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Postmates - Fast Delivery

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User Reviews for Postmates - Fast Delivery

Postmates could be a lot better

Although the selection is sometimes good /usually. And the unlimited is also a good offer. But sometimes it doesn’t even matter if u pay the $10 for unlimited because the customer service is horrible unfortunately. All the drivers have zero incentive and are really bad delivery people a lot of the time. 50% of the time i don’t get my order. I’ve also gotten charged for orders that I’ve never even received and there was no way to contact anyone or get my money back. I’ve waited 2-3 hours at times and had the delivery people lying to me saying their on their way when they’re not. It’s just really frustrating customer service almost always. I think if they’re drivers had more of an incentive and maybe could be more professional. I leave simple instructions for what to do and 99 percent of the drivers don’t follow the instructions. I live in a area where it’s extremely easy to get food taken and i require for someone to let me know their coming or make contact with me- they almost never do. And they struggle to just find my apartment and get up i almost ALWAYS have to go downstairs even though it’s an extremely simple process to follow to come to my door. Not the best. They need some issues worked out but the selection of food is good and the unlimited is good IF and i say only IF ur gonna actually get ur food. And not 3 hours later.

Don’t use postmates unless you want excess charges.

This last time I used PM they charged me $60 for two meals which the total didn’t come anywhere near that amount! The food was barely thirty if that, then I was charged $12 in fees, and another $7 in delivery fees for a restaurant not a mile from my house! When i got my order there were two meals in it of what I ordered, rather than what I requested. My mom wanted rice, beans, chips and pico for dinner. She got the chips and pico... that’s it. They also charged me an additional $15 two days later! That brings this order up to $80! I sent in an order issue request and they said they couldn’t do anything about it! My health is horrible so my family frequently uses GH, postmates, and UberEats every month if I don’t feel up to cooking. They get a significant portion of my family’s income, but they couldn’t correct the issue? They wouldn’t even give me money back for ALL the stuff that was missing. This isn’t the first time this has happened; on average postmates gets our orders wrong about 70% of the time! Then I usually have someone throwing a tantrum and I have to try to get it fixed. Usually, on average I only get a few bucks back. Typically less than half the cost of whatever was wrong. Overall postmates does NOT care about their customers, they up charge excessively, and add extra charges behind your back. Had I know I was going to be paying $50 extra for dinner I would have ordered from the place down the block.

BallisticsGirl, Feb 04, 2021
Terrible Customer support - app changes your payment method without consent

Since postmates was taken over by Uber I have had several problems, none of which has been satisfactorily resolved. The latest is that although I selected Apple Pay as my payment method, postmates instead charged a debit card that was on file as an alternate payment method, without my authorization. I tried to change my payment method back to Apple Pay, and repeatedly received an error message saying they were unable to complete my request. I contacted support and received replies that said “when you select apply pay, postmates can only charge the card associated with your Apple Pay account” which….. is what I wanted postmates to do and which in fact they did not do. They charged a debit card they had on file, NOT Apple Pay. After receiving the same copy-paste support response for two days now, I am sure it is past the window of opportunity to change my payment method to the method I originally selected. There is no phone number to contact someone and the email support team obviously either did not read my responses or did not understand them. I removed the debit card that was charged without my authorization and am no longer using Postmates. I am leaving this review in the hopes that 1)others will be aware that Postmates arbitrarily changes your selected payment method and 2) maybe I will get a coherent response to my issue, since the support avenues provided haven’t given me that.

Bunnylaroo, Jul 25, 2021
Overall terrible

Honestly, I tend to put up with the constant incorrect orders and burnt food, but since postmates stopped reimbursing me for bad business I hate this service. The drivers are late and don’t read the instructions before hand. The original estimated time will be one thing and I’ll receive it HOURS later. That wouldn’t be an issue if they’d allow you to cancel the order, but they still figure it’s good business to charge you full price (and sometimes a cancellation fee) for THEIR drivers being late and me not being able to accept the food. I wish I could upload a picture from last experience. My food was so burnt that it was inedible. They told me it was against their policy to reimburse me, or even contact the restaurant for an unburnt item, which uber eats most definitely would have done. Sadly I now live too far to use their service because I definitely wouldn’t deal with Postmates otherwise. The time before that one of their drivers seemed to be under the influence and after an hour of circling my neighborhood “lost” she arrived crying and yelling at me saying that uber doesn’t pay her enough and calling me disrespectful because I asked that she call me after 30 minutes of being lost. I have screenshots of the texts she sent me before she arrived and after too. That was also something they did nothing about. This company is horrible with even worse customer service.

