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Pineapple - Website Builder

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Dhamova Inc
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User Reviews for Pineapple - Website Builder

I love this app!

I have tried several apps like this, but this one is the best. It’s so easy to learn how to make your app it takes less than one day to learn how to use all of the cool gadgets. It’s fun and straight forward. But this is just a idea, what if you made it’s so that you can post your game into the app so that way other creators can see or use you app.

✨😖✨😖✨, May 07, 2022
Buggy mess

Despite having potential to being highly useful, its had potential for long enough and its still a buggy mess. Resizing elements can be difficult, if not impossible in some instincts. Especially when nested. It's relatively lackluster and feels empty, yet certain elements simply dont work. Moving elements is clunky and weird. Editing elements can be buggy, such as being unable to edit sub-elements, sub elements deleting themselves randomly, and navigations that seem to break. As someone who payed for this software, I recommend skipping this software until the developers fix these basic issues. Seems like they've had these issues for a long time.

😸AAcat😸, Feb 23, 2022
Great app but needs very few improvements

This app is great for people new to designing apps! However, there are some key features on here that Xcode has that would make this app the BEST APP EVER! For starters, full screen mode. My login screen requires full screen because of the buttons on the edge of the screenThis app is amazing and with a few minor improvements it’ll be my FAVORITE APP! Props to the developers for this amazing app and I hope in the future they add some more key features!!!

appdev!1, Aug 17, 2020
I love this app, 1 problem that makes it bad

I love this app, it’s awesome. But why only 3 screens? I think the pricing for premium is perfectly fine, $60/yr or $30 your first year is a good deal, but I’m not getting premium for a little while, so I’d prefer 100% instead of 3 screens without premium, it was 10. Please, this would be amazing! This app is good but that 3 screens without premium ruins it for me. Or make like codes that are hidden in the app or on some sort of social media that give you a week of free premium, and whatever app you made with that premium, stays the same, instead of deleting it or something. Or some games have “Follow us on (app) for a reward!” It makes it easier for people who cannot buy premium, but premium useful still, so you’ll still make some money. I would love this 100%, thanks for reading.

Caroline Hahn, Aug 17, 2022
More like a document creator than an “app” creator

The title of this app is misleading. It says you can make “apps” and that’s what tricked me, I thought you can make actual apps instead of documents, but that was just me. Instead of making “apps” you make documents, where you can add photos and videos (the video function doesn’t work very well, it just says “compressing” and then kicks you out of the app), and you can add text, so I think it’s probably more of a presentation/document creator, not an app creator, but that’s fine. It has great potential, just you can’t do much with it, but if you have ideas for an presentation thing this is a great app to use, despite the whole “app” thing, the only downside really is that you have to pay for a LOT of stuff, the devs are kinda greedy, but the navigation is quite simple. So, it’s more of a presentation/document maker than an “app” creator. I don’t want you to be disappointed when it turns out to be this way, so please don’t download if you think you will make an app and post it on the Google store and App Store like I did, thank you for reading this really stupid and pointless review, but yeah.

Choco Cat 😺, Dec 11, 2022
Has Tons of Potential

This app has wonderful potential, but at the moment it’s extremely limited. You can only add up to three screens with the free version, but I understand people need to make money, and honestly the app would be useless to the developer if they didn’t get paid for it! In conclusion; I’m saying the free version is limited, but this app has lots of potential. Thank you developers for making this app, its a great app, and I understand everything shouldn’t be & isn’t free.

Funtime Hoax, Mar 22, 2022
I see potential!

I really love this app, I’m creating the basics of an app now and loving it so far. Very limited at the moment of things to work with but the possibilities are almost endless. I CANT WAIt till the next update!!! Absolutely adore the set up of this app. !!~~> I think they should add a fill in text box that saves login info or has the action that uses a certain word as a trigger and the causes another screen to show. UPDATE->>>Also!! Need to add swipe triggers and a way to download the game to the phone <~~!!

gayunicornjastopher, Sep 12, 2020
Not that good at this app so far..... (I’m not good at it) also PLZ READ

As a fnaf lover, I like all kinds of stuff....cats.....games.....etc. so....I’m not that good at this, you see, I don’t do stuff that needs a lot of work usually, so it would be nice if you could mabye....make an easy mode for some people that have just got the game, like me? If so that would be GREAT! Thank you. Also, if you can’t play other people’s apps or games, please make that a feature too, i don’t know if it’s already in-game or something like that so I’ll try to see. By, fnaf lover

I am the fnaf fan, Feb 21, 2021
Great app and great start!

Great concept! It’s the xCode of iPad but so much easier. It may lack several advanced features, but by being creative you can work around many of these limitations. This is the app developers have always and needed, and it’s the way to go for more developers to start using devices such as iPad for coding and I can’t wait to start exploring more with it!

iSwift20, Apr 02, 2021
This has potential

I really wanted to like this app, but for the app I’m trying to create it falls really short. For one it says there are templates that can be shared, I assumed there would be templates to browse, but there wasn’t any I could find. You cannot make shapes, though they have said they are working on it. I specifically want to be able to add things like calendars and schedulers, so either templates or the ability to build them from scratch would make me happy. I am keeping this on my device since I know there will be future updates, but right now it only seems capable of very simple text apps.

Littleakmonster, Aug 21, 2020


Introducing Pineapple, the ultimate NoCode website and app builder! With Pineapple, you can create stunning websites and apps with ease, using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No coding skills required!

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a small business owner, Pineapple has everything you need to get started. Our app features a range of templates, customizable blocks, and design tools, giving you complete creative control over your website or app. With Pineapple, publishing your website to the world is quick and hassle-free. Our platform offers a range of hosting and domain options, so you can get your website up and running in minutes. Pineapple is optimized for search engines, ensuring that your website or app will be easily discoverable by your target audience. Plus, Pineapple lets you activate Website Analytics with the press of a button! Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account, or at the end of your trial period if eligible. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24-hours before the end to the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/22685181 Terms & Conditions: https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/22685181

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