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PhotoToaster - Photo Editor, Filters, Effects and Borders

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PhotoToaster - Photo Editor, Filters, Effects and Borders

  • Photo & Video
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User Reviews for PhotoToaster - Photo Editor, Filters, Effects and Borders

Adobe Giant Killer?

PhotoToaster brings lots of options and a multitude of original filters, all with a low-stress learning curve, fair price, and generally intuitive interface. You get clean, professional looking photos with ooph.The low price point, modest app size, and great features give you lots of Adobe’s features without Adobe’s fat, slow, and costly apps and steep learning curve. And you don’t have to join the Borg, either. PhotoToaster is good for freelancers, family photographers, and small business owners — anyone who wants quality photos without frustration. There are shortcomings. (1) No access to images in the cloud (meaning you have to either paste them in or have them on your photo roll); (2) Frames aren’t adjustable; (3) The app allows you to mark up photos, but it isn’t clear how to change the markup color from the default screaming pink, or the stroke width; (4) The lighting (lightening?) brush needs work - because it doesn’t; (5) Feature descriptions need improvement.

BlackPearlie, Apr 30, 2020
Best Available So Far!

They did it! Even better! Love the dodge and burn and the vignette blur! This app just gets better and better. And unlike the Ps app, there is no lag, your changes occur as you work. This is my go to app, with TitleFx when I need captions or other graphics. With the latest upgrades that PhotoToaster has made, this is by far my favorite photo app. It has made me regret that I purchased the PhotoShop app, which is clumsy and hard to work by comparison, well there is none. The sliders for Exsposure, shadows, color saturations rival the capabilities that I have on my desktop programs. If the developers would add a dodge and burn function like SnapSeed, this app would be even more perfect!

damselflytunz, Apr 07, 2016
A bit of a learning curve but worth the patience

I have several photo edit apps on my phone - tried them all - most give you basics and you have to subscribe monthly to unlock advanced options, some are annoying and too hard to figure out. I use Lightroom on my desktop for my Nikon pics and was looking for an app to use on IG for my iPhone pics. This app has a bit of a learning curve - there are many options - for a one-off fee- it’s exceptional and worth more money than they’re charging! Be patient- play around - get creative - have fun - it’s a fun app to use! What are you waiting for? Buy it before they realize they could be charging a lot more!!!

goodnamesarealltaken, Apr 06, 2020

Since my 1st iPhone - before I even knew what Snapseed was - before I learned how to use any other photo app, I had the pleasure of using the Toaster. When I was a digital novice, it was easy to learn, yet produced results. Others have mentioned that it s good for beginners and also quick editing of good quality, and this is true. There may be apps better suited for professionals, but they are invariably unwieldy, time consuming, difficult for me to use. And I'm not stupid. The Toaster is perfect for my needs. I use it in combo with Snapseed and Photogene for most things. Upshot is - buy it! Actually, I have all the East Coast Pixel family apps, and am pleased to comply with their review request. This latest update is appreciated, as I wanted to choose my own frames or if I even wanted one. The ECP apps are all easy to learn but will not disappoint. If you want captioning, get Title FX & you won't need any other. No matter how many I download, I still use it, since it's the best. And don't get me started about the new one, PhotoMotion - but it is fabulous.

Halmeowni, Jul 20, 2016
You Won’t Be Disappointed!

I’ve been a ‘PhotoToaster Snob’ for 3 or 4 years now and it’s still my favorite and go-to photo editing app! It’s always been very user-friendly and gives the user way more control of the final look of their photo. I love that. You’re not locked down to a single ‘generic’ filter... you have personal control of just about everything, down to toning filters up or down, blurring effects with focal points, and vignettes. I use this app for editing all of my Etsy shop photos and I get compliments on my photos all of the time! I highly recommended buying the full version of this app! :)

heyitshollym, May 13, 2019
The BEST photo editor

I've had PhotoToaster for 3 years. I've tried several other photo editing apps because they had different features, but i still use PhotoToaster almost every time I want to touch up a picture or do something creative. PhotoToaster is perfect for what I want to do; I'm not interested in social media as much as just getting beautiful pictures. There are easy to use social media options on PhotoToaster, but that's not the primary purpose of the app. What I love most is how detailed I can get with the editing tools. I love still life photography, and PhotoToaster makes beautiful works of art with my scenes and landscapes. I can make the colors really funky, or max out the contrast, or make a picture look like an oil painting. It can be very therapeutic art. My sister uses it on portraits...she makes 40 look like 30...or 20! :) Love the borders and frames, the textures, and the abilities to de-focus and de-saturate--in specific areas using the Fx Brush. The app does let you get into some really complex and technical editing, but it offers super simple, super fast and easy edits too--it doesn't *have* to be complicated if you just need a quick edit or pre-fab setting, but you have the options to edit in great detail if you like. Wish I could attach some pictures. If you consider photography a form of art, this is a wonderful app for that. You'll love it!

