Icon Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition Exam Prep Plus

Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition Exam Prep Plus

  • Education
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Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition Exam Prep Plus

  • Education
22 ratings
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User Reviews for Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition Exam Prep Plus

Below Standard

After taking the state exam I found 15 questions out of 100 on the exam

dasher6, Jun 30, 2018
Newer version?

I like this app and it’s helpful but I’m just waiting to see if there is an updated version!!!

EUGuzman, Nov 03, 2020
Good not Great

I just took my promotion exam, and only four or five questions from the 957 questions in this APP could be found. My department had many more questions to pull from. It would be five stars if it gave the full test bank.

Funboy42423636, Sep 13, 2016
App is not useful to pass the state test.

Theres maybe 10 questions useful on this app. And theres over 900 on here smh. Not worth the 10$ at all!! Only a handful of questions were on the state exam

hahadavissss, Dec 07, 2018
Great for test review

They only complaint I have is I found a question for Ch.8 that was incorrect on the app. I cross referenced with the manual and the correct answer is wrong on the App.

Hill-yeah, May 30, 2021
Works grest

Using for ifsta pumper/aerial test. Questions match the book. No complaints

Mike65478, Jan 13, 2020

Worked great and help tons on passing the test.

Mrseaddy, Aug 31, 2016
Good questions, one major app flaw

The questions the app gives you are really good and it cites the exact page the question is from if you want to look into the answer more, however....there is one major flaw with the app itself in my opinion. The app allows you to make a custom study test from any or all of the chapters in the manual, so for mine it gave me 330 questions. I got about 150 or so questions into doing a study test and had to put my phone down to take care of something. A few minutes later I come back, open my phone and the app is back at the main screen with the study test gone and erased, and had to start back over with a new test. There should be a way to save your progress on a study test instead of it erasing it when the phone is locked.

Pipeman #9, Jan 22, 2019
Same as the text book

I bought the exam prep text book to study for $30 two weeks before I knew there was an app. If I had known I would have only bought the app. It is identical to the text and allows you to review the questions you got wrong. Plus you can bring it anywhere.

Tom Redden, Sep 29, 2016
Irritating with metric

I realize the book has customary and metric, but you should be able to pick which to test from.

tstick14, Aug 09, 2020


Prepare for your certification exams while on the go! Exam Prep Plus is a portable, interactive version of our print Exam Prep product and contains 957 questions. Create a custom exam by choosing any of the 20 chapters covered in the Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition Manual.

Exam Prep Plus tracks and records your progress allowing you to review your exams and study your weaknesses. In addition, your missed questions are automatically added to your study deck. With its easy-to-use interface and flexible navigation, you're sure to find it a wonderful addition to your collection of study tools. This app covers the following topics: 1. Types of Apparatus Equipped with a Pump 2. Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance 3. Apparatus Safety and Operating Emergency Vehicles 4. Positioning Apparatus 5. Principles of Water 6. Hose Nozzles and Flow Rates 7. Theoretical Pressure Calculations 8. Fireground Hydraulic Calculations 9. Fire Pump Theory 10. Operating Fire Pumps 11. Static Water Supply Sources 12. Relay Pumping Operations 13. Water Shuttle Operations 14. Foam Equipment and Systems 15. Apparatus Testing 16. Introduction to Aerial Fire Apparatus 17. Positioning Aerial Apparatus 18. Stabilizing the Apparatus 19. Operating Aerial Apparatus 20. Aerial Apparatus Strategies and Tactics

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