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User Reviews for Photo Manager Pro 6

Great Photo Manager

This is a great photo manager and I give it a five because support staff are more than willing to try and get the users what they want. I've seen the program evolve through updates including 5.7.1 which fixes a huge speed issue. If your feature is not there yet, shoot them a request. I'll pay for a good app that has what I need. I’ve tried a lot of them. If you have issues, just send the support staff an email. They are really good about responding. Don’t give it a weak rating because it doesn’t have a feature you want. I love my iPad Pro and I just ordered the new one just released. Can’t see myself giving it a bad rating because a feature hasn’t made it to the device yet. I manage a ton of pictures and need an app that works for me. This one does.

babrams, Nov 03, 2018
A Great App for Organizing and Editing Photos

I have used Photo Manager Pro for over five years to store thousands of photos. I need the ability to organize photos into collections and to arrange the photos in the orderI want within each collection. PM Pro allows this, though the process can become tediously slow for very large collections because new photos are added to the end of the collection and the process for dragging each photo to a new location is rather slow.The app handles basic editing, like cropping and changing exposure very efficiently. The app is extremely stable. I only run into occasional crashes during a session when I have been editing a large number of photos and try to edit a very large photo.The developer actually responds to queries and implements suggestions to improve the app. Most of the changes made to the app over the last few years have been improvements.Overall, I have found this to be a superb app and one of the 5-10 apps I use most.

breitenrain5, Apr 14, 2019
Great but not perfect

I used the original version before this app exist Which I found a quite useful and very strong capability of keeping my photos in high quality and timelines in each picture and video.. but unfortunately the new app just keep it but in random location and have gone wrong with timeliness .. even if I personally put pictures and video into it’s right order but still keep coming back to where it was in the first place.. finally the main issue that truly plagued my happiness about this great app is the awful lack of control of video, you see? Whenever I click a video I wanted to see, rather then watch it and stop it or skip few seconds or minutes or put it in long turn even , it just put it in between photos and videos . I just wanted to be like the old version when I can enter video and watch it and control the minute and seconds .. Again thanks for making the best app I ever have .It’s great with gif especially

DerSkeleton, Jan 11, 2021
Top of the Line

I have been using this app for three years. I waited a long time until one came along that would do a few things that I felt a necessity to have for my work, (from reading I found others felt the same). Like I had to have folders, sub-folders, sub, sub & subs, to organize and yet be able to keep it cleaned up and get to in a snap. I can make as many folders as I need for my 5,000 pics. I could not find an app that had this simple feature, or the feature that worked well, until this app. Now that’s just one thing, but everything is easy peasy and you don’t have to be a pro. Highly recommend this.

Hhxfjmcdh, Nov 07, 2018
Excellent! 😍

This is the most excellent photo album & organizer in the world!I took days trying to find a great photo album organizing app, and every one I checked out, but this one, had either bad reviews,didn’t have the features I wanted, or hasn’t been updated in years. I finally bought a cra**y one that automatically crashed (4 times) when I tried to open it - File Manager Pro 6 - and I deleted it and lost $3.00. In the past, I’d created specific folders in the Apple Photos app, because I thought I could find them easier when I needed to - mostly for photo editors, and emailing or messaging them (when the memojis didn’t convey what I was feeling). The issue was that I couldn’t create any sub-folders, which left me scrolling through all the photos in that specific folder, and took forever. I feel so happy, like I finally found a rare treasure, right at the last minute!I LOVE this developer for creating this awesome app!

i❤HK, Dec 07, 2020
RAW File Support?

I just bought this app. I see it had many 5 star reviews and I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I would love to give it a much higher rating, if I could get my RAW files to display> I have about 1000 RAW (.NEF) files from a Nikon D500 that won’t display in full size. I can preview the JPEG thumbnails that are normally embedded in the RAW file. When I try to display the NET file at normal size in the app, all it does is spin. And spin. With just a white screen showing. Any guidance front he developer would be GREAT!I am a technical guy in IT and know all about the formats and coding. It appears that the RAW format, and specifically my D500 .NEF files, are recognized OK on iOS and within Lightroom and RAW Power apps, so its highly unlikely I have a problem within iOS. I don’t know if something might need updated and is not currently supported within this PM app. Buyer beware if you are planning to view any RAW .NEF files with this app. JPEG display fine.

