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User Reviews for ProMovie Recorder +

Great but could use an upgrade in export accessibility.

Out of the box, it’s exactly what I needed. My only qualm is that I can’t get the video exporting to work on my camera roll or when I iTunes file share on my Mac it doesn’t play properly. I read it’s because of the 4:3 aspect ratio I shot in but there must be an easier way to export videos to other platforms. The features on this app are exhaustive but if the accessibility was sufficient the developers could charge 5$

C Truck, Jun 09, 2018
GREAT...But needs more functionality updates

LOVE this app. From the perspective of filming it is a beautifully economic option for getting high bitrate video and the 4:3 12MP mode is a godsend. What I will say is the way settings are locked needs an overhaul. The settings don’t seem to truly lock, and I find myself fiddling with the scroll wheels to get my shutter speed specific. If the numbers could be plugged in, saved and then loaded as presets it would be a perfect app from a filming POV. I would love to see the other two lenses included in the app but I understand if there are tech limitations to that. I hope they keep pushing the bitrates higher and higher (compression is the biggest limit of phone videography).As for the back end: love the way the files are named. BUT, my biggest gripe with the app is there is no good way to transfer footage to your computer now that iTunes is deprecated. Eventually it will not work. I would love to see the devs record video onto a folder that can be accessed through the Files app. But that side of the app needs to be updated. Regardless, big fan. Please keep updating it

grodriguezpersonal, Oct 03, 2019
Don’t buy if you already have pro movie

I bought the Pro Movie app and then saw the Pro Movie + app and bought it too, thinking there was a difference. There isn’t. They are both the same. So do like I did and buy both. Also, I have messaged the developers through the message portion inside the app and have not gotten one reply. I have to say I love both Pro Movie and Pro Movie + but since they are the same app, it’s not surprising. I just wish I’d done more research and just bought one of them not both.

hatched1220, Jul 31, 2019
Two weeks using Promovie Recorder

I am very happy with this app. It optimizers the iphone’s camera far more then the standard recorder that Apple provides. The price is very reasonable as well. I have a few feature suggestions for the producer but no complaints with the app. 1) a start/stop record timer function 2) flash brightness control 3) 100+ frames per second in 4K for newer devices (if that’s achievable that is)

I'm not nicknaming myself!, Jan 15, 2021
Great Product

This product works well and does everything I need and more. My only gripe is that you cannot save your camera settings(I have to readjust white balance, zoom, etc. each time I open the app. This is a minor issue -probably a non-issue for most but I film in a controlled environment so readjusting the settings each time can feel arduous.

i3lackguy, Jan 05, 2018
Does NOT save to your camera roll. Good luck finding what you’ve shot

So yea. This app can shoot nice videos. It has a lot of features useful to those who understand cameras - specifically those who understand principles of light. But WHY in gods name would they not automatically save the videos to your camera roll?!? WHY?!? Why would you make something that’s supposed to make filming better and easier (since the native iPhone video app is SO bad and lacks even the most basic of manual settings) only to NOT make the videos immediately accessible to the person?I’ve rated it a three. The app does great stuff. But enjoy reading through how you have to plug in your phone, or do some other more complex export JUST to see the video you JUST recorded. This was clearly written by programmers with absolutely no mind to UI usability and flexibility. There is NO compete team that would accept having to go through MORE steps just to access what the sole purpose of the app is for in the first place. I’m angry for having spent the money on this app and I’ve NO idea why this little fact isn’t highlighted first and foremost. And if the developers are so sure that their more convoluted file saving method is so great, then wonderful! List it as the FIRST feature. But I think we all know it’s NOT a good thing and all they’ve done is replace one set of problems with another.

