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Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, Inc.
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User Reviews for PINK Nation

Frustrated 4 star rating...

....I LOVE VS/PINK clothing etc BUT sometimes trying to check out is soo frustrating!! That was the case for me Wednesday eve. Since I’m a forever angel, I got to shop Black Friday early. I was in the middle of checking out and for some reason, the “free pink tote with $75 purchase” kept coming out of my cart. As I was fighting with putting it back in, the pink/mauve teddy half-zip pullover was removed from my cart. Getting that color pullover was the main reason I started shopping! Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated/angry and thought of cancelling my whole order. I begrudgingly picked another color and whatever “glitch” that prevented me from getting the free tote cleared and I was able to finish my order, get the tote but I lost out on what I was truly seeking to buy that evening. I don’t think it’s right that items can be taken out of your cart while you’re actively checking out. There should be some sort of grace period of 15 minutes for you to check out and have your items preserved without fear that someone is going to come along and steal them from you. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and IFI continue to shop with VS, I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

bootiern, Nov 29, 2019
“Snowed In” doesn’t work

The app is very slow, I would probably buy everything on a web browser if buying online. I only downloaded the app because of their “snowed in” promotion, where they are giving away free gift cards. For the promotion you blow on the screen to see if you’ve won, but it hasn’t actually worked. I see on the App Store this feature has only been on the app for 5 days, so there is probably a glitch or something that needs to be worked out. Either way, for the promotion to work your microphone needs to be turned on for the app. I went into settings, did some research via Apple, and the only way to turn on the microphone is if the app requests to use the microphone. The problem is that there was no option ever offered to use the microphone, no way to request to use the microphone, and no way to manually turn on the microphone for the app. The app just says “enable your mic to play,” despite the obvious problem that they didn’t force the app to ask permission to use the mic when adding the feature to the app. TLDR: promotion doesn’t work, app is slow as heck, don’t waste your phone storage on this app.

Dak_Snow, Nov 10, 2017
Soooo SLOW!!!

I LOOOOVE VS and PINK but their apps are ridiculously SLOW!! It becomes very frustrating to use the app, trying to scroll and the screen doesn’t move, takes so long to load when u click on something to view, AND a lot of times when I do click on something to view and then click the back button to what should be the point where I left off of to view the item but instead takes me back to the top. Then I have to scroll back to where I was. It makes me not want to view an item n see what other color choices there are bc of it. These thing don’t happen all the time but they do happen more than the times they don’t happen!! There are times where I just want to see what’s new or just scroll through but I end up just closing out of the app bc of how long it takes and the other issues. PLEASE make your app for convenient. For the amount of money we are all willing to pay for clothes that aren’t always the best of quality but yet we still love them and pay the high prices, then some of that money should serve to make an app that is way better than it is. Using this app is what u would expect using some 5 & 10 store app.

DG1027, Nov 09, 2017

I used to open this app multiple times a day to play the game, get some cute wallpapers, and buy some lotions and clothes when they had a sale. But now that the game (that I was completely obsessed with) is gone, I’m pretty much done shopping at VS. Like everything is really expensive anyway, why not give customers a chance to have fun and win a lil something if you’re expecting them to buy $60 sweatpants? Ridiculous. Also, the “chill” tab is literally just frustrating, glitchy videos and cliche quotes. I’m all about self care and confidence building but honestly, telling me to “be myself” through really basic statements that you can read on crappy dollar store greeting cards isn’t really my idea of “chilling”.Also, I’m not sure why all of the college hype is necessary. I’m a college student and even I think it’s way too much. Like apparently all VS shoppers live in sororities? Fact: that is not true at all. Some women who are older than college age probably feel pretty uncomfortable right now and honestly, I don’t blame them.

Free_hugs, Dec 20, 2019
Great app, but could do better 💖

I wished the Pink app is able to have their wish list & mini game back. The wish list made everything simple so that we’re able to see the items we wanted but couldn’t get whenever they were out of stock. The mini game was nice, relaxing, & a fun way to get a discount which I really enjoyed! I do wish you have something like a “save for later” option in the cart, because sometimes I can’t use certain discounts/coupons when I’m about to make a purchase & it’s a hassle for me to look up what I wanted to buy & then adding them back in the cart. Also please make an update of having the item # right under or next to the price of the item. I take screenshots of items I plan to purchase in case they were to be out of stock online. I didn’t realize that I needed the item number to order them when I called the associates to place my order 😅. Everything else is great! 💕💕

Jibanyan41, Sep 01, 2020
LOVE THE APP! but...