I am SO not a runner!, Mar 18, 2016
Mixed review

Makes the most awesome photo with the choices, very pleased with that. One of the minor things things is you have to go back in the photo library to chose another photo instead of sliding photos and choosing the one you want to edit. The big problem though when I had done the editing and was going to post on Facebook, it asked for control of camera, and several other things which would give total control of my phone. I denied that control to them. So when I try to post pictures of our business to Facebook I am denied and says go to settings . I did go there but I do not know what to adjust in the settings and no never want to give total control of my phone. So it is useless to me at this point. I am open for suggestions to adjust the settings.

imabri, Aug 07, 2017
Perfect for my needs

Fab app. I use it on almost every photo before I post to any site. Fast and simple way to fine-tune shots to get the look that I meant to get when I snapped the photo. The updates are always fantastic improvements to the existing framework, which I love, rather than trying to cram more and more unless bells and whistles like other apps tend to do. The developers must know they have a great app already, and they seem to just keep making it easier to use to get a really professional looking photo. Clean, versatile, powerful editing app -- definitely the best I have found, and I've tried MANY. I highly recommend it!

Mobjack11, Jul 22, 2016
Excellent App, Outstanding Customer Support

I've been using this app since I got my iPhone. I have used it on iPad longer than that. It's my go-to app because it simply gets the job done. It isn't overly complicated or overly simplistic - perfect blend of features for the average person who is more interested in adjusting the basics and having print-quality pictures than in trying out 500 filters (there are a few filters for those who want them though). If you're looking for a photo editing app that gets the job done right and a stand-up team that works hard to keep it that way, give PhotoToaster a try.

QuirkyCarter, Mar 31, 2016
Still a “Go-To” in 2020

I’ve been using both Photo Toaster (and their excellent text on photo app TitleFX) for over 7 years and when I came back to apple this year, it was one of my first downloaded apps. I’m happy to see they’ve not messed with it too much and it’s still the phenomenal photo editor I remember! Updates are always welcome but they need to keep the three filter categories of Basic, Premium and Deluxe and keep every filter in it, as well as all their great frames and extra tweaking options. Fantastic app. Hands down.

susie107, Jun 25, 2020


PhotoToaster™ is simply the best photo editor for the iPhone and iPad. No In-App Purchases! Everything is included.

iPhone and iPad support too! The Toaster takes your iPhoneography as seriously as you do. It employs only the highest quality photo adjustments and does so with blinding speed. The non-destructive editing environment encourages experimentation and you can save your settings to use on other photos. The Toaster adjusts to your editing mood. Whether it's a 1-click total makeover or a meticulous tweaking of every adjustment, the Toaster is always the right tool for the job. The features include: - 60+ one click effects that can instantly improve or completely alter a photo - 80+ one click settings in Lighting, Fx, Vignette, Texture and Border categories that allow more creative control - 26 live slider controls that allow for exacting control of all image adjustments - 45+ tasteful borders - 20+ creative texture overlays - Lighting Brushes for a new level of control with brush-on exposure adjustments - FX Brush to brush in areas of color or focus - Non-destructive editing (you'll see why this is important when you experience it) - Multiple undo (many apps don't even bother with undo but we can't help it) - Professional level lighting adjustments to lighten shadows and recover highlights - Separate channel processing lets you to bend colors in new and interesting ways. - Black & white conversion controls to create the exact look you want. - Sophisticated Noise reduction to remove unwanted grain in low light photos - Blazing performance - Recent edits list that maintains recently edited photos so that you may continue an edit session later - Save your own presets (if you create a look you like, save it for future use) - Crop, rotate, flip and straighten - Complete EXIF support - Export to the usual social media suspects or at full resolution to your Photo Album - Non-square Instagram posts are automatically matted on a white background - Send a real Postcard with Sincerely

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