cecedhsgih, Oct 31, 2019
Wouldn't recommend to New drivers, Or Customers

Just Like Uber eats, The Drivers Have Zero Respect but Here In Chicago, They are basically making us as customers Pay for their gas. I've ordered food from Postmates in the past and the drivers are completely Disrespectful, They dont leave their Vehicle, Its just A waste of resource to be honest. I've had to leave my apartment Just to Tell drivers to Get out and bring the order to my Door. Im a College student and I Can't sit here and leave my desk or my PC to Go and help someone follow clear directions. I dont tip any driver, Because to be honest, They dont deserve it, They are mad Disrespectful and have zero manners for the public, Uber needs to Start Deactivating Accounts that wont follow Guidelines. I also been a Driver for both platforms, and The Continuous mistakes They make with app errors, GPS Problems, and the Cashout portion is just sad. Not to mention Customers LIE a ton saying they never received their orders so now to ensure that this Isnt said, I catch them(And have caught a few on video), Cancel the order after they got it and Say that they never got it. Its sad. Customers and some drivers need to start being held On Consequences Because this is Getting out of hand with the amount of Lies going around Via Drivers and Customers. I now wear Gopro's to ensure I'm Covering myself when delivering. Its sad people are evil to Lie when we have other jobs and we do this as a Graditude to Soceity

Darth Armani The Wise, May 06, 2022
Be warned!

First off I’d like to say although I had my issues the company was quick and able to make up for the mistake made.This was the first time I used this app and I’m not gonna use it again. I don’t really know who to blame. The app or delivery person. I made an order of three items but I received far more then what I ordered. I ordered two soups, one large and one medium. When we received the soups there were five styrofoam cups. Two large and three medium. I was surprised to see so many cups. Turns out the guy ordered five soups! Two large and three medium. Instead of paying what should’ve been $30 I ended up paying $86. I couldn’t believe it. Now if you’ve used the app you’ll see that they put your order in a list type for example 1.sandwitch 2.soup 3. Soup. So what the guy did was that he ordered one sandwich two large soups and three medium soups. I can’t understand how he would’ve seen those numbers as amounts of each item. I also don’t like the fact that it says you won’t get an accurate price and total until the person picks up your food. Should’ve known better and seen that as a bad sign. One more thing I have a charge of $9 and change on my bank statement. When I added that to the $77 I was charged for the order the amount comes more then what is shown on my email receipt. I don’t know what the heck is going on but I definitely won’t be using this app again.

G@me night!!, May 06, 2019
Third try was not a charm.

This app is completely bonkers. I just arrived at my hotel after a long drive and needed something to eat desperately. My first attempt to order was accepted and showed it was being prepared. About 5 mins later with a vague “restaurant closed” message my order is cancelled. That’s Awesome, because the restaurant was open, and you said they received the order and began preparing it. Did they run out of a vegetable fried rice? more time wasted and a first round of multiple credit card charges and authorizations. Second order goes through and now hunger has turned to pain has turned to oh no I fell asleep waiting for this joker to say he delivered my order to my door when he snaps a picture of him holding it who knows where, but it most certainly is not at my hotel door, I show no missed calls or messages, and yup, I’ve been fully charged for this foolishness. It’s not even worth the keystrokes or your time at how bad the subsequent order went, or how overly complicated they make billing with multiple required authorizations and transactions for a single order. Not to mention you may think you’re order is delivery charge free or that you ordered extra to avoid “small cart surcharges” but you better double check coz I was shocked to see both of these charges pop on after, when my cart showed both credited and to top it off the order was well over 45 mins beyond the “no later than” time and the delivery persons number was not In service. 🤑

GiuseppeBenz, Dec 26, 2020
They’ve changed things (UPDATE 5/23)

