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PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker

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PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker

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User Reviews for PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker

My Favorite Photo App!

I recommend the premium subscription highly to all! This app has a lot of filters, photo layouts, and many other features that you can use to customize your pictures practically in any way you want! The price for the premium subscription is minimal, compared to other similar apps, plus, this app also allows you to integrate your own water mark and personal signature on all of your work. Your finished work is saved directly to your camera roll or gallery easily and is totally unique and representative of you and your style. Bonus: If your premium subscription lapses, everything you created is easily available in your gallery or photo app, if you've saved your work to your device... no "I can't access my work because I no longer have a premium subscription" with this app. Super easy to use and with a vast selection of possibilities to make your memories uniquely yours 😊.

2Angels2019, Feb 05, 2022
Issues resolved by upgrading to premium

Edit - I was able to eliminate ads with the $1.99 premium purchase option so I'm good now....I was not able to regain my lost earned wallpaper until I paid the $1.99, but it's worth it for since I use this daily. *********After the latest update ALL of my previously earned wallpapers are gone and I have to watch a 30 second video for every single one to get them back. There's not even an option to just buy an ad-free version of this app, which I would be totally willing to do. And every time I save a photo, it puts up an obnoxious loud ad on the screen as I try to exit. Absolute spam garbage now. I get there needs to be ads but this is horrible and to not have any option to buy into a premium version of the app makes this now useless for me.

angelicruin, Sep 14, 2017
Best photo app ever

If I could give this app 10/5 stars, I would. I’ve used PhotoGrid for years now and I’ve never had to get the premium version to suit all of my photo needs! I love editing and gridding to make aesthetics, and this app is my go to for everything photo related. I’ve used many other apps and they’re just not the same! I especially love the new Unsplashed photos, they’re my favourite part ever!!!!!! I’ve never been so blown away by the beauty in that section. PhotoGrid is honestly a dream come true, so I highly recommend for anyone and everyone. Plus, it’s free to download, and it’s great if you can’t spend any money on it. One last thing, if you make an account, (no $ required) you can get stars for using the app and but backgrounds and other features just with the stars!! Once again, best app EVER!! TL;DR— 10/5 stars, beautiful app

Anonorama, Oct 05, 2019
Processing video collage takes FOREVER!

Today I made one of those neat collages that had videos in them which is an amazing feature alone... but when I went to save it is when I thought I was going to pull my hair out! It crashed several times causing me to have to start the process and trimming and layout all over again at least 4 times. Then it would try and save it and would never progress pass 21% and just freeze. I tried again later and it finally didn’t crash and saved but guess how long it took to get to 100%? It took nearly 1.5 hours just to save it. Totally killed my phone battery from a fresh charge too doing it. The videos were standard iPhone taken videos and each one was 20-25 seconds and the whole things was under 25 seconds as they all play at once. While making a collage of various videos is great—- it’s not practical at this point to even bother using it. What is odd is I’ve made them in the past (it had been a long while though) and they use to save in 2-3 min or less. Not 85 minutes! Not sure what changes but can’t be 5 stars when that feature has declined in service. Hope it gets better soon!!!

AshleeAppReviews, Jul 18, 2018
Beware of the “3 day trial”

The app has decent functionality, very basic, but sometimes you don’t want to wade through a more complicated app to put a border and some text over two photos. So that’s all well and good, there’s an extreme amount of premium content, which is fine, but almost overruns the app. My issue… they offer a “3 day FREE TRIAL!!!!🚨🚨”basically everytime you even think about clicking on premium content. I do these sometimes, because I’m very good about cancelling the subscription, but with these guys, you don’t get a chance! They’ve gotten me a couple of times, both times I’ve just been immediately charged the $34 or whatever, with no trial period (about a year between the two, I forgot). I assume that once upon a time, I received a 3 day trial and cancelled, so now they show me as ineligible for the trial, which is fine, but SAY THAT! It’s an absurd bug not to fix for over a year. Two stars because it’s not a total dumper and Apple is great about refunding App Store purchases from shady devs.

Bhjohns2, Apr 05, 2022
definitely potential

i feel like this app has a lot of potential! i just have a few suggestions and i really would love the developers to at least consider these because i love the app, but i really need these changes to make me love it even more:1) i love that i can edit my photos and make grids and memes and everything. it’s awesome to have it all in one! but when i actually upload a photo to this app, it comes out really blurry. i would love it if you could fix it so that my photo would look just like it does in my phone. it doesn’t look that blurry unless it’s uploaded to this app, and i would like it to stay hd like on my phone. 2) basically, this is like off-brand instagram but better because i have a lot of tools that allow me to edit my photos and videos and make cool collages, which instagram doesn’t allow. so if this is going to be like a better version of instagram that many people switch over to (which i definitely can see happening in the future if you maybe take my advice), allow private messaging so people don’t have to make connections through comments. if you’re worried about privacy, don’t worry too much because you already have a block button and you can make it so people can just delete the messages like instagram does. i would LOVE to have this feature to allow me to actually make friends. thank you so much, and please consider my suggestions ❤️

breakupterms, Dec 21, 2019
Great For Basic Editing!

I’ve used this app for years for basic editing (whether fitting a pic for Instagram or making a quick collage) as well as for some other little projects that were made easier by making use of the free tools in PhotoGrid. I’ve never paid for any extras, though there have been a few things over the years that may have come in handy... I miss a few things that used to be free and are not anymore but it’s not a deal breaker for me. They’ve also added some things (filters, fonts, etc) that are free and fun/useful so it evens out. I’ve recommended it to lots of people over the years so I suppose it’s pass time I gave it a good review here. Yes, I would recommend! Again, it’s a great little app for basic photo and video editing. I’ve used others as well in the past but this one most often and when space is low, it’s the only one that stays on my phone. 😉 That alone is high praise! 😂 It’s no PhotoShop but it’s a great tool to have if you take/post lots of pics. I’d probably give it a 4.5 out of 5 ⭐️s and say I’m 90% satisfied with how it’s worked for me over the years.