So far I've been loving the Pink Nation app! It's makes shopping to one of my favorite stores so easy and care free. Sometimes shopping online can be very stressful, but this app everything but that! I love the scratch-off offers it allows members to use when shopping, and the games you can play to try to win store credit. I also love how they offer cute wallpapers and stickers! (You can win more by earning badges in the app! I actually have my wallpaper set to one right now) The only request I have is that you keep your online items in stock!! I could not stress enough that when going for my size, the color or style I really love, isn't in stock. I request that maybe you try to offer more color in more sizes. But other than that, this is a amazing app and I 10/10 recommend!!!

Kenlee Ryan, Jul 16, 2019
Needs work, but a good app

The app can be EXTREMELY slow and I hate how every time you click on today's offers, you need to sign in again. And most of the time, when you DO type your email and password in and click on the “sign in” button, it loads for a little bit and then goes back to the page to have you sign in again. And it can keep doing it over and over again until the point where I just want to delete the app. If someone would be able to fix this, that would be great. I also wish that this app would add the feature where you could type in the location of your store and set it as your store because it really would be convenient if you could click on an item on the app and see if your local PINK store/ Victoria’s Secret has it in stock. It would just make it easier so that way you know if you should drive down to the mall or just order it online. I would really like this feature because other apps such as the Hollister app has it.

penny493, May 29, 2018
Slow, Glitches, Can’t Checkout

I love PINK, but this app is just not worth it. For starters, it’s very slow. I wasn’t going to complain about this because I was blaming my WiFi at first, but now that I see other people complaining I know it’s not just me. Second of all, there is an unacceptable amount of glitches that make this app very inconvenient. Items often get stuck in your cart and you can’t remove them. You pretty much have to start all over or wait for the app to function properly. Now, this last thing might just be me, but it’s the most annoying of all. I cant checkout! First you click the checkout button, then do the secure sign in and put in your shipping info. Then you click the button that brings you to delivery. Every time I do this I get sent back to my cart. I’ve tried multiple times and can’t check out. This app is just not worth it. I went through all the trouble of finally getting the right things in my cart but can’t even buy anything. I don’t recommend this at all. Shop online or in stores.

Pizza pie all names are taken, May 20, 2018
Extremely slow & glitches

My fav store is VS/Pink! Love this place! But they def need to upgrade their app AND website! Making payments on my credit card is hard. My last payment I had to call in to customer service. It’s to the point where I just wanna pay off my balance & not use it due to difficulty making payments. There just aren’t many options are far as the check out process & payments. There are many glitches within the app. It’s very very slow! It will constantly reroute to log in page, etc. There are so many issues within the app that I can’t list them all. Plz plz update this app & also work on your website! Shopping should be easier & more fun. Black Friday was a total nightmare! I almost had a melt down trying to order items. The app just couldn’t keep up. Freezes a lot too.. Shopping, the check out process & making payments takes hours of my much needed time. I feel like this company makes enough money to upgrade their technology services for their customers.

RachaelM39, Jan 28, 2019
Frustrating for sure

The same thing happened to me I was Christmas shopping and I was putting everything in my cart and when I go to check out, they say there was no more bags left, and then I had three night shirts that were taken out of my basket as well. So the next day I called them and told them what happened and they told me they couldn’t help me. But right after the weekend they had more bags in but they were different. I didn’t care but I was buying these as gifts and I put them in the bags. So the next time I ordered, What I needed put the bag and checked out and then went back and finish shopping. But yes they need to give you a grace period of 1520 minutes that’s just ridiculous if you’re shopping in the store and you have it in your basket they’re not gonna come and take it out of your basket in the store. There must be a way for them to see that you’re still shopping but they’re taking it out of your basket that’s crazy.

WristBracelet, Jan 26, 2021


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