This company is unprofessional. After leaving this review, my account was suspended. There’s zero contact information for a customer service line. They have to come to you. You can’t just call them, which is ridiculous. So upon doing so, they get back in about 20-30 minutes saying my account was flagged for suspicious activity and cannot be reinstated at this time. They didn’t tell me why it was suspended (what suspicious activity was apparently being done) nor why they couldn’t fix it. This is ridiculous.You get less options and selections upon ordering. Take for example, if you order from QDoba, you should have options to add into your order because it’s all custom. You should be able to select what kind of beans, tortilla, meat, rice, etc. you don’t even get half of the options you would get in store and that doesn’t make sense. You don’t actually get to customize anything how you want it, and there’s multiple restaurants with this error. There’s no space to “add additional information” either for a sauce or something you know they have in store, but isn’t being listed as an option here. Also, the app works until you actually place your order. Then it shuts down and kicks you out of it completely to where you can’t follow the order or get in contact with someone, should you need to. This has been happening for weeks. Every time I open it, it crashes. But only after the order is made.

Kanxizmsmosaall, May 23, 2019

First time I got food the driver took an hour the place was only five minutes away from the location I was at my food was cold and I’ve had nothing but problems since… and I just placed another order in the restaurant actually canceled itSo I start to chat with the people and they are rude and then if you don’t answer back right away they just drop the whole conversation which I find very very unprofessional. I’m sorry if I can’t sit and chat about it for 30 minutes OK over a $13 order that was canceled they just needed to fix it but I guess it’s too hard for some of these people that work for Postmates sorry not sorry just keeping it real and this one by far is one of the worst services and just plain rude. I’ve noticed lately and I don’t know if it’s just because lack of drivers but the quality of service has gone down the tubes for a lot of these types of services and I’m not the only one that feels that way UPDATE! They said they refunded it which they never did time and time again they fought with me and got an attitude thank God I deal with Apple and used my Apple card because just now after 10 PM I got my refund the next night? This is the most crooked company and needs to go they told me repeatedly that I got a refund nope I just now got it because Apple investigated it and fixed it. BEWARE THEY TRY TO STEAL MONEY AND NOT GIVE IT BACKTy Apple Card for getting my money that they got an attitude about and said it was refunded when it was not. Awful awful awful app

lala01771, Jan 29, 2022
I NEVER get what I ordered

Twice I have used the app to order food. Both times, my delivery was incorrect. The first time, the drink was visibly incorrect as it was a fountain drink vs a freeze, also a taco, and nachos were missing. Major fail on the entire order, and it should have been simple. It wasn’t that large, because I was charged a small order fee that was not refunded. I was using a promotional free delivery so at least I didn’t pay for that. I received a credit, not my money back and I don’t believe it was for the entire amount of missing items, I was so exhausted with the constant changing in rep replies, I just let it go. Attempt 2, an entire meal was missing from the order, and the quesadilla was burnt so bad, it was inedible. Is this their fault, no, but Taco Bell had I paid them directly would have replaced it. They credited me .59 cents for that, I have no idea where they got that amount. They refunded the missing meal, but I went to bed without dinner, I was exhausted and starving! This time I paid a delivery fee that they refuse to refund. The thing is, I paid for delivery of items you failed to deliver. Therefore the paid service was not rendered. It is poor business practice, and unethical to keep my money. Also, what good does the credit do me, when I’d now rather drive to get my items than deal with this again?

Lovely Lovato, Apr 04, 2019


Delivery from your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and more! 24/7, 365 days a year. Postmates gets you what you want, when you want it. FIND YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Browse nearby restaurants.

Choose from a variety of selections to order: Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. Chinese food. Skip the line and reservations. Order your food from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. Or, schedule your food order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! GROCERY, CONVENIENCE, RETAIL AND MORE From your local favorite grocery store, liquor shops to the big beauty brands. Just Postmates it, and get them delivered in about an hour. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated delivery time to your address. Get notified when your order arrives. EASY PICKUP or NON-CONTACT DELIVERY You can order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart and go to the restaurant to get your food. Or, choose the new no-contact delivery option and go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door. PROMOTIONAL TERMS $10 off your next order terms and conditions: Up to $10 off your next order. Offer valid when you download and log in the new Postmates app only. Tax & fees still apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Limit 1 use per customer. Offer is not sharable or transferable. Offer only valid for 14 days from log in to the new Postmates app. Exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

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