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User Reviews for CodeSandbox

5 Stars

Really, really solid app. I sincerely appreciate the dev’s dedication to making this better on a consistent basis as well. I’m a Vue user, so the recent addition of Vue syntax highlighting is a huge plus for me. Keep in mind, that if you do plan on using Vue, you’ll still need to come up with the boilerplate yourself and then add it in. The beauty is that this app does support node packages, so you can run just about everything in here so long as it’s based on that.Update: Dev replied and added a boilerplate for Vue, so getting started is easier than ever. Thank you, nakiostudio!

Amish Aydem, Jan 20, 2020
Great IDE, missing some features

This is a very capable and flexible IDE for students or even professionals wanting to turn an iPad into a real development device.However, with that in mind, there are some shortcomings, annoyances, as well as vital features that serious developers will find missing. Just to list a few that I find significant:- Old Node version. Node v12 LTS will reach end-of-life next year (end of April 2022) and many newer frameworks, such as SvelteKit, don’t support this older Node version. Roadmaps for upgrading to newer node versions need to made transparent, rather than saying “we’ll update our Node implementation not more than once or twice a year”.- No git rebase, cherry-pick, reset, or restore functionality.- Lack of a true terminal, so you’re forced to use the GUI (the interface is good and well-designed, but operations are often faster to do via terminal commands!).- Not all web frameworks are supported (my Gatsby projects, for instance, don’t build well).- Scripts don’t stop by themselves when they should.- Dependency management buried in the Settings menu (it’d be more useful as its own tab, maybe switch places with Documentation?).All in all though, a solid IDE. There’s a lot of potential here!

ardoitdev, Jul 14, 2021
Good idea, needs development

Really happy the developer came up with this idea. Super handy and the only one of its kind.Editor needs some work, like Find/Replace, auto-completion, add instructions for how npm works (or put an explicit button).Also, this app should take a cue from Termius and use location services to keep itself running in the background...less accidental shutdowns.

arieljake, Dec 10, 2019
The most amazing JS/React sandbox app I’ve ever used.

Ive used many mobile IDEs ever since iPad Pro first came out and this is the very first Javascript focused IDE that’s as good as Pythonista is for Python. It looks like no other app out there, with a window manager and desktop-like environment. If you have an idea and just want to start coding, opening this app and starting a RN project is faster than running create-react-native-app on Desktop.

C31d5, Feb 23, 2019
works with my external monitor

UPDATE: The developer was very responsive and fixed my concerns. Thanks the app is great!I really wanted this to be great but the second I connected it to my external monitor all I saw was a gray screen and I was not able to use the app. If the Developer can help me fix this I would give it a better review.

djmason9, Dec 15, 2020
Impressive — just what I needed!

Wow! Thank you 🙏🏽. This app is exactly what I needed to allow me to conveniently experiment with react native without having to fire up my Mac. The editor and DEV environment are extremely functional and user friendly. The documentation is a pleasant bonus. The two together present a very impressive learning and productivity tool. Wow!!!

heretiq, Feb 22, 2019
Needs work

Great software but autocomplete sometimes lags. Still needs a way to install packages when needed. Portrait mode only, ohh come on most devs use landscape mode too it will be nice feature to add on there. Also when going to documentation will be great to save where i was at on the page save where my scroll was left off at and not scroll back and see the whole documentation again. My list could keep going email if you want more feedback thanks for the great work.

jonathanwork007, Mar 22, 2020
The Best IDE for React JS

The setup for this is amazing! Absolutely love the new design! The old design felt tacky, like it wasn’t made for iPad OS. As a full time programmer, I am blown away with what they have been able to accomplish for this application! It has came a long way in a year, can’t wait to see where it will be a year from now! Please developers keep up the great work! I think you all have set the standard for how straightforward an IDE can be on the iPad! I have a few ideas that I would love to share with you for new features and improvements!

Masterchief, May 06, 2020
Awesome app, but a suggestion

I really love the design, layout, and functionality of the app. I feel like it has the opportunity to replace a portion of my workflow, but there is a large area where I feel could be improved.The React Native support is great to have, and I understand the great limitations of iPadOS compiling and so forth with RN. But it may be possible to support the Expo workflow since they already have an app and there isn’t any native components needed to support. If you could add that support, then this would be the app I think a lot of developers have been waiting for. React Native development on the go!

odonckers, Oct 31, 2020
Really really good

I didn't expect much and was absolutely blown away. Really great program but I'm a beginner and I had a hard time noticing I had an error in the browser because errors aren't printed in the browser's console. I hope you guys add this in there; it would make my first steps much much easier!

uatemymilk, Nov 28, 2020


CodeSandbox for iOS is a full-featured IDE that provides all the tools you need to develop, test and collaborate on your projects or small prototypes, right from your iPhone or iPad! With no setup required, you can get started in seconds by importing a GitHub repository or choosing from one of the millions of templates created by CodeSandbox users, the largest community of web developers in the world. The IDE provides: - A coding environment with IntelliSense (code completion, diagnostics, etc.). - Syntax highlighting for HTML, JavaScript, Rust, Python, Ruby, PHP, JSX, TSX, Vue.js, TypeScript, Flow, Markdown, Astro, Svelte, CSS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, JSON, XML. - Terminals with access to full-fledged Linux environments. - Compatibility with Docker containers so you can spin up different development environments with minimal configuration required. - Git support and GitHub integration to easily work with your repositories in GitHub. - A in-app web browser to preview your web apps with various developer tools: console, node browser, source code viewer, and 3D layers inspector. - Real-time collaboration with your team and friends in the same file and terminals. - A command palette, shortcuts and predefined tasks to supercharge your workflow. - Project templates for all sorts of technologies and packages (i.e., React, Next.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Remix, Angular, Astro, Gatsby, Svelte, Python, Rust, Deno, Docker, Bun, etc.).

It doesn't matter whether you're a pro working on a large-scale project, a student getting to know web development or a hacker that quickly wants to prototype an idea, CodeSandbox for iOS has your back. Because there's no setup required, you can continue working on your project on the go and switch between your laptop and mobile device without skipping a beat. The GitHub integration will save you hours every week writing and reviewing code. Open any branch, make changes and create a pull request with a tap. If you are a student or learning a new technology, CodeSandbox for iOS provides project templates for all web technologies you can imagine. All this in seconds and without having to worry about storage space or the specs of your iPhone or iPad. Powered by the cloud, CodeSandbox for iOS is your development hub for iOS and the perfect companion for CodeSandbox on the desktop. Try it and experience the future of web development: coding anywhere, anytime.

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