kevinludlow82, Aug 29, 2020
Good app, but BAD for business

While this app creates great footage, I’ve found it borderline impossible to share said video across any platform. I was able to upload to my own computer with fairly little trouble, but once I tried to get it to my boss, I found myself struggling to find ANY way to get it to him; first, I tried sharing via Dropbox, google drive, iCloud, you name it- NOTHING worked. From there I was forced to give him a flash drive with the video files- they refused to play for him. Cut to now, as I’m sitting at his TWO computers, both of which I connected my phone to via iTunes and tried to upload the clips. And yet, they still refuse to play. I am very frustrated and there is nothing online describing a similar issue. Help would be appreciated.

kogebku, Mar 24, 2019
Great app....but

Love it. However, I worry that now that Apple is killing iTunes, how will we be able to transfer full quality videos for editing. When I first downloaded, that was in the instructions for being able to transfer full quality. If you share from the app, it lessens the quality.

rjs504x, Jun 13, 2019
Professional quality at an affordable price

All the settings and control you need, 4K quality, easy to understand interface, and the ability to generate hi res, pro quality content with a mobile device. Achieve the best results with high quality, low cost ProMovie!

Sketchy03, Apr 04, 2022
As an amateur, this makes me look like a pro!

I love, love, love this app. I just started learning how to edit videos so I could start making short movies for my family and our trips, holidays and events together. I am not fluent in any kind of way with different manual settings and manipulation of exposure, white balance, etc, but this app is so easy to use and practice with to finally get to the settings I want and the quality of the videos I can now edit and put together are stunning. It’s truly hard to believe the videos recorded with this one iPhone X. I use this app with a gimbal and voila, it’s like recording magic.

Stickynugz, Nov 20, 2018


ProMovie Recorder is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use video camera App for your iPhone and iPad. Take control of exposure, focus, frame rate, and every other aspect of video recording right at your fingertip. Take full advantage of your device's videography capability and create professional clips. • 4K video recording (up to 60FPS) ¹. • 1080p video recording (up to 240FPS) ². • Manual camera control for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance. • High-quality video recording with up to 120Mbps bitrate. • Switch between Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras ³.

Audio features: • External microphones (Lightning/3.5 mm headphone jack ⁴/Bluetooth). • Stereo audio recording *. • Audio monitoring through headphones and Bluetooth headphones. • On-screen audio level indicator. • Audio gain control *. • Supported audio formats: 256 Kbps AAC, 16-bit PCM. Camera control: • Separate Exposure Point and Focus Point. • Exposure compensation. • Manual control/parameter lock for: - Shutter Speed/ISO - Color Temperature - Focus • White balance presets. • White balance calibration with gray cards. Supported accessories: • 2.4:1 anamorphic adapters. • Video rotation/flip for lens accessories. • External displays connected via Lightning-to-HDMI/VGA adapters. • Bluetooth remote ⁵. Other features: • Grids and cropping guides for easier composition. • Full-screen modes. • Level (tilt indicator). • Both HEVC and H.264 encoding *. • Standard and Cinematic stabilization mode. ¹ 4K @30FPS: iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE and newer, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 4K @60FPS: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and newer, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Pro 12.9-in. (3rd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). ² 1080p @30FPS: iPhone 5s and newer, iPad (5th Gen. and newer), iPad Mini (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Air (all models), iPad Pro (all models). 1080p @60FPS: iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE and newer, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 1080p @120FPS: iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE and newer, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 1080p @240FPS: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and newer, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Pro 12.9-in. (3rd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). ³ For iPhone and iPad models with Ultra Wide and/or Telephoto cameras. ⁴ Depending on your iPhone/iPad model and microphone connector, some of the following adapters may be required: • TRS to TRRS adapter • Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter • USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter ⁵ Compatible devices only. Needs to be enabled in ‘Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Start/Stop Recording’ -> ‘Use Volume Buttons’. * For supported devices only. Note: Use 'iTunes' or 'Finder' to copy videos to a computer. Instructions: macOS Catalina or Later: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210598 macOS Mojave or Earlier: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301 Windows PC: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301 Contact us: [email protected]

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