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Profit Story

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User Reviews for Profit Story


Limited variable input. Does not provide method to calculate mark-up need to achieve margin.

#1 bummer, May 19, 2016
What What!!!! The BEST Margin App Available

This is the best margin and profit app available. Simple. Easy. Impactful. This App shows you and your customers only what is needed, nothing more, nothing less! If you want to show profit or margin or break even scenarios; buy this App.

Aaaqqqqaaa, Sep 13, 2013
Great app......

Nice, I use it to check on quotes or closed jobs for mark up and profit.Would be nice if there was a window to type info. To support the numbers and an option to include or take a picture as a well.When moving to email it only moves the numbers, not the profit story as seen on the screen. I click the screen and save the picture for later use.

Bud in Sahuarita, Dec 29, 2012
Very helpful app. Quick and easy

This app is a quick and easy way to power through presentations were buyers are stammering around commitments on price points and break evens. Easy and fast. I highly recommend.

EBiggon, Aug 14, 2011
Must have app if you need to calculate margins

I tried many margin calculators. By far this one was the best.

ejrobert99, Jul 23, 2015
A little annoying

I love the idea, it has everything I need in someways. I don’t like the pop up that comes up every time I tap somewhere outside of where text can be entered. I reallllly wish it would let me add unit cost myself. I sell plants. I know the cost per plant (unit). I don't know the cost per case until I multiply the unit cost by the amount in the case. That means I need a calculator to put the numbers in here, and that defeats why I paid for this app.

Emily 7431258907555577560027, Aug 14, 2022

App is junk

Lou Ray Ray, Apr 24, 2018
Change request

I love this app. Use it constantly. I would love to see the main page have this added:If I could plug in my sales tax and a toggle button to apply or not apply tax, and the result would show the Out-the-door price. Would be Super helpful to me! Thank you!

PTBoyle, Sep 28, 2018
Highly recommended app

Perfect for quickly calculating margins and break evens!

Tensas Flash, Nov 09, 2019
Profit Story...A Must Have

I find Profit Story to be one of those "must have" apps for anyone in sales and marketing. Unlike other apps, it allows the user to choose between units of measure and it's profit wheel immediately shows the effects of the various parameters when scrolling. Thanks guys...I'll be looking for more apps from you!

TrinityRiver, Dec 04, 2010


Profit Story is a calculator that allows users to calculate Sell Price, Cost Price, Gross Profit Margin, Markup and Break Even analysis for product pricing purposes using Unit and/or Case information. Quickly see the impact of changing one measure on the other values. Functions: - Calculate Case and Unit Cost Price - Calculate Unit Sell Price - Calculate Unit Gross Profit Dollars - Calculate Case Gross Profit Dollars - Calculate Profit Margin % - Calculated Markup % - Calculate Break Even % - Compare Current Cost, Sell Price, Gross Profit Dollars, Profit Margin % and Markup %, with proposed new pricing information in the Break Even analysis - Easy view of Margin/Markup and Unit Sell Price using an interactive Price Wheel - Set defaults for standard information - Email and/or Copy results for additional use of the information.

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