CatholicMom16, May 10, 2021
No subscription needed!

When I first installed this app and opened it I almost deleted it immediately because it asked to subscribe. I assumed it was useless without subscribing like most things. Thank goodness I didn’t delete it! Not only is it not useless, it saved me SOooo much time, ink and paper. I could kick myself for not finding it sooner. I am putting together a bunch of pics for my nephews grad party. I was unable to find any decent printer app to use with my phone and brother printer so had to print each 4x6 photo individually. Doing this made the pics to big, was wasteful and required cutting by hand. With this app I’m able to print 2-FOUR pics on one single 4x6 sheet! The pics are perfect size to collage, easy to see (not to small) and no cutting out all the extra backgrounds are needed. Saving the collage to print only requires an EXTREMELY quick ad Thank you SO much for this app. I do not need the extras included in the subscription so I’m here writing this review in hopes that it helps this extremely useful app. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Chictastic, May 31, 2021
Great App but..

I got this app in January 2016 and it was the most feature rich and user friendly, on the market - at the time. So much so, that I decided to purchase the lifetime membership they were offering at the time. I enjoyed the add free version of the app and add on layouts. But one day, the developper posted an update, in which they decided to go for a monthly service fee, and stopped honoring the lifetime agreements from prior customers. The app is great, but certainly not worth a monthly fee for an app this caliber. This is a kind of app that any new grad could write, and to force users into a monthly plan, not only looks like a desperate move to get rich quick scam, but also completely lacks class, especially when they decided to void the past agreements with early customers. You just need to ask yourself if it’s worth spending $5 monthly for the privilege to use such a basic tool, when there are better ones out there now!

Gilles007, Nov 30, 2019
Too many ads that take 3 mins to get Rid of.

Ads in PhotoGrid takes a very long time to disappear. I bought PhotoGrid a few times when I had my business 6 yrs ago but in the last year in order to use the Free version, you now gave to wait about 3 mins for one Ad to go away and then the X appears so you can then close the pesty Ads. I had to delete the App several times in order to use the free version to edit my photos, it's very time consuming and not worth it anymore. I will delete the App for good today. I feel PhotoGrid is trying to FORCE consumers to BUY it so we can stop using the free version. PhotoGrid, consumers does not like being forced to do anything. So I will find another Free Editing App that I can use with Not so many Ads, until my budget allow me to Purchase it. PhotoGrid hello, Inflation is high in the US and ppl are being laid off after the Pandemic bc the feds are increasing interest rates in order to bring down the cost of products and goods, which helps lower inflation, but also comes with increasing interest rates, companies start laying off and/or end up going bankrupt, so not too many companies are hiring right now besides the ones that pay $8 an hr, No one can pay a mortgage and take care a family off $8 an hr, so these Apps will wait to be purchased until we get extra money to spend on wants. But our needs are priority and comes first, like putting food on the table, paying mortgage so families can have a roof their head, are the most important.

jack pual, Jun 03, 2023


This is the best Collage App to create stunning images for social media, like Instagram, TikTok posts and stories, Facebook posts, banners and covers, YouTube thumbnails, and Pinterest collections. •Create memory collages with ease •Create amazing social media content •Grow a new business Feature Highlights Video Editor & Video Grid Maker • Combine photos and videos to make video grids, trim your video easily! • Best Instagram video and photo editor, add blurred backgrounds without cropping them or adding unexpected watermarks! •You can synchronize your video clips so that they are all aligned to the same moment in time. •Up to 9 Videos. Social-Media Marketing Tool • Watermark: Customize your own logo and Watermark, add Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp logo easily with your name. • Ratio: Tons of popular ratios including Facebook cover, Apple Watch, A4, A3 sizes, and more which allows you slay on social media! • Text: Add any font you want and add beautiful curved texts on your photo. The most complete collage app •20000+ different collage templates.

Re-mix up to 16 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts, and collages. • Design your own photo creations! Make beautiful filmstrip and cool photo stitches! • You can also personalize your own scrapbook with freestyle pic stitches! Happy scrapbooking! Powerful photo editor •Crop, rotate, resize, blur, and beautify your photos easily, you can even frame your images in Instagram's 1:1 aspect ratio! • Add stickers, text, backgrounds, graffiti, boarders, and mosaic, or adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and layout of your photos! • Convert a raw photo into a powerful image all in one app. You can also customize templates to suit your needs! = Contact Us = • Email: [email protected] PHOTOGRID PREMIUM PLAN Functions • Access to 20000+ Elements • Create VideoGrids up to 15 minutes long. High-quality full HD 4K VideoGrid. • Freely decide aspect ratio for your photo • Enjoy an ads-free experience • Share with friends without any watermarks Billing • Payment: - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - All premium plans will be auto-renewed at the end of each period. - Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end of the valid period to avoid a nonrefundable auto-renewal. - Cancellation requests made prior to the end of the period will become effective at the end of that period term. - You can manage and turn off auto-renewal in your Apple Account Settings. • Premium Plan Choices - Initiation or termination of a premium plan must be done through the iTunes App Store, which may be subject to a sales tax in your area. Note: you are responsible for checking the Terms of Service of your app store for detail and applicability of sales tax. • Refund Please be aware that refund is NOT available after purchase. Other • 2022 PhotoGrid.app reserves the right to adjust the pricing for its products and services in the future. • Terms of Use: https://media.grid.plus/doc/grid_plus_terms_of_service • Privacy Policy: https://media.grid.plus/doc/grid_plus_privacy_policy

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