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User Reviews for Pixelmator

Good app, a few suggestions

The latest update definitely did improve Pixelmator’s design and gave it more editing features for a variety of art styles.However, I suggest a few things to be added/fixed:- Color fill bucket to quickly color in a drawing without having to color it in by paintbrush, which takes longer- An eyedrop tool when choosing colors under the gradient option to make the desired color a gradient- An option to delete color swatches if a color swatch is created by accident- Occasionally, the app would crash while I’m working on a piece of artwork, and sometimes the artwork that I’ve worked hard on would disappear after crashing with no way to get it back, which I was disappointed about. I had first noticed this issue after the big update, so I’m not sure if it had been caused by the update. Saving it does help when I click on “Images” in the top left corner of the screen and going back into my project but I would rather not have to do that and a piece of artwork I was working on somehow disappeared when it had crashed again even though it had been saved more than once. I hope this issue would be fixed to prevent other users from losing their projects, especially ones they spent a long time on.

--artlover33--, Aug 06, 2022
Missing most essentials

I kept seeing this app pop up in the editor’s choice section. Their endorsement made me very curious and I debated whether to purchase it for a while. $5 was worth scratching that itch of curiosity.To those that came to a similar point of curiosity, this is for you. There are no gesture shortcuts. You find yourself trying to use a two-finger tap to undo. When you use undo, there’s no redo option. If you accidentally click the undo icon past the brush stroke you wanted to stop at, you can’t regain that progress without redoing it manually. The biggest offender is the lack of an option to disable finger touches. You will constantly make unintentional brush strokes. Combine this issue with an absence of any redo and you end up with frustration. I’m disappointed in this app, but I don’t regret spending the money to know that I won’t be interested in using this. The Adobe Fresco sub is $10 per month, and they haven’t even provided any big updates in a while.

A B Cole, Jul 17, 2020

If you’re looking for the basics of Adobe Photoshop, this app is perfect! I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for PS since purchasing the iPad Pro (10.5) this past month. And unfortunately, besides LightRoom, the Adobe iPad apps still fall pretty short. Most people referred me to Affinity Photo on iPad (which looks amazing). But for the price of Pixelmator, I just had to try it out...And WOW 🙈.Awesome job you guys! I’ve been using it with the Apple Pencil for a few days, and for the first time, I actually don’t miss my laptop while doing light photo editing and sketching. Can’t wait to see future updates. Definitely some serious potential here!

a1ex88, Dec 04, 2017
Feels Abandoned

This used to be an amazing app, and Pixelmator puts out some amazing products in Photomator and Pixelmator Pro on the Mac. However, this app feels forgotten about. It doesn’t have any of the new ML tools in Pro and Photomator, it doesn’t have a UI that feels cohesive with those apps, and it just feels dated. I mean, the tool navigation alone is enough to put anyone off this app.Also it has weird quirks like how there is only a color dropper on the paint and erase tool, but not on any other tool with a color picker. It just doesn’t make sense when Pro and Photomator have such wonderful, thoughtful UIs, and this app is still stuck in 2010.

AMcKWolf, Sep 28, 2023
Had it forever

As the title states, I have had this photo editing app forever. It been awesome, and extremely powerful photo editing app. Recent updates have made past projects very difficult to access or manage however. The new file navigation and manager is just terrible in my opinion. Maybe I do t quite understand it, but given the option it should be reverted to an old method. I am not able to drag and drop (move) a file into a new folder unless I copy and then paste it in that folder. For some reason I can’t rename folders after I did once, specific files are hidden away and hardly as accessible as they were before the new dashboard look. 2 years ago Pixelmator receives 4.5 stars (they really need a perspective tool like in the native iPhone photos application), but today Pixelmator receives 3.5. Not as enjoyable as it was. And the crashing is terrible.

APPLES-4-IPODS, Nov 02, 2023
New bugs are making usage a lot harder

This is the best photo editing app I've been able to find, and I've used it for years. But recently, there's some problems, mostly involving layers.The most annoying to me is that, when I copy and paste something, it often ends up far away from where it was copied from, to the point where it's usually out of the editing area entirely. This can be a real pain if the pasted item is very small.There's also cases where layers don't respond when selected, previews on the sidebar don't update... these are all fairly recent, they only started happening in the past few months.

BaffleBlend, Nov 14, 2022
Latest version very buggy

Most recent update is very buggy. I don’t remember what they say they “fixed” but I can tell you what they broke. You have a 50% chance of the app saving your changes. It may just spin and spin and never resolve back to the file screen. Then after restarting it, your changes are gone! I’ve have to force quit it multiple times a day. I have a very capable M1 iPad Pro fully updated. This should not be happening. Often just opening the app results in a blank grey screen (even if it was already running in background) it’s back to being unusable and a constant risk of losing hours of your work. Export things out before saving or you may lose an entire day. I did.

