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Puzzle Draw - Brain Physics

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Puzzle Draw - Brain Physics

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User Reviews for Puzzle Draw - Brain Physics

The ball acts like it is full of water

Unnecessary really...

Bassclef72, Feb 28, 2020
Great Game/ Non-stop ads

I love these physics based puzzles and could play them all day. This game is great, but for some reason you can’t buy it and the ads are relentless. Not sure why you’d create a game, then make it so annoying with ads that players are pushed away. Why do ads actually interrupt game play? Why are hints provided by video, but the video won’t play? Why does a puzzle have three stars, even though you haven’t passed it yet? Why can I solve a puzzle quickly, but it only shows one star? But the ads, and ads, and ads, .................

Casinopete, Oct 04, 2017

A year after the first review and you still haven’t fixed the ad thing. Look. A lot of us play these free games and wind up buying games from them. What you are doing, is saturating the game with two and three adds in a row, every single break. The longer you play the game, the worse it gets. We all know you need ads to keep the game free. We get it. You are excessive, and what would normally entice people to buy something, is chasing them away. If in fact you are getting revenue from this game, it would be a lot more if you backed off a bit from the force feeding.

dave________, Jun 04, 2019
Could be awesome but totally is not

This is the 2nd or 3rd game from these guys that I like, but just can’t play due to too many ads. I would buy the games, but they don’t let you. They probably make more on the ads. So, money over caring about their players which is not what a game should be about. What’s more, the puzzles in this game are timed so actually no, I wouldn’t even buy this one. If you have to time your puzzles maybe you need to figure out more engaging puzzle mechanics.

I am the real Billy, Jul 26, 2021


Draw lines and let them be alive to solve prepared physics puzzles. What if you draw lines and curves on black board and they became real physics objects? This game will let you do it on your mobile phone.

Your drawings will come into life as soon as you draw them. You will use your drawings as steps in order to solve predefined puzzles. Sometimes you will be required to drop a ball into a basket or sometimes free a bird from a cage or sometimes drop some cubes on the ground. There are hundreds of levels are waiting to be solved from you. You will both learn and have fun while playing this game. It's a high quality time spending material for you and your children. Start the game and just follow the objectives. FEATURES: - More than 200 levels - Realistic physics - Relaxing music - Gorgeous graphics - Addictive game mechanic - Hours of fun for free

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