Icon Pocket Havamal - Daily Asatru Meditations of Wisdom from Odin - Thorpe Translation

Pocket Havamal - Daily Asatru Meditations of Wisdom from Odin - Thorpe Translation

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Pocket Havamal - Daily Asatru Meditations of Wisdom from Odin - Thorpe Translation

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User Reviews for Pocket Havamal - Daily Asatru Meditations of Wisdom from Odin - Thorpe Translation

Fun app.

Nice daily inspiration. Works well only bug I see in this version is the notification time will not save if one exists the app. As this app revolves I hope they continue to enhance and add new verses and features.

ajmgent, Jan 13, 2017
Proverbs from the Germanic mind

Which came first, Odin or Jesus on the sacrificial tree, a sacrifice of self to self? It does not matter. What matters is the pragmatism of these proverbs from the Germanic collective mind.

akfosho, Mar 29, 2021
Good not great. Needs more accurate translation

I really do like this app and has given me a new found appreciation of pagans. So much beauty and wisdom in this writing. My only gripe is with the translation. It’s 10 times worse than the King James Bible in old English and when I have to do some research and go to an academic source sometimes the stanza is even wrong along with a wack translation. But overall very refreshing.

gritti, Dec 19, 2019
And I paid for it.

I appreciate finding anything of Heathenistic nature. I had a bit of money one day and bought the app thinking it’d be stimulating. After a week, I’m just over it. The stanzas are cool but for money I’d like to see some random facts or history. Really anything more than the daily quotes. It was a waste of money to me. Great idea. Poor execution. I’m deleting. Bye bye money...

Jasonev6, Sep 21, 2019
Very happy...

To have the Alfather’s words of advice wherever I go. Very glad to use this app daily. The beauty of the background options is icing on the cake.

MacLov'n, Aug 06, 2020
Just one quote a day

I thought it would have the havamal for me to read in digital format. Like if you have the Bible app it’s the whole bible, not just random quotes. This is really disappointing. It gives you one little quote and says “come back tomorrow for more” which seems like a waste of $2

pauleysg, Jan 05, 2021

I wish the app rotated other than that perfect ⚔️

Psycho7590, Oct 20, 2019
Pretty good on the go

Although it’s nice to have on the go you can just get the pocket edition of the Havamal, not terribly accurate but good little read

pworieow, Oct 24, 2022
Good and useful app!

I like seeing the notification of daily wisdom from Odin on my iPad and the break I take to read and think about the Stanza. My only feedback would be to use a more modern English translation of the Havamal.

The Major59, Nov 10, 2016
Love it.

Great app. I love the daily quote. Maybe adding the original Old Norse would be cool as well!

Toroza, Nov 27, 2019


Update August 2016 ------------------------ We have made a number of enhancements to improve your experience: Music Player Bug fixes Additional Backgrounds and Sounds Available Additional Editing/Customization Tools Improved design Help Screens Copy to clipboard ***** Please Rate This App ***** If you enjoy this app would you mind taking a brief moment to rate this app on the App Store? Your support helps us bring you new features & updates. If you find any bugs or have a request please contact support so we can fix them in the next update.

App Description -------------------- This app contains the 'Benjamin Thorpe translation' of the Havamal. Pocket Havamal is the best Asatru and Odinist app for daily meditations from Odin. Havamal translates to “The Sayings of the High One” and this poem is believed to be “The Words of Odin.” It offers strong ethics and common sense wisdom for any Asafolk who seeks to strengthen their connection with the Gods and rise up above modern entrapments. Other translations and excellent features will be added to this app as it becomes popular and gains positive reviews. A new quote from the Havamal will come to you daily and offer you words of inspiration to consider as you go about your day. Whether you are at work, riding the bus, or out in nature, you will never be far from the wisdom of Odin to help you center yourself and find a peaceful state of mind. This App has an elegant and sleek design that gives you the best of Odin’s thoughts in an easy to use fully customizable format. Packed with all sorts of extra content like: Tons of beautiful images to choose from or use your own, a quick editor to change the look of the app and an editing suite that lets you fully customize the look of your quotes. Want to share with your friends and family? This is the most sharable Asatru App, featuring share capabilities via, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and more! Pocket Havamal App Features: • New Havamal quote daily to help you focus your meditations. (Choose when your new quote will arrive) • Beautiful images to center yourself. (So many to choose from!) • Several relaxing sounds to choose from as your new quote arrives help you be in the present. (Sounds are optional) • Save your favorite quotes. • Share your favorite quotes and images via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more! • Add your own images to create a personalized Odinic experience. • Simple sleek design and easy to use. • Elegant app interface makes it easy to focus on what's important. • Tons of ways to customize your experience including: changing the image; adding your own images; changing the font, font color and font size; choosing different sounds; repositioning the quote box to your liking before sharing; and changing text drop shadow and background transparency. If you should find any issue with this app please contact customer support to allow us to resolve the issue and improve your experience: [email protected] By rating this app 5 stars and telling your friends about it, you will support future improvements, including the addition of more pictures, sounds and other features. By downloading this App you are supporting an Asatru family business. Check out our selection of printed Asatru & Germanic Heathenry products at: huginnandmuninn.net Thank you for your support. Hail the Gods! Hail the Folk!

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