Bhermes123, Apr 26, 2023
Back up all of your images before upgrading

All of my previous Pixelmator projects have lost their thumbnails, so I have to open them in order to see what they are, which changes their time stamps, even if I make no changes. And even then, the thumbnails are not created.Also, regardless of where you opened your project from, when you close that project, it reverts to a (useless) project list, and you have to navigate back to wherever you were when you opened the previous project. And you can't move documents to different folders. Why bother with folders if you can only really find them by going unit "Recents"?I can't imagine any reason for this upgrade, though I suppose people who use Bluetooth keyboards are appreciative of having more keyboard shortcuts.

brennaman, Nov 30, 2020
Perfect for Pixel Art - Except One Issue

I love Pixelmator - very smooth, simple, and easy to use, with lots of diverse tools. I use it mainly for pixel art, because simply enough, there aren’t and good tools to make pixel art or animations out there. This one has huge potential.One issue, however - when making pixel art, somewhere in the process of closing the file and reopening it, or somewhere in there, it becomes ever so slightly distorted in color. Pixels near the edge of other colored pixels will blend in color - and thus it’s impossible to maintain image quality. I’ve also noticed this in my non-pixellated work - a tiny loss in quality as I work over a period of days. I’ve tried everything to experiment and see if it was me causing the problem - but can’t seem to solve it (using iPhone 6 plus). Unfortunately, I can’t rely on the app to export when using it for game art or anything like that. However, if this issue were to be solved, it would easily be five stars, and the best art application out there.

cord_RED, Oct 26, 2017
Great app for photo editing it’s worth the money.

My overall impression of this app is really good being someone that’s experienced and using Photoshop and therefore being kind of spoiled, I really like this app. I do have a couple of small grapes with this app.One feature that all editing software should have as you should be able to crop you’re photos to a specific set size. Let’s say I’m working on a photo that’s already preset For Blu-ray dimensions I should be able to go up in the top left-hand corner and pull the cropping tool all the way down so that it extends from one side of the photo to the other, You should be able to slide the crop box area up and down your photo to select where you want to crop and then crop that photo to your specified dimensions.The second Feature that is missing In this app is save as a tiff file, if you’re an experienced photographer you should know already that if you’re going to edit your file you need to convert it as a tiff file first, the reason for this is most other photo files are compressed like a JPEG file for instance, when you’re editing a compressed photo file and then save that file over again your recompressing the file again causing a artifacts in your photos which completely defeats the purpose of editing your photo In the first place.

Da Storyteller, May 07, 2019


Pixelmator is a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that lets you add shapes, images, and text to create beautiful image compositions, touch up and enhance images, sketch, and paint on iPad and iPhone alike. Designed exclusively for iOS and iPadOS, Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS and iPadOS 17 features and technologies, giving you innovative, fast, and powerful tools. Create Eye-Catching Designs - Combine words, shapes, and images to create breathtaking artwork right on your iPhone and iPad - Apply non-destructive layer styles like shadows, outlines, gradient fills, and more - Insert, group, and blend layers of an image - Easily add, combine, and customize shapes - Blend layers, shapes, and text using any of the blending modes - Use precise selection tools to edit areas of an image - Automatically select subjects in images with the machine learning-powered Select Subject - Crop, arrange, and rotate objects and layers with pixel-perfect precision - Easily remove the background of images or cut and paste objects from one image to another Add Shapes and Text - Create flyers, logos, and other compositions using vector shapes and their styling options - Customize Smart Shapes with easy-to-use controls - Add text and make it look gorgeous with 24 pre-designed text styles - Change the font, size, alignment, line spacing, use custom fonts, and more Paint and Sketch - Paint stunning images right on your iPhone and iPad - Choose from over artist-designed brushes and numerous painting techniques - Paint with near-natural wetness effect of watercolor and crayon brushes - Create stunning pixel art images with the custom-designed Pixel brush - Paint with incredible detail thanks to the double texture brush technology - Vary the speed of your stroke to change the thickness of some of the brushes - Easily select and fine-tune colors with a full-featured color picker - Instantly choose colors right from your image with the Eyedropper - Paint more naturally than ever with the Apple Pencil, featuring palm rejection, pressure, tilt, and acceleration sensitivity Edit and Enhance Photos - Get started with dozens of beautifully designed templates - Instantly improve your photos with single-tap color presets - Take full control over the tonal range of your image with levels and curves - Easily remove color casts and set the right white balance - Wipe away image imperfections, skin blemishes, and unwanted objects with the Repair tool - Duplicate areas of your image with the easy-to-use Clone tool - Pinch, bump, twirl, or warp areas of an image with powerful, Metal-based Distort tools - Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken areas of an image - Choose from dozens of breathtaking effects to subtly improve or completely change the look of an image - Open and edit images of up to 256 megapixels Export and Share Images - Optimize images for the web using quality, color depth, and size settings - Export images to Files, iCloud, or open in other apps using a file format of your choice - Using the integrated share extension, easily share your artwork with friends and family using Mail, AirDrop, or post it to social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Compatibility - Open and save images using HEIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats - Work with multilayered Pixelmator Pro and Adobe Photoshop documents - Save your edited images directly to Photos - Create, edit, and keep all your images up to date on all your devices thanks to iCloud support - External keyboard support with over 70 keyboard shortcuts Built for iPhone and iPad - Pixelmator is meticulously thought through and created from the ground up for iPhone and iPad devices - Designed to take full advantage of powerful iOS and iPadOS features and technologies — iCloud Drive, Photos extension, Split View, and more - Thanks to Apple silicon, Metal, Core Image, and Core Animation, Pixelmator delivers state-of-the-art performance and real-time responsiveness

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