXIT 🙃It made it too confusing along with the same problem with a few other mini games. Other than that, if you have a hard time focusing, patience, precision, and more, this is an excellent game to work on that.

🙃 S M I L E 🙂, Apr 07, 2021

I have focusing problems that I go to the doctor for and this I have recommended to them to start using on other kids. I love this game and it really helps with focusing issues. I do have my eyes hurt a bit after playing but that is because they are working hard. I have found a few kinks but that will not take my five-star rating off of this great game. I had started looking for games to help my kids get better at this stuff but all the good ones cost money every week! When I saw this one I knew I might have found a hit. Well, seeing here about a month later, I was just right. This app I recommend to millions of parents and hope their kids find the never ending happiness and challenge that has come to me and my kids!😄

[email protected], Dec 26, 2019
Just what I was looking for. Love it.

I've used it for about a year & truly enjoy it. I'm 68 & Alzheimer's run in family so is a great fear. This will help keep my mind sharp. Each level is more difficult making me think more. Highly recommend it to everyone. Fun & gratifying. Support group is very good at helping you if you have a problem with the program. I've had a couple of problems that were resolved quickly. My husbands & I both have an account & faithfully do our challenges each day. New challenges are added as you grow in your skill. I tell everyone that they should be playing Left vs Right. I also encourage them to pay for the lifetime version.

Great Grandma 3 Times, Oct 16, 2017
Not just another mind-numbing app - but pricey!

I enjoy apps that keep my brain active and stimulated, and me busy when I want to pass the time. This app does just that. So far, this app is entertaining, and also gives my brain a bit of a workout. It’s not just another mind-numbing app. Of course, I enjoy those, too, but with a brain injury, I like to find things that fight the damage, that may stimulate new pathways, and help my focus and memory. It’s also an app my kids can play, which is always a bonus. On the downside, it only lets you play three games on the free edition before it shuts you down for the day. It says that you can watch a video to unlock another game, but so far that doesn’t seem to work. So I’m not sure you actually can. I may give the free trial a go to see if it’s actually worth paying the (IMO) steep price. I usually don’t spend that kind of money on an app, not when there are so many free to less-expensive ones out there. So, I also will keep looking at other apps. I wouldn’t mind unlocking everything for a low price, but $40 a year is a bit pricey to me. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. I deducted one star for the price, and one for the fact I can’t get the video to work, so I can only play three games a day, which isn’t much. If it weren’t for that and I could play more, I would have given it 5 stars.

J.L. Farnsworth, Oct 15, 2021
Great app! Have suggestions.

I love this app. I struggle daily with “word finding” almost every sentence I speak I forget one word or another, or it takes me longer than it should to move to the next word. After only 10 days using this app I am noticing improvements in how quickly I am able to get my mind to come up with the word I’m looking for as well as decreasing the amount of times I forget words all together. Could there please be an addition of dates added to the bar graph scores? I know it shows progress but seeing dates would be very helpful in figuring out which games I played today. Alternatively (or additionally) sorting the scores into the ones I played today, the highest scoring, lowest scoring etc would be beneficial in my opinion.

K Christeson, Nov 12, 2020
Great brain games!

I’m currently doing some type of trial I'm thinking right now and so far I’m liking the different games that I’ve played. It’s a little past 6:00 AM right now and I’m running on 3.5 hours of sleep or less and the games are helping me become more alert. I've been a luminosity user for the longest and so far that company has been my go to for mobile brain games.I've tried a few other but I was still content with them. But I can honestly say that this company has some great games as well. That can challenge your mind and improve you mental just like lumosity has done for me. I've been using their service for years and it help. I’m going to continue to experiment with this company to see what the games on here does for me. 👌🏾🙌🏾

LLJ292019, Mar 19, 2019
Just right challenge

When it comes to strengthening your brain it is very important to hit the “just right challenge”. If games are too difficult, players get frustrated and do not want to come back on a regular basis to continue. If games are too easy there is not really any point to playing them, other than wasting time. The program appears to starts you at a reasonable level of challenge and based on performance continues to give the player harder, the same, or easier activities. This allows for growth and improvement at a pace that allows the player to feel successful. I highly recommend Left vs. Right! My only problem is when I let the day slip away without doing it, then my “consecutive days of training” goes back to zero. But that is a matter of my time management and setting priorities, not a fault with the game. Try it for a few days and see how much you improve in a short time.

MBSofHB, Jul 09, 2019
Challenge yourself!

There are games, then there’s this! This is SO much more than a game and there are no distracting ads or commercials , and no push to “buy” which is very refreshing! I LOVE the CHOICES that are available and each game is creative and offers challenge and growth opportunities the more you “play”. The levels seem to change WITH you which is an ingenious way to “push” you to WANT to do better each time and there’s so much variety, you’d have to WORK to get bored! This is DEFINITELY an app that will be at the top of my list for a long time to come! ABSOLUTELY worth a look!

Mom Me!, Aug 13, 2020
Pretty good

This app is exceptional in more ways than one. I enjoy playing, and, even though I have only had it for a few days, I have already improved. I do wish, however, that they would get rid of the vip membership. Not only is it overpriced, but annoying that over half of the app is restricted from use. I understand having a vip option that unlocks special things, but not half of the games and stats. In conclusion, its a good app, but has a few sticking points. This would have been a five star review if the vip membership concept was fixed, and maybe in the future I will change it.

Rockin'Sparrow, Sep 14, 2020
Truly a 3.5 out of 5

This is an awesome app for cognitive strengthening that has a wide variety of games, many of which are unique to this Left vs Right app alone. In that aspect, I would rate Left vs Right a 5/5. The most frustrating element to actually utilizing the many challenging and fun brain exercise and game options, is the fact that you are given a mere 3 game challenges per day for training exercises and each game allows for only one round of play. Unless, of course you would like to purchase more than the measly 10coins each player starts off with to replay a game or use coins to play a different game. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the wide variety of different games this app offers ... (eventually over many days) I would have Deleted it the moment that horribly petty, yet albeit cunningly clever money making scheme was abundantly clear.

Starla-Johanna, Sep 13, 2020


Playing Left vs Right only 10 minutes daily can keep your mind sharp and help prepare you for a day full of challenges and new problems to solve! Train your brain with 50 mini-games in our 6 fun categories applicable to your day-to-day activities! * Awareness * Adaptability * Reflex * Reasoning * Precision * Patience You can start training every day for free. Additional games are available after watching a short video.

If you want to be a VIP, you can enjoy unlimited games and more daily training. Did we mention you can try VIP for free too? You can try a free 7-day trial and if you don't like it, you can cancel at any time.* Try it for yourself, don't take it from us. Listen to the over 14000 people who have left reviews averaging 4.5 stars! Thank you so much for giving your brain a chance to stay fit! You can view our Privacy Policy here http://www.mochibits.com/privacy-policy and our Terms of Service here http://www.mochibits.com/terms-of-service (* PLEASE NOTE: You must cancel the subscription before the second week if you choose to not get a subscription.)

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