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PROmote - Army Study Guide

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PROmote - Army Study Guide

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User Reviews for PROmote - Army Study Guide

Amazing Study App, Recommend to Soldiers!!!

This app is perfect for studying for the board, it is more up to date than questions found on the Army Study Guide and gives helpful hints to remember a lot of the answers. The app is easy to navigate through and I would definitely recommend to another Soldier.

ArianaYasmeen, Aug 17, 2019
Amazing work.

The app developers have done a fantastic job creating a quick access to board information, and information in general. Extremely helpful

Eternitywolf, Sep 28, 2020
Great studying app but needs improvement.

So I just recently got this app. It’s actually super awesome, but I noticed when I took the test, that you hit correct on all the answers and get a 100. Not much of a challenge to see if you retain the information you previously studied. I would give it 5 stars if not for that. I would like something implemented to make the tests more challenging but showing wrong answers every now and again.

haha696969, Sep 30, 2020
Good information

This app helped a lot to pass my first bored, also has enough information to be able to answer questions on the spot when you can’t find someone who does know the answer

imboredandtirdofthisbs, Jul 27, 2020
Tests need fixed

Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because when you test the answer is always correct, there’s no incorrect answers so it’s not really a test. Because the answers are given to you every time. It’d be great if you could provide incorrect answers so that way the tester is more involved

jmacwithfries, Jan 13, 2022
Promote Now Review

There are times where promotion boards pop up with little notice and as a board member, this is a fantastic resource to utilize to obtain questions quickly when necessary. And using this app to spend 15 minutes each day professionally developing Soldiers on different subjects is extremely beneficial.

MSG Alaska, Oct 05, 2017
A Highly Suggested

This app is great. It provides all of the knowledge and know how that any wanting NCO orLeader needs to be successful. One thing i will say that needs to be added, is an audiobook. I say, this because there are different learning styles. Some people excel at reading and learning material. Others are hands on learners. Others are Auditory learners. I will admit that i am one of those auditory learners, and that sitting down and reading the material for hours on in, sometimes minutes, pose a challenge for me, and any one else who wishes to learn. I am a SPC, whose primary zone is in 2 months. While it may be too late for me, it may not be for another person. I really want to become a knowledgeable and relatable leader. If this can be one advancement for the app, it would be worth it for those who have different learning styles.

NemoSevn, Jun 26, 2020
Stop asking for reviews!!!

This is a really good app for learning and quizzing about army knowledge. It deserves five stars. But it keeps repeatedly asking for a review, and it does not give an option to not leave a review, even if I press cancel. So I gave it a one star review to get it to stop asking me for a review.

Rugbie, Nov 26, 2017
Good tool for E5 Boards

This is a good tool to keep in your pocket for on he spot development of soldiers, but it is pretty slow on updating to the new versions or changes to ARs, FMs, and other publications... If it were updated more often it would have been a 5 star in my book. In order for it to be a viable study tool it has to be up to date or soldiers are studying the wrong information.

TRRIII, Aug 21, 2018
Great app

Really great app for board preparation, but it could be better. I wish they had some form of multiple choice quizzes or other study boosters. The flash cards are great, but I feel like quizzes could really add something to the app

YPOC 2.0, Nov 19, 2019


BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER BOARD STUDY APP ASK YOURSELF: 1. Does it offer over 3,400 questions? Our app contains thousands more than some other apps.

You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you want. 2. CAN YOU GRADE YOURSELF? Seriously! Many board apps don't even allow you to grade yourself. You can't look at your test scores for each subject because they don't even keep score. 3. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, and then dynamically creates your tests accordingly? 4. Does it provide BOTH a casual study mode AND a test mode? 5. Does it provide AUDIO questions? 6. Are you able to SEE your study and test PROGRESS for ALL lessons at a MERE GLANCE? 8. Can you customize your tests with adjustable question counts and subjects? 9. Does it allow you to add your own unit study documents and files to the app? Most units have unique study requirements such as unit history. This app allows you to easily add those documents directly into the app. This is a comprehensive guide addressing the common Army promotion board topics - over 40 subjects. Information was taken directly from Army regulations, Army doctrine reference publications (ADRPs), Army doctrine publications (ADPs), field manuals, technical manuals, training circulars, and pamphlets. All the study material is in question/ answer/ flashcard format. Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to help better facilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to help support some of the question/answers, notes are provided throughout along with Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. ForceReadiness.com is not affiliated with the US Army. We simply support soldiers every way we can.

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