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User Reviews for Predator Vision & Blaster

I love this game

It is a really well-made game if you don’t like ads don’t get it but it really looks realistic and I vote great if you like predator and you like his vision you should get this

BARNARD Apple Stuff, Jan 29, 2021
Because the game is awesome

It’s so cool are used it every day it’s awesome you can use them all around you can you it’s like well being bad so it’s better than being a number and then being with your normal eyesight and all of that and it’s awesome that wayIt’s so cool are used it every day it’s awesome you can use them all around you can you it’s like well being bad so it’s better than being a number and then being with your normal eyesight and all of that and it’s awesome that way

Bubba J7, Sep 24, 2020
Best predator game ever

So I am a huge predator fan and was looking for a way to feel like one. So I got this game, and wow is it awesome. You can look in thermal and in the dark. You can see regular or UV. If you looking for a fun app to have a fun time then this is the app.

cburns138, Aug 27, 2022
One of the few

One of the best Predator apps I’ve seen, huge fan We need more apps of The Predator maybe even a mobile game!! It would be a huge success maybe like concrete jungle or even first person story of conquering worlds or way of the youtja, trial of the blooded. Let the creativity flow my friend pred fans are waiting!!

DR3@M SCHYTH3, Nov 21, 2022
Asama cb

Yeah that’s why not I just don’t have a lot yyy to go to Walmart and I’m not mad I just want you yyyyyyyyyyyy to be rude I love it so much you have always been a great friend I hope so you have to have you and I have always been here and you are going on with me I hope so you know what I mean yeah yeah that’s why not I just got a lot done and I’m sorry that you have always wanted me that way I know I love it so much you love

fbchryehfdvggVgxghf, Apr 02, 2021
Gene Cole

Killer app but if you could add some things like his wrist blades and like where you can change thermal vision that would be awesome I just downloaded it to check it out I like what I see so far just need a little more added and every time I try another vision a add pops up and I can’t check out the other visions please fix it

Gene Cole, Nov 26, 2018
Good app you can just turn off the Wi-Fi if you don’t want ads

This game is kind of fun but a little bit of ads this game is kind of boring because you can’t play a game it would be better if they made a little mini game thank you for reading my review

ioopq, Feb 13, 2021
Review of predator

I gave a five star review because Predator is one of my favorite movies and getting to see what the predator sees is awesome. And I know that it can kick you out of the game but who cares it’s not like you were on a secret mission so you can just go back into the game and play.

Lil_monkey10, Nov 13, 2022
Great but could use some tweaks

This app is the best but it could use something a bit different you could add a little mini game were you can shoot and look through the eyes of a Xenomorph aka the perfect specimen or the Alien that’s all thanks for reading my review and also please add the wrist blades that would be great thanks.

mewtwo1985150, May 06, 2020
Ads ruin it

I get that for an app to be free, YOU are the steak. But you can’t do much without an ad popping up - and it is disruptive AF. Seriously, you will do four presses of the fire plasma canon and it will then suddenly bring up an ad screen. Because you are pressing rapidly, it goes to the app’s istore page, taking you out the experience suddenly and joltingly. They really need to figure out how to make ads less disruptive. Personally, I prefer paying for my apps, because otherwise, like in this case, the user experience is incredibly frustrating and painful. I know we have to live with ads, but when apps deliberately trick us to go to an app’s istore page through the very mechanism that is supposed to be fun on the game, then I’m out and warning you all to not even bother. Horrible.

Mr Memetic, Mar 01, 2019


If you have long wanted to see the world through the eyes of a predator and shoot from the legendary plasma gun with a triangular laser sight, then you have found an app that can help you with this! Here is what is in this application: - Simulation of the thermal vision, night vision and vision, allowing to see the Aliens (which is presented in the form of a reversed colors) - Excellent sound effects, allowing you to feel a certain atmosphere - Ability to make sounds of the Predator in the phone - Plasma Cannon Shooting And much more. Although it is not the real vision of a predator, it is well simulated.

Try on the Predator Mask with this app!

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