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User Reviews for Pronto - San Diego

Ultimate Failure

I just changed phone recently and tried to transfer my existing virtual card from my old phone to my new phone. When I clicked on ‘transfer existing card’ it prompted me that transfer failed and blocked my card so I couldn’t use it anymore. I called the Pronto help service, and they helped me went through the same failed transfer, blocked card, unblock card on their end, failed transfer again. It happened 7 times during my call to help service. In the end, I gave up. Now my card is blocked and I can’t unblock it from my end. No more purchases can be made.Honestly, this app is such an amazing failure that it should be put into a textbook of most classical programming disasters. Have the programmers even looked at people’s complaints? Your app is supposed to be the backbone of public transport, not the one who denies it. I rarely write such a harsh comment, but this is just ridiculous because CompassCloud was so well developed compared to this one. You can do it, but you choose not to.

A sad UCSD student, Sep 30, 2021
Great app for transit fares!

I’ve been traveling the California coast and found that the Pronto app is one of the best local apps for transit fare payment. My second favorite for paying transit fares was in Monterey where you could simply use your credit card and it would track the swipes with your card, maxing out daily fare at the day pass rate. I like that pronto does something similar although a nice enhancement would be to include Apple Pay as an option or a way to not have to pre load $5 or more onto the pass at a time.

ActionCat, Nov 18, 2021
Trip planner has some oddities

I haven’t used the virtual card feature but the rest of the Pronto card management seems to work fine. The Trip Planner has some quirks though.From where I am (Del Mar) I might be directed to take the 101 bus either northward to Solana Beach train station or southwards towards UCSD or UTC. The Trip Planner summarizes either direction on this bus as “101 -> UTC Transit Center” whether or not I need the bus headed in that direction or the one headed towards Oceanside. I have to further look into the Trip details to suss out the correct direction, a task that becomes more difficult when I’m in an area that I don’t know really well, i.e. when I really want a lot of help from the Trip Planner. Updates to this app seem few and far between. I hope the developers were not temporary interns and there is staff on hand to effect improvements.

Bercosad, Feb 11, 2022
A help file would help

I think that I have my account on the app setup, the proof will be when I try it on a bus, thank God I also have physical Pronto card. Now I had to bulldoze my way into setting it up because I couldn’t find any help or FAQ on the app, a link to the Pronto website is not the way to do it even if app help existed there. For those of you having trouble I think that the best thing to do is set up your account using a web browser on a Mac or at least an iPad. Then you can log into the app with email and password, fire up the bulldozer and shove your way through the settingd get your virtual card set up.I am disappointed in the programmers in that my profile is not complete on the app. A well designed system should bring over my address and phone number that is included on the website instead of just my name.Of course this is version #1 and it should improve over time, but a professional designer would test the system by observing non tech people using it.

Deep River, Sep 02, 2021
App is great but

After using the Pronto app since it first launched, it is easy to load your virtual card, see what your balance is, and load it if you see that the balance is low. My only issue is that it is so hard to actually use the scan system either in the bus and for the scanners by the train stations. It takes a while to get it correctly lined up with the scanner to read and then sometimes it feels like I would take to much time on the bus, wasting the bus drivers and passengers time. I still have not found the sweet spot to get it scanned correctly without taking too much time.

gr8ydolphin, Mar 24, 2022
Pronto Impressions

I like the app. There is a lot to it, and I’m still not completely comfortable using all of its features, but I do believe it has enough features for you to be able to find out anything you need to know. It is really convenient to have the app on my iPhone and use the value added feature to just scan my phone under the machine on the bus. Since it does your bookkeeping for you, you always know how much is in your account, and never feel as though you’re not taking the bus often enough to justify buying a monthly pass, since your balance carries over month to month. I need a tutor to schedule a trip where multiple buses are involved at this point, though. All in all, I am happy with the Pronto system.

