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Procare: Childcare App

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Procare: Childcare App

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Procare Software, LLC
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User Reviews for Procare: Childcare App

Push notifications

This good is good in theory but not so much in real time. I’m not sure how it works on the caregiver side but the parent side there is very little functionality. The most important thing for a parent is to be able to see and hear what is happening at daycare in real time… or at least close to real time. We need to know if our child has eaten lunch, has napped properly as it determines pick up times etc. the push notifications are not even close to the time stamp. At 6pm i get notified that my child had a diaper change at 11 am. This isn’t helpful and defeats the entire purpose of the app. The user experience is not the issue this is pure development and bug and I would prioritize this in the bug fixes. Teachers and administration gets frustrated as parents are still calling the office and the teachers to get informed. The messaging platform is simple and easy to use. I also don’t understand why the app hasn’t piggybacked off of the existing iOS camera instead of launching its own app. This has contributed to the heaviness of the application. I had to delete and make room for this app on my phone.

Anony-mause, Sep 14, 2021
Decent App . . . When it Works

I enjoy being able to communicate with teachers through the app, and receive updates including pictures, as well as access billing information. My main concern is that lately, the activities are not being updated including sign in and sign out activities. This becomes extremely challenging when dealing with split households with no communication and infrequent use of daycare by the other parent. If I don’t know my child is at daycare, how would I know to pick her up there? I try not to call too often as I don’t like to distract teachers from their littles. With the app, the teachers are able to check it when they can. When the activity logs aren’t updating, the messages don’t always go through either.It would be great if these bugs could be fixed. I just installed an app update recently, and yet the issue happened again today.

April/sunchild, Apr 07, 2022
Great App, but Needs Tweaks

Using the app as a parent, I love it. It keeps me informed about my kids throughout the day. The daily summary email is nice, too, if you don’t want to get every notification of every thing. Just a couple things I would change:- be able to “react” or comment on a picture- get more granular with notifications; I don’t need to know every update, but if the teacher leaves a comment (“need diapers”, “need a pacifier”, “baby had a blowout and needs more changes of clothes at school”), I want to know about that separately. This should be configurable by “event” type (I don’t need to know real-time that she ate all of her bottle, but I do want to know if her diaper change was a blowout and she needs more clothes).- other minor things; example: if you don’t have a profile picture for your kid, their initials are shown as Last Name Initial then First Name Initial, instead of the other way around.

B GrifN, May 06, 2021
Work Usage Bonus

It’s wonderful to use to keep up to date with parents and their little ones. I enjoy the features such as the allergy section so I can verify that what they are eating/drinking is a-ok. This is especially helpful right now. I am a preschool then the after school teacher and this is very useful when it comes to my after school kids. I am able to keep in touch with parents and send messages for them to pass along to my kids. While our school is closed down right now, I very much love the fact I am able to check up on everyone. My only suggestion (unless I’ve missed it) is to always list the child’s name in each selection (such as messaging, sending photos, etc.) due to the fact I may have started one and have to come back to it. Whether that be at home or school. Life/kid troubles happen and I do not want to be messaging the wrong parent about another student accidentally, just due to walking away.

BrittneeAD, Mar 25, 2020
Does a fine job!

No frills, but it seems to work very well. No bloat, just simple and effective. You can get and send messages between you and your daycare provider, get reminders about events, see picture your daycare provider posts, and you see your child’s activity feed like a social media feed that only features your child. Notifications pop up on your phone, so you don’t have to check the app or your email. Ultimately it’s up to your daycare provider to post the content, so if they do a good job posting, that will improve your experience with this app. I can’t think of any feature that I wish was added to this app. Maybe something for specific medication timing, or perhaps diaper changes... once again that would be up to the daycare provider to post accurately.

Buzzy Ramone, Nov 18, 2020
Loving it as a parent AND a provider

This app has so far (1 month in) been very usure friendly as both a provider and a parent. I like that I can have 1 login for both aspects and can toggle between what I need to do for my class, and what I need to see for my own children. As a provider I like that it allows me to track pretty much every aspect of my students day and leave notes for parents about events, how their child is doing, what has gone well (or not) during the day and send direct messages when needed. These are also awesome as a parent as I am able to see details about my child’s day and get notes from their teachers. I especially love that there are sections to upload photos, track moods (nice if my child is having a fussy day), and upload curriculum notes for parents so see what we’re learning and how it relates to state standards. All in all this is a fantastic app!

Disappointedmccainmecain, Aug 23, 2021

We’ve been with a few different day cares (and; with that; few different communication systems). This one is super easy to use, and acts almost as a live feed throughout the day instead of just a play by play report at the end of the day - LOVE that. Also love that it’s a “one stop shop” for teachers and administrators; could be just a great school we’re in, but I’m thinking this system makes the teacher life easier so they focus more on the kiddos - ie, great school! AND it’s a cumulative/running timeline - if you want to know a regular schedule/routine (feedings, diapers, potty breaks, BMs, naps, etc)... Lets say you’re taking a trip and want to try to make days a little easier for LO or you’re trying to figure out a natural potty training schedule - BOOM. Easy peazy info right there for ya. AAAANNDDDD the comprehensive end of day report summarizes by category (naps, meals, activities, potty breaks, etc). Two thumbs WAY way up.

