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'Proto' for Figma

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'Proto' for Figma

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Florian Windbacher
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User Reviews for 'Proto' for Figma

Not compatible with iOS 15 yet

I just get a full green screen when I make a new prototype. Please fix

Alexc233, Oct 05, 2021
This works!

I just have two points of feedback:1. When viewing a prototype, the 3 tap gesture is way too sensitive and activates the bottom sheet Menu when I don’t want it to.2. The color contrast needs to better. It’s very hard to read some of the placeholder text.Other than that, this works as intended and I will continue to use it.

Boravy D, Aug 11, 2021
Green screen

I've been having troubles to show a prototype. After browsing for a few minutes, a green screen appears that does not allow me to continue. Then when I try to view it again, the green screen appears automatically. When is this bug going to be fixed or what can I do to stop it from happening?

danielamezaperez, Mar 01, 2023
Just what I was looking for.

Being a recent convert from InVision to Figma for prototyping, the thing I was missing the most was the ability to launch and test my prototypes on iOS in an easy and intuitive manor. This app was just what I was looking for. You can load a Figma prototype and launch it in a clean and unobtrusive experience, Proto does away with any extra web browser UI that will get in the way of demos or user testing. One bug I have encountered on my end is the inability to turn off the hotspot hints, seems I can’t uncheck it in the UI. Great work!

Dis-Cult, Oct 19, 2021

When launching a prototype, typo (extra p) in message “Tripple tap anywhere to open the menu.” Review was the only mechanism to provide feedback since AppStore links didn’t seem to offer feedback option.

Eraynor, Jul 15, 2021
Unnecessary green screen pop up

While testing a ui on this app a green screen pops up anonymously forcing me to restart the app apart from that annoying experience I love the app

f1r3boy, May 27, 2021
Perfect for easy access to prototypes

Proto provides a wonderful solution to accessing Figma prototypes on the go. It makes it easy to store and pull up saved prototypes without needing to have your computer open. Thank you for creating this!

hhdesign2021, Jul 29, 2021
Unnecessary green screen pop up

While testing a ui on this app a green screen pops up anonymously forcing me to restart the app apart from that annoying experience I love the app

j0shoouh, May 27, 2021
Glorified "view" app

Literally all it let's you do; you can view and save a Figma pages by link, but can't edit it in any way, or view the flow.

JaiCho, May 21, 2023
Persistent ads and plagiarizing Figma’s logo

First of all, their logo completely plagiarizes Figma. I’m surprised Figma hasn’t (legally) cracked down on them yet.This is in no way built by Figma’s company.The app throws up persistent ads the second you open it, giving that nice little hit of “welcome to 1990’s monetization”.And quite useless tbh. I can use Figma Mirror to view prototypes as-is or literally just open a link from my phone and view it.

MaskedVillain, Apr 30, 2021


Open any publicly shared prototype link in a fullscreen experience, getting the full canvas of your smartphone from the first to last pixel, just as you designed it in the Figma Mirror app. You can even save the prototype on your device, to have quick access if you plan to revisit it more than once. 'Proto' is not affiliated with Figma.

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