iphoneTWS, Jun 15, 2018
Not Ready for Prime Time

Well, no one wanted this to work more than I did. All I wanted was an app which would sort my photos by date taken. I had high hopes for this one. However, after the first 100 or so photos (I have 3300), the app slows down to reading one photo about every 4 seconds. The phone gets warm, indicating to me the processor is running at maximum speed, the battery drains very rapidly (so I keep plugged in to power), and I am on my fourth HOUR of reading/scanning pictures and it still isn’t finished. I have tried this twice: first with IOS 12.0.1, and again today with IOS 12.1. Last night, after finally finishing, I clicked “sort by date, descending”, and many of the pictures that I took over several years were sorted FIRST, and had dates showing of....yesterday. If, under 12.1, the pictures sort correctly, I will post an update, but as of now I will be deleting the app and looking for something else. Just amazes me that Apple can’t show the pictures in order of date taken for people like me with lots of photos. Sorting by date synced through ITunes?.....that’s ridiculous.

J_Freddie, Oct 30, 2018
A Really Good Photo Manager

This is exactly what I was looking for and I have to say definitely worth what you pay for. The reason I’m giving it four stars and not five is a small issue and an important missing feature that have both made the photo sorting take a bit longer than it should the past hour I’ve been working with the app. Very often when I drag a photo over a folder to drop inside, it moves inside the folder and I have to come out of it to continue. Maybe make it half a second longer till it moves inside the folder? The second, and more important, problem is the inability to select and then drag and drop multiple photos at the same time. Having this option would make things much easier. Other than these two issues (and mostly the second point about the missing feature) it is a great app and recommended for anyone who can’t handle the camera roll mess Apple offers us.

Sina.TM, Sep 10, 2019
Great With One Huge Missing Feature

I chose this Photo Manager based on the rave reviews and I absolutely agree with all of them. The reason I gave it four stars is because it’s missing a critical feature (to me anyway) to auto-sync the albums across devices. Right now if I build albums on my iPhone, I have to rebuild the same albums from scratch on my iPad and then maintain the changes manually as well. Even if this feature were added as optional it would make this app pretty close to if not perfect. I love that I can pull images from my camera roll yet still keep them locally. I’m a tattoo artist so the ability to have my portfolio on hand but isolated is flawless, and this app does all I want except the auto-sync. Please tell me this feature is coming!!

Tami Jo Urban, Jun 20, 2018
Nice interface, lacks key features

This worked for main thing I wanted- remove photos from my camera roll and provide folder structure to organize them. (I left my “memories” photos on the camera roll and moved my meme and joke collection, document images, screenshots, and recipes to the folders in PM Pro)It has basic editing tools, which would be ok if it synced to a cloud service that I could access from another app, but you have to copy back and forth, so we’re back to old “version control” problem.I expected this app to be able to edit metadata across multiple files at once, like tagging a group of photos, or changing the date or location on photos that were downloaded without one.In fact, the only metadata you change even one at a time is the file name, rating, keywords (tags) and description. I really hope to see this added as I think it’s a big part of organizing.Lastly, I use OneDrive and while the app will copy files to OneDrive, they will not sync. And if you select any folders the process freezes, since the app can’t create new folders. So you can’t select a folder free to upload. You have to go into each folder one at a time to select the files to copy.

TontoGoldstein, Apr 06, 2019


Photo Manager Pro provides a complete solution for your photos and videos. Organize photos, videos and RAWs into folders, sub-folders. Set password on the app and folders.

Add description and star rating on your photos. Transfer photos among iPhone, iPad, computer and cloud storages. * Organize Photos and Videos: Create, copy, move, rename, delete photos, videos, folders and sub folders. Set password, cover on folder. Sort photos by dates, names, types. Reorder photos by drag and drop. Manage your photos by drag and drop. Copy photos between apps by drag and drop (iPad only). Add star rating, description and keywords on photo. Search photos by filename, description and keywords. Compare photos (available on iPad only) Photo Editing: crop, filters, light & color adjustment Slideshow photos and videos AirPlay photos and videos on Apple TV. Output photos and videos to TV via HDMI cable. Secure app or folders with password Light and dark theme Files app extension * Photo Transfer: Transfer photos between nearby iOS devices. Transfer photos between computer and iPhone/iPad through the built-in FTP server or HTTP server. Support iTunes File Sharing Copy photos among iPhone/iPad and cloud storages. * Supported Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, HEIC CR2, CRW, NEF, NRW, ARW, RAW, DNG MOV, MP4 * Supported Cloud Storages: Google Drive Dropbox OneDrive Box * Supported External Storages: SD Card USD Drive ===== CONTACT US ===== Email: [email protected] Twitter: @SkyjosApps

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