Hines830, Jul 23, 2020
Picture access could be better

I love that I get updates throughout the day. I wish there was a way to go in and see all the photos for each kid in one place without having to scroll through for so long over time where they are embedded.I wish there was an alert letting me know when the kid has been dropped off and picked up like in tadpoles. It made me feel better knowing that if I didn’t get an alert that drop off occurred, that I could call my husband and find out what’s going on (in case there was some sort of emergency and as a good way to ensure one of us don’t forget). It was also nice in our old app when I got alerts that they were picked up early. Just another check so If I wasn’t expecting that, I could follow up with my husband immediately in case god forbid someone did so without our knowledge or permission. I like that we can pay through the app. I also like that I can send messages directly to the teacher through the app, I just don’t have a way to see if they were checked or received.

Hintonschmidt, Jan 16, 2020
I love this app!

My daughter is in her 2nd year of pre-k at our local private preschool. She loves school so much already! I love that this app allows me to know what she is learning during the time she is at school. From the time the children get to school they sign them in, and when you pick them up (or any pre authorized adult) they sign the children out. So you know when your child got to and from school! Which is great if you’re in my shoes because her father and I split so I love knowing that him and his family do their part in raising her correctly too. Depending on what your school does, they can post pictures, activities, announcements, and even private messages to parents of certain children that they need to talk to the parent about. I love being able to see what book they are reading, what they have learned in the day, fun crafts, snack time, music time, etc. the thing I like the most is one child can have multiple accounts. So my daughters father has his own & I have mine. He cannot read the private messages that her teacher and I discuss which is nice because I love having my privacy. Also, this app has made it so easy to make payments for tuition. 10/10 from me! Sure they may have a few issues but it’s once in a blue moon.

poppysseed, Dec 03, 2018
Lifesaving app for preschool!

As a Preschool Director of 65+ students and 10 staff members, this app has improved my job immensely. Tuition collection was the easiest ever, ongoing balances for additional charges, automatically calculated late fees, allows for recurring scheduled payments. Parents have given tons of positive feedback during the 2 weeks of piloting this. Attendance, sign in sheets, incident reports, toddler charts, potty training charts, notes and videos for documentation (can use staff view only feature) are all in one place and paperless! You can print reports of any kind for licensing. Best feature is instant communication with parents and notifications of injuries, needing picked up for illness/injury with alert and text message capability. Great customer service but sometimes takes an hour for them to respond to messages. Would love updated themes and options for newsletters and ability to switch profiles since my child also attends the school so I have a staff and parent profile. So worth the monthly cost! We paid the year subscription to get a discount. Lifesaver of an app!!

Preschool & Parent, Sep 18, 2019


Procare allows you to run your entire school operations through our childcare app and website. Save time and money by streamlining core administrative functions while raising the bar for the parent experience with professional communications, easy-to-access portals, and the opportunity for real-time updates from the classroom. Procare has everything that you need: SIGN IN-OUT / ATTENDANCE, STAFF TIMECLOCK, DAILY SHEETS/REPORTS, LEARNING, PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MESSAGING, BILLING and much more.

Meant for CHILDCARE / DAYCARE / CAMPS / AFTER-SCHOOL PARENTS: Engage with your child’s activities that are shared from school and easily message your child’s staff. You can also invite other family members / nannies / grandparents to engage or share your child’s activities. Plus, you can pay tuition online. Features: CONTACTLESS SIGN IN/OUT : Parents can sign in-out students contactless using QR code or Curbside GeoLocation. STUDENT ATTENDANCE: Replace paper sheets with digital SIGN IN-OUT. Record student attendance, absences (add notes) and transfer to different rooms. Generate BEST industry standard reporting from our website to satisfy childcare LICENSING needs. (Also has OFFLINE MODE to run without network) PARENT KIOSK: Parents can drop off and pick up children easily (optional use of a 4-digit pin). Record SIGNATURES and capture answers with DROP-OFF form. Charge payments based on their HOURLY attendance and collect LATE FEE. STAFF TIMECARD: Staff can CHECK-IN from the app using 4-digit pin. Build REPORTS of their timecard from website for PAYROLL. TRACK RATIOS: Always be licensing-compliant. Track ratios in real time from the app for all your rooms. PHOTOS and VIDEOS: Send any number of photos and videos, and tag students with one click on our daycare app. Unlimited storage and sent to parents with one tap. LEARNING: Record custom student activities and attach development skills like fine motor, social behavior, language and more. DAILY SHEETS: Send daily activities for infants/toddlers and record Diapers, Bottles, Naps, Meals and Bathroom visits. Reports are sent to parents automatically. BILLING: Create and send invoice to parents easily. Manage all billing transactions, payments, refunds and credits from the app. INCIDENTS: Record all information related to any student incidents, send the report to parents and get their signature. CALENDAR: Share upcoming events with parents easily for any day and month. PARENT COMMUNICATION: You can send a message, text or email to parents instantly. Have their phone number and call if needed. MANAGE CENTER: Keep your entire student and family database in your fingertips. Setup registration and maintain roster online. REPORTS: Detailed reports for everything you do is available from website for student attendance, staff timecard, billing (payments/invoices) and entire roster. INTEGRATIONS: Procare Connect integrates seamlessly with all major SIS (student database) systems, Quickbooks (accounting systems), payroll systems and much more. Just let us know and we are happy to integrate. *** WEBSITE has more information Send NEWSLETTER, view attendance reports, and run BILLING automated plans Set up Tuition or Attendance Billing Plans with Online Payments for Daily/Weekly/Monthly cycles. Use Procare Connect for all your accounting needs. BEFORE / AFTER SCHOOL billing with LATE fee can be set up New REGISTRATION system to manage waitlist, applied and active roster Complete childcare management and daycare software features, e.g. student / family information, immunizations, reporting and more.

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