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User Reviews for Pocket Light Meter

Counting photons

Not quite yet. On the good side - measures exposure correctly (like a real light meter) so one can use it for the zone system. Spot metering by taping on the screen helps a lot. Settings are practical. On the other side - just getting rid of the adds (for $1.99) doesn't last if application is reinstalled. Probably one needs to buy the author a beer (for $5.99) to get rid if the adds permanently.. The worst part is once you get rid of the adds, the field where the adds were is like a blind spot - you cannot place the cursor there for spot metering. I think the only serious restriction of this application. Overall, great App - five stars.

Always sunny in my mind, Mar 11, 2015
Sure, it’s worth it :)

I have to apologize to the developer. I purchased this app and I was at first a bit miffed at what I thought I’d gotten for the price. I actually went so far as to ask Apple for a refund, which I pretty quickly regretted. As I used the app I realized that it was my preferred one as far as phone light meters go, and the log feature is very cool. I’ve been testing it against my camera’s meter and feel confident that it will work well with an old rangefinder I’m using that doesn’t have a meter. One less thing to carry around with me when shooting, because my phone would be in my pocket anyway. It works well, is well designed and thought out, and the log feature is great. So I went back and bought it again! Thanks for making it and sorry for my initial snap judgment!

cranky325, Aug 31, 2019
Replaced the need for a spot meter entirely for me.

This app is incredible. I shot three rolls of velvia through my Fuji GW690III. Despite velvia being very unforgiving with exposure latitude, the shots came out great. This was the meter I used. It's spot on. The interface is incredibly intuitive, and you can set the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in full, half, or third stops. The devs of this app got a pint from me!

Cre8namenick, Sep 17, 2016
Simple and accurate

I’ve been using this app for quite a while and my exposures have always seemed accurate. As other reviews mentioned, it would be nice to see an updated interface, but at least there are no annoying ads.

FilmIsAlive, May 28, 2020
Perfect accessory for my photography!

As a professional photographer for over 40 years, I’ve owned just about everything one can have (and spent way too much money). The Pocket Light Meter app has been awesome and a tremendous value , especially for scouting and color temp checks when adding gels to match conditions! And it’s always with me!

FoxworthyStudios, Jul 10, 2021
Replaces my Sekonic Light Meter and Polaroid Back!

Best photography app I have ever encountered! I bought the chap two pints!! Thanks for removing the ads.Upgrade wish list: Histogram and a fully Manual Mode.Would be grand if I could place the focal point over a grey card, set f stop and Exposure as desired and see a histogram, rather than fumble around trying to find the Zone placement I desire by tapping various parts of the scene till the values fall where I want them. This takes a bit of time in scenes with wide variation in light and shadow. Otherwise this app has been a tremendous boon! I have done tests against my Sekonic meter with consistent results. And logging the scene with metadata affords me similar luxury of making Polaroid proofs while simultaneously recording metadata. Kudos!

Jam Onit, Apr 06, 2019
Great App, feels a little outdated

App is accurate. Ive used this for both a Mamiya 645 and RZ67. Works fantastic every time. My film comes out well exposed. I don’t even carry a light meter because I trust this app so much. My only complaint is that the app’s layout and overall look feels a little outdated. It looks like an app that you’d get back in the early smartphone days. It’s not that big of a deal though because it works great regardless, but an appearance update wouldn’t hurt it.

Katie.kat16, Jun 29, 2021

I started using this app a few years ago as a “Hail Mary” during a shooting session on film when I had forgotten a light meter. This performed so well once the film was developed that I sold my light meter. When I started shooting video a year later, I continued using this to keep me grounded while shooting LOG.Accuracy is dead on, even compared to the high end meters on the market. Truly an amazing and clever use of our little pocket supercomputers.

PatrickSnitchler, Nov 20, 2020
White balance feature is the best!

Most of us do not need a handheld light meter, because today’s cameras have great built-in meters. However, the auto white balance can leave a lot to desire. Use the white balance feature of this app to get great color rendition under any natural lighting condition. Get the WB, enter it into your camera and you are set.

sgk3333, Dec 06, 2020
Allows me to shoot cameras with no light meter

I’ve used this app to shoot medium and large format cameras that have no light meter of their own, and I get accurate results. Even if your film camera has a light meter, you should use this app just for the convenient logging feature; shoot a digital photo of the film photos take, and write down any pertinent notes that’ll be helpful later (exposure, location, etc).

Ttorre, Sep 14, 2018


A light meter that is always in your pocket. It is indispensable for film photography with all manual camera. Measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity calculations.

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