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Dhiren Patel
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User Reviews for Photo Collage Maker

Love it ❤️

I just bought this app I have used it so many times already for so many things. I love it, it works perfectly the one thing is that I wish they would just take out the adds. Every time I change to a different topic it shows an add. But after all I love this app

[email protected], Jul 23, 2022
Ads way too intrusive to even evaluate app!

I’m more than willing to pay for the premium version of an app if it does what I need. I installed this app to evaluate it but as I’m trying to navigate through the app to try to get started, it’s very confusing with all the constant ad clutter. And every time I tried to click on what looked like part of the app, it would start playing some long obnoxious video ad you have to sit through. The premium version may be great, but I’ll never know. Guess their revenue model must be focused on ads instead of selling a paid version.

Eric Asberry, Feb 01, 2022

Got really tired of all the adds ngl. I also felt like there wasn't much freedom when making your wallpaper, there was very little grids that I even liked. I went to a VAV fan meet and took pictures with them. I was hoping to make a wallpaper out of all the pictures I took, but like I said there's so little freedom that I had to leave out a few pictures which was very disappointing. This app was helpful at times, but I rarely use it anymore because it's honestly just a waste of storage. I would use this app more if it had a feature where you could make your own grid or something like that, but other than that I'm really considering just deleting it.

K-Pop Lover💜, Mar 18, 2022
Kinda does the job, but it is super annoying (free version)

While the app does the job it says it does, its’ attempts to monetize the premium version are truly bottom of the barrel. Literally every time you try to change a template, you’ll either have to decline the pop-up asking you to rate the app or have to watch an ad. After having declined for 150x, now I decided to give this app a rating it deserves. The same annoying pop-up appears when taking a step back, trying to change a single image or change the template section,,l say from “Christmas” to “New Year”. I have used the app twice and am deinstalling it. Templates are very crudely designed with basic clipart, essentially somewhere on par with internet kitten videos. Would not recommend this app.

latetalks, Dec 31, 2021
Love this app

I use a TON of photo editing/collage apps & honestly this is one of my favs … its got many different templates to choose from. Though if ur looking for a app that’s got tons of editing features along w the ability to make a collage than this is not the app for u but if you just want a simple app to make collages out of your pictures this is the app for you

Little black haired girl, Mar 28, 2022
This app is very addictive

I have not even had this app for 24 hours and I am already addicted to it, I have made wallpapers, and they are really good. One thing I do not like is all the ads, but they are only five seconds long. I reccomend this app to people who can deal with ads, not for people who don’t have lots of patience, or get annoyed very easily.

mooses are awesome, Sep 03, 2021
It was good but not anymore

It’s a great app I use it a lot well… not anymore why you might ask? Because way 2 many adds you get an add after every click of a button I went to use the app today and the first thing I see is an add but guess what I couldn’t exit out of the app because they put the x at the very top of my phone to the point it covers half of my charger bar at the top (I have an iPhone if that helps what that would look like) I tried exiting out of the app multiple times but it’s the same add I sat and tried clicking the x for 5 minutes and the add it still there I can’t even use this app I’ll update if they ever fix this problem

rayne r., Jun 13, 2022
Love this game

You can add pictures of you and your friends and family even pets or any pictures you want to. You can also pick a number of pictures you want to. Like say 7 then you could add 7 pictures. You can switch the pictures around if you hold it and add it to the spot you want it. Then it would switch the two pictures around to the other spots. Also if you touch the picture that you don’t want you can change it to another picture of your choice. You can also zoom in and out. I would definitely recommend this game it’s great!!

Some people 👍👍👍, Jul 16, 2022

This is a great app for couples. I wanted to do a collage for me and my best friend but all I could find were ones with hearts and the word love. I found one isn’t so relationship-y and added the pictures. I made it black and white (not in the app) and put it as my lock screen. It looks really good and I’m really excited to show her. If you want to do one for a gf/bf, I would definitely recommend this app! Thanks for reading :)

TigerWoman2, Apr 25, 2022
So far so good

I just got started to use the app, and so far so good, I like the variety of collections of all the collages that it’s available, there is a variety of collages, and each of them is organized into separate categories so it makes it a lot easier to go through the samples they have to pick and choose which is very cool and give to you a lot of great ideas. I recommend it. It's worth downloading the app and having in hands some nice great colleges.

Yasmin L. Wolf, May 12, 2022


Photo Collage Maker is the best collage maker & photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with various frames then share them at a time! Photo Collage Maker is the most popular app for collage with so many amazing filters & themes that make your photos memoriable! It helps you combine amazing photos in picture gallery into worth-share photo collage with various themes.

Photo Collage Maker, You can have new frames for your favorite photos for Instagram, any picture will be perfect! There are so many themes & features to apply on your photos! With Photo Collage Maker,you can decorate your pics by applying fantastic & lovely themes! ● 10K+ DESIGN STYLES - Our photo frames come in Portrait, Square, Landscape modes to fit all your purposes. ● PIP ART - Choose from 150+ elegantly designed styles & instantly create PIP-Style that look better than other apps! ● PHOTO FRAME - We designed lots of frames to celebrate your special days such as Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Engagement Anniversary, Woman's Day, Diwali, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Autumn, Happy New Year, Easter & more. ● FILTERS - Lots of great filters for your photos. ● EDITABLE TEXT - Simply tap on the text to edit to fit your description. ● MODERN STYLE - Industry’s FIRST of its kind. MODERN STYLE allows up to 9 photos, & variety of layouts! ● SHARE - Share creative memories with Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Tinder, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat, Single, Weibo, Clubhouse, etc. ● FREE - It's Completely free! ===> More beautiful collage templates will be always update! Thank you very much!

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