Pigsooiee, Nov 05, 2021
Don’t let the name “Pronto” fool you

This is a pretty clunky app. It uses an old fashioned pay-forward system with a minimum $10 deposit. So if you only need one $3.25 adult senior ticket, you’re going to throw $6.75 down the drain. The app defaults to full fare adult, so if you qualify for a discount you can’t just put that in your profile, you have to fill out a form online or call into a call center, then it takes 2+ days to update your account. Meanwhile, it appears to disable your app, so instead of “Fares Available” reading “Adult,” it says, “No available products.” So much for “Pronto,” which means “rapidly” in Spanish. You can’t pay with secure mobile payment systems, so if they ever get hacked, you’ll likely be an identity theft victim. If you make connections to other transit systems, this one isn’t compatible with any of them, so you’ll need to download those apps and figure out their fare scheme individually. It’s a real barrier to use public transit.

PrimeTimeDJ, Apr 22, 2022
Should be easy, but doesn’t work

There was a lot of confusion to use the app when exiting the coaster or trolleys. No one else was tapping out at the stop, though the app tells us to. When i tried to tap out at the coaster, it charged me for an additional one way ticket back home. I confronted the operator, and he said it shouldn’t do that. I called customer service, and they were only able to see a single charge from the entire day, despite me being charged 5 separate times on the use history. Overall, this product is not ready for use. They referred me to another phone number, but it’s not worth spending hours on the phone to get my 6.50 back. Will probably just drive my car downtown next time instead.

rkirwanjr, Jul 11, 2022
MTS Every App Worse Than The Last

Another failure. Can’t transfer my compass account. Have to create a whole new account, except it won’t accept my registration, except it accepted my registration without acknowledging it, but then later it sent me an acknowledgment via email. Can’t register a credit card to make payments so I can use the app. Have been trying for three days. No event passes. Finally just had to buy two one-way tickets at the kiosk at the station to travel. No event ticket or day-pass available at the kiosk either. And about the web site. Try to add a payment method online and if it fails, and it did, many times, it doesn’t clear the card information and leaves it on display for anyone using a public computer can see. You’d think after all the failures with the other apps they’d try to work out the kinks before releasing the app to the public, and this with the new Blue Line extension. What a embarrassment for the city.

Silly Robot 42, Nov 26, 2021
I was disappointed it replaced Compass but now I’m happy

It’s easy to use, but the best part was the customer service. I had a problem because I created my account on my iPad but the app only operates on one device. Transferring to my iPhone screwed the account (maybe a stars reduction). I called customer service and although I had a 5-7 minute wait, the service agent spent a lot of patient time helping to correct the issue. And after that he also change our profile from Adult to Senior ( yes, we are seniors). I’ll look past the minor app issues to recognize the great support.

SoCal Listener, Nov 12, 2021


PRONTO makes buying fares for MTS and NCTD easier than ever. Add money to your PRONTO app, then scan your phone at the validator each trip you make. Our pay-as-you-go function means you always get the best fare!

When using the app, hold your phone 5 to 6 inches below the validator to scan your barcode. The PRONTO app can also help you plan trips, see real-time arrivals, get service statuses, save favorite stations, and find stops for San Diego County area transit so you can plan your trip around San Diego without any problems. Always Get The Best Fare With PRONTO, you can pay-as-you-go* by adding money to your PRONTO account with a credit or debit card. Every time you scan your app, the appropriate one-way fare is deducted from your balance. Look for validators at Trolley, SPRINTER and COASTER stations, and onboard buses. You will never be charged more than a Day Pass ($6 Adult or $3 Reduced Fare) in a given calendar day, regardless of how many trips you make. Likewise, you will never be charged more than a Month Pass ($72 Adult or $23 Reduced Fare) regardless of the number of trips in a calendar month. You can track your progress toward a Day or Month Pass in the PRONTO app. *Pay-as-you go features not available for COASTER (must prepay for Day or Month Pass). Manage Your PRONTO Cards • Register your PRONTO card for balance protection • Load money onto your card using a debit/credit card • Set up autoload to top off your card automatically when your balance gets low • See your balance, current fare, and earned passes • Look up your recent scans, transfer times, and payment history • Manage multiple PRONTO cards for your family or group • Block/Unblock a lost or stolen card Next Departures: • Find Next Departures using stop number, address or landmarks • See real-time bus and train service statuses and news • Map and List view of Nearby Stops • List of recent stops and favorites Trip Planning: • Plan a trip using popular landmarks or addresses • Full trip itineraries with fare information, actual walking distance, and map view • Set alerts to notify you when transit is arriving • See a list of recent trip plans • Save favorite stops for easy access Need More Help? Contact PRONTO Support at 619-595-5636

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