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Pi Digits Memory Game - No Ads

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Pi Digits Memory Game - No Ads

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Peter Li
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User Reviews for Pi Digits Memory Game - No Ads

Great app, just needs an update

Fiest off, great job on this ap. I do have one complain that it’s been been updated to fit on an iphone screen with a notch. The top portion of the app where the home screen settings buttons are is not visible, hidden behind my camera notch. I have five different apps (not counting Quizlet) that I use to practice memorization of pi. This is by far the prettiest and the only one that ranks you globally and puts you against a timer. That’s all bonus. The following suggestions are all included in the various other pi memorizations apps, but because I think this is the best of the lot, I think this is a place to include them for the perfect app. 1) I do wish it were more forgiving and allowed you some mistakes and then docked you points for it rather than just ending if your finger slipped. The top ranked score should be for fastest time with no errors, but it should still allow errors, maybe 1 for every hundred digits.2) I like that it has piano tones, but they are not musical. Perhaps if we had the choice of some classical tunes to play on the piano. 3) It would be great if it had a practice mode (not scored) where you could start from any number - perhaps in intervals of 50. That way we can practice the sequence in pieces. 4) Oh, and please remove the initial “3” from the digits. It throws off the counts as the first screen is really only showing the first 49 digits, not 50. It should start at 1415…. not at 31415…That’s fine if you want us to type it, but on the home screen it really shouldn’t be part of the sequence. Thank you!

UPSY42q, Nov 17, 2021


MEMORIZE 1000 DIGITS OF PI IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS! Be the BIGGEST NERD among your family and friends ! √ MEMORABLE: Color & Musical notes represent each digit for improved recall √ VISUALIZE: Number Chunking (20 pages, 50 numbers per page at 5 lines per page and 10 numbers per line). √ COMPETE: Leaderboards & Achievements (Game Center) √ PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT: Play everyday for best results. √ BACKGROUND: Pi is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number, which means it cannot be represented by as a ratio of any 2 integers. √ ADVERTISEMENT FREE !

The best and fastest way to memorize 1000 digits of Pi !

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