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PostBuilder: Grid Post Planner

  • Social Networking
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Andrew Lee
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User Reviews for PostBuilder: Grid Post Planner

Awesome app for creating IG captions!

I was searching online for apps to help create consistent spacing when I create my IG posts, as I’m currently working to build my following, and GramSpacer was one that was highly recommended. I bought the app and got to work with it.I’ve had it now for a week, and it makes my life so much easier. I’ve added it to my workflow when creating posts and captions and it has helped improve both my speed posting and the appearance quality of my content. I would recommend this app to anybody who’s serious about building their IG reach!

Billy D thebridge, May 21, 2020
Works perfectly

Gone are the days of messy paragraphs and bad formatting. This app gives me clear captioning in a pinch! Instagram’s character limit is 2200 and line breaks count towards that, so be sure to check that your caption meets the limit before posting. The first time I tried uploading a caption formatted by GramSpacer, Instagram told me that there was an error. But all I had to do was shorten my caption by a few words, and then it worked perfectly! User support is also great - when I first encountered the error I sent a message to the developers on Instagram and they replied with helpful advice within a few minutes. Definitely recommend :)

bluetansy, Apr 14, 2020
Space Saver!!!

I have been looking for an app that adds spaces for each paragraph I wrote in my captions and profile. And this app does the trick!! It’s easy to use, not that expensive, and WORKS!! The creator is also very nice and takes your feedback!! Which a lot of them don’t. So if your looking for something to space out your posts look no further than right here!! I can not wait to see more updates to this app!!

CrossroadReviews, Jun 20, 2020
Works like a Charm!!

Gramspacer helped me to revamp my entire instagram page with such ease and simplicity! The new fonts added an artistic look and feel that just wasn’t there before; the easily formatted spacing tools allowed me to clean up the look on my page with precision! 10/10 would recommend. It’s a MUST HAVE for business pages that want to be taken seriously!

Grant J73, Oct 02, 2020
best line break maker

I never thought I would want an app that makes new lines for me but it’s proved to be pretty convenient. Instead of having to type out my caption in my Notes app, go back to the home screen and go through my folders back to Instagram, I only need this one app that’ll handle all that for me. It’s definitely worth the $2 for getting rid of the inconvenience of going through multiple screens to do what I want.

haunt3dbyd3ath, Jun 23, 2020
Great app for making your profile and posts look more eloquent

I really enjoy this app it makes perfect line breaks on captions and on your insta bio. That may seem like a small thing, but it just makes everything look nicer and more put together. If you enjoy having a nice clean look you can’t go wrong with this app. It does exactly what it says with no hassle whatsoever. I’ve used similar apps but they were always janky and a pain to use. I like how simple and efficient this app is. I would definitely recommend it

InsaneTomato, Jun 20, 2020
Functional and Serves Purpose

As a Full Time Bar/Wedding DJ, I can say that GramSpacer is functional and quite helpful for both creating standout captions with all of the Fonts provided within the app and helps me out a ton especially when I have Gigs going on and need to promote but will likely be too busy or forget. I would have appreciated a bit of a free use without subscription or trials, however I can say that this app IS worth the subscription.

jkosel73401, Oct 14, 2020
Aggressive upselling.

You cannot go through crafting a message without a pop up to upgrade. Since I have only used the app twice, and have not even come to find it "essential" to my social media yet, the pop ups are like having a salesperson hovering over your every move. Technically the process seems okay, a bit of a learning curve, but when you have a post almost ready and the subscription trial pop up halts your work, without a way to cancel (only a sign up button), it makes you feel like this is more of a bait and switch situation rather than a build trust through enjoying the app and THEN buying. I'm looking for another option as I only expect the selling to get more intrusive.

RugChick, Feb 12, 2021
Doesn’t work *** Update

Updated Review:It took a while to get a response but after an update I’m happy to report that this app is working. Still a couple glitches but it leaves spaces and posts as you write it. Thank you for the update and making the changes! Previous review:Thank you Gram Spacer for taking my 2.99 and giving me nothing to show for it. Your app did not provide me with spaces in my Instagram story. I copied the information and pasted...it did not copy the story as I wrote it and did not have any spaces. There is not a button that says “Copy Caption” so not sure what that’s all about. I would LOVE!!! a refund. Thank you!

seriously..not happy, Apr 15, 2020
A solid replacement

I used to use Flume which was a more intuitive app for IG. One of the things I really liked was being able to utilize line breaks. But Flume seems to have bitten the dust. Post Builder is no Flume but it is not trying to be. It does what it does well. Until I can find another app someday that is as well rounded as Flume, this app does a great job with the few things it focuses on including line breaks and spaces. I gave it four stars instead of five as the add photo is limited only to the camera roll. I'd like to see the option added to add photo from other locations as well.

skorg264, Mar 05, 2021


PostBuilder helps you save time and makes it easy for you to post on Instagram consistently. Use custom fonts that work on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Schedule unlimited future Instagram stories and posts in your PostBuilder content calendar.

Stand out from the crowd on Instagram with over 60 custom fonts that you can use in your captions and bio. Preview your posts directly inside PostBuilder before you post to your Instagram feed. ________________________________ ◆ How to create perfect line breaks using PostBuilder ◆ 1. Type your caption with the spaces you want in PostBuilder 2. Tap “Copy Caption” 3. Paste this into your bio or captions on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform to automatically apply perfectly spaced out line breaks every single time 4. Preview what your captions and posts will look like before you post to Instagram with PostBuilder’s new Content Preview tool 5. Save unlimited drafts (for future posts, stories, hashtag groups, and more) ________________________________ Full List of PostBuilder Features: ● Preview posts and stories before you submit ● Unlimited scheduling for stories and posts ● Make perfect line breaks for your captions, comments, and bio ● NO MORE NOTES APP: Store an unlimited number of drafts ● Use over 60 custom fonts that work across Instagram, TikTok, iMessage, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more ● NO INSTAGRAM LOGIN REQUIRED ● Desktop version ● Count characters while you type ________________________________ PostBuilder does NOT require you to connect your Instagram account. ________________________________ Operating since 2019 (Previously as GramSpacer) Featured #1 in the App Store for Paid Social Media ________________________________ PostBuilder is not officially associated with Instagram or Facebook. PostBuilder is an official entity under Andrew Lee Ventures LLC. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter: @PostBuilderApp Have any questions or recommendations? Feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected] Privacy Policy: postbuilderapp.com/privacy Terms of Use: postbuilderapp.com/terms-of-use

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