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Private Pilot Test Prep

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Private Pilot Test Prep

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User Reviews for Private Pilot Test Prep

Passed with 87% today!!

Most of my studies were with this app. 80% sporty’s 20% FARAIM and PHAK. Once I was consistently scoring above 90% on the practice exams my instructor endorsed me and I scheduled the real exam. Many questions were close to the ones on this app.-The difficulty comes when you try to determine distance on the sectionals within the app on an iPhone screen. Also, shooting multiple radials to find a specific point. Would have been a bit easier if I had a tablet. The supplements are great though!

BrettTheJet18, Feb 26, 2020
Excellent Tool!!

Just got a 98% on my written. I used the Jeppeson study guide and after that exclusively studied with this app. It was so similar to the actual test! It was nice for me to have the study guide as well so I had a hard copy of the testing supplements. I’m a new mom and has to study as efficiently as possible (during nap time) and this was just perfect. Thank you Sporty’s! I’d recommend to anybody! To those still studying: remember that you have to match the map scale in the supplements and not your actual plotter! I didn’t know that when I started out and got very frustrated!

Brooke Twomey, Aug 23, 2019
Great app, couple changes needed

Overall awesome study tool. As others have said, you need to be able to have your 'flagged' questions saved so you can go over them at any time. Second, unless I'm missing something, the cross country section is basically impossible to do on your phone. The distances and course headings should be given. There's no way to measure them otherwise and you can't complete the E6B practice.

CheatToLose, Aug 25, 2019
Great App

Used this, as well as a Gleim textbook as a secondary study tool. I'll credit this app to the reason I passed with a high score. A solid 2 weeks, 3 hours a day I used this app. The real test took me 40 minutes and a majority of the questions were the same you'd see on this app. Using the Instrument version now. Would highly recommend to anyone.

csmith401, Sep 19, 2017
Great Prep

I used this to pass my written and it helped a lot. I had used a different online school but I needed something that can work without a connection and this helped.Only recommendations are:* Wish we had more sample test questions from the FAA. I did notice that one question from the FAA sample test is not in the study test (REIM GPS question)* Wish progress and reviews worked across devices with iCloud

GaryRudolph, Feb 22, 2017
Useful and well designed- still no match for GLEIM

This app should be used as a supplement for the GLEIM book, when you don’t have the book, use this app, but otherwise, the book would be the way to go. One thing that’s nice about this app is that the explanations for each answer are easier to understand, however less technical. Overall though, much better than any other apps.

Jdogsome, Feb 16, 2022
Great Test Prep Tool!

Just took my written and scored a 95%! Easy to use! The best thing about it was that it had the question on the top when you went to use the chart or figure so you didn’t have to go back and forth looking at the question. Save function was okay, but if you didn’t answer a question it took you back to the beginning of the test. Really a pain when you are going through all 800+ questions. Overall I would recommend this over ASA’s app. Thanks Sporty’s!

Lastnite7, Jul 12, 2018
Great tool for review

Retired military helicopter pilot. Started private pilot training for airplane single engine land nine years after my last military helicopter flight. This program was a great refresher/review of topics I was required to know but not necessarily receiving instruction on based on my past experience. The links for the references to the answers were very helpful when I needed to dig deeper on a topic.

phillipsbw, Oct 07, 2019
Word for Word FAA Questions

As of 2022 this app has questions straight out of the ASA PPL study book. These questions are word for word used on the FAA written test, and makes it super easy to pass. I promise you, if you can go through this app and answer every question correctly, you’ll ace your FAA written exam. Doesn’t get any easier than this.

Random83829473929, Mar 18, 2022
Great app!

I used this app along with many other study sources. This app was my #1 study resource. Because of this app, I scored a 97% on my written test. On the actual written test itself, I only found one question that I wasn't familiar with. Some recommendations/notes I would advice everyone is to check if the figures in the app match your actual figures book, as the figures book in the app did not match the current figures book. Lots of questions are repeated in the section, which isn't a big complaint for me because it helped me remember the question, but could be annoying for other people. If you want to be like me and score a 97% (or greater), I really recommend buying this app! Make sure you study EVERYTHING!

Reneir., Jun 09, 2017


Sporty's Study Buddy will prepare you for the FAA written test like no other study tool available with three modes of operation. Test material is expertly organized into categories based on subject matter and includes, questions, answers, correct answers, and detailed explanations. • STUDY QUESTIONS BY TOPIC • Learning Mode allows you to create custom review sessions by selecting exactly which categories you want to review. Each session randomly generates the question order, and provides instant feedback based on your answer selection.

Each question also provides a detailed description as to why each answer is right or wrong. These explanations were developed by Sporty’s team of Master CFI’s, based on their experience preparing students for the Private Pilot certificate • REVIEW QUESTION FLASHCARDS • Flashcard mode tests your knowledge by allowing you to only see the question without the answer choices. After answering the question mentally, you can then select to show the correct answer, and self-grade your progress along the way. This is a great feature that keeps you from being distracted by incorrect answers! • TAKE PRACTICE TESTS • Test mode randomly generates a 60-question session from the entire database of published FAA test questions, simulating the real Private Pilot test. After answering all the questions, you’ll be given instant results, and have the option to review either all the questions, or just missed questions. Included in the review session are the same detailed explanations for why each answer is right or wrong. •PROGRESS REPORTS• After completing each test your results are saved in the app's Progress Report section, where you can review previous scores and and a detailed history of each question and answer selection. You can also pause a partially-completed session, and resume it at a later time here.

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