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Photo Collage Maker PicJointer

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User Reviews for Photo Collage Maker PicJointer


Before I start writing let me say this.The app is good if you pay. The entire way this works is ubsurd. The app is free to download so you think you can use it without paying. Wrong. In order to make a collage you have to pay for a subscription. What’s the point of even making the app free if its services ARE. NOT. FREE. It doesn’t make any sense. Just make the app how much it costs for a basic subscription so that people who want to or even can pay can but it and people who dont want to or CANT AFFORD TO and are looking for something FREE won’t waist their time. You’re just tricking people who want to do something easy and quick without spending money and download the app just for the to find out. And it’s not that the app is bad I bet that if you ARE willing to pay however much it is then the app is lovely and you’ll enjoy if for the day or so you use it to make a couple of collages. But it’s the fact that to looks to be free then it’s not.This is something seperate that has to do with Apple as a company.What’s the point of a FREE TRIAL If you have to put in your money information before? Like why not see if the person is going to buy it AFTER the free trial is up so that if someone wants to know if it’s worth it or not they can try the premium or whatever for a few days and if they like it they can then decide if they want to put in their info and buy it or save up enough money so they can.

1$,:1, Nov 18, 2022
Free app - NOT! Not even a cheap app!

Once a month I need to collage a couple pics. Looked on apple store and come across many collage apps. For how little I plan to use it, It’s not a requirement for a high tech expensive app. I clicked and loaded this one not realizing it cost $2.99 a month. It gives the opportunity for a free trial. Clicked free trial and it requires you to fill in the purchase agreement. Once it gets to that page it changed to $2.99 a week. Hmmm. Went back to the App Store and start really reading all the reviews. Apparently the $2.99 I see for billing isn’t even correct. Others have stated once you get past that screen it raises the price to $4.99 a week. Yea. I don’t think so. Even if the price was five bucks for a year it would be too much for how little I plan to use it. Even though I have NOT got a chance to use the product I give this app a poor review because of its deceptive advertising and the illusion that anyone can have this app. $260 a year to put pictures in order. No. I don’t think so.

70racin, Nov 17, 2019
What a joke!!!

This is the Last time..... This App is a Freaking Scam of a Joke! They shouldn’t even be able to be available anymore! Again as I’m making a collage on the app (which I have not used for a year) for my daughters 16th bday. I go to choose a background and it prompts me to do a “Trail for FREE for 3 Days!” First- If That is their offer to utilize their app, then follow through with the Dang OFFER... This freaking Company goes and Charges my Card after 2 Days, TWO DAYS! Not only has it only been 2 days, NOT 3, what in the heck is worth $4.99 a WEEK on this APP... NOTHING, There is many, Many other apps for doing Fun Great things with Photos for FREE, as well as maybe paying a Monthly or yearly fee for nothing over $20, & that’s a year. I suggest do your homework look at the reviews as well Do Not Use this stupid app! If you do end up getting conned into getting charged you won’t get your money back either SO DON’T DO the free trail! What a joke!

Akstylist, Feb 01, 2019
In app purchases don’t match. It’s a weekly subscription

I was excited to find this app with a few single-purchase add on packs after the other one I used went to a monthly and yearly subscription, which is ridiculous unless there’s a recurring business cost associated with keeping up the app. This would be like Apple trying to charge subscriptions to get iOS updates. Well alas, the in app purchases for this app don’t match what the store page says. I was ready and willing to pay ~$10 to unlock all the features but instead this is a forced trial for 1 week and then a subscription weekly. Deleted. I’m sure it was a good app, too bad it’s a greedy business model. $2.99 a week. That’s $12 a month, which is what I pay for Netflix. Netflix who has huge teams of IT to keep servers running, data storage costs, internet bandwidth costs, lawyers, original content, producers, actors, real estate costs and more. $1 a month would be quite a bit more digestible for what your consumers are getting for their hard earned money. Consider changing the business model.

Apollo316, Dec 16, 2019
Don’t Get It

When I first got this app, it was easily the best collage maker I found for my phone. But then after an update, they made several changes to it that basically say “Hey, we took away about 80% of the features. If you want them back, then give us money!” I didn’t care for this, but the 20% of the features I was left with were still helpful at times, so I kept the app a while longer. But now, they’re so desperate to take your cash, that you can’t even USE the app for free anymore! Anytime I try to make a collage, a pop up appears that’s like “Hey! GIVE USE MONEY!!!” You can’t exit off of the pop up and it returns every time you attempt to use Pic Jointer!And by the way, this isn’t like a normal app, where “paying” means spending one or two dollars and being done with it. This app is apparently sO aMaZiNg it deserves a weekly subscription fee! There may be some poor sap out their will to dump their hard earned cash into this, but not me. I’m not paying three dollars a week for the privilege of using your app!

Cross GMJ, Nov 11, 2018
So far, so good!

Bought the paid version after trying for a day. Worth it to skip the ads. I was looking for something without an app name watermark at the edge (like in Pic Collage), since I use these collages for custom greeting cards for friends. This fits the bill! Only weird thing is that photos I add to my camera roll don't show up very quickly in the app. Even when I go to "recently added," they are not shown as the most recently added photos, but are somewhere in the middle of maybe a hundred recent pics. Kind of a hassle and time waster to find them. They should just show up as most recent if the app and my camera roll are syncing correctly. This is my main "con."For some reason in my family app sharing the paid version isn't showing up for my spouse, so he is contacting the developer about that.

Ellen1981, Jun 20, 2017
Not good anymore

I paid for the full version because it WAS a good app. Not now! They took away the features I paid for and turned it into a subscription base app to use the features I had already paid for. No notice, no refund for my purchase, and no features I paid for. Don’t waste your time, lots of other apps out there that won’t take away features you paid for without notice and then have the audacity to charge you on a subscription basis for what you’ve already paid for. Not happy with them 🤬Update: they sent me an email with instructions that do not work. When I hit restore purchases it tells me in app purchases are not allowed. I attempted to contact you via 2 emails with no reply. The app is still worthless to me.Update: still not working after I paid for it. You send instructions and they don’t work. You can’t hit RESTORE because it says in app purchases are not allowed. Fix this! I paid for an app and you took it away. Bad way to do business!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

JesseJames78, Apr 08, 2018

UPDATE: After searching for literally 4 months for another app as good as Pic Jointer USED TO BE, I had found nothing even close. So tonight I decided to re-download the app and try to learn how to use the new version. Upon re-installing, I found that it has been completely fixed since I left! Now, it could not be easier to use! I'm so thrilled that I can use this app again! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Wow! I cannot believe they really went and completely ruined my favorite app with this update! They've made the app completely unrecognizable from the greatness it was before. Everything is hard to do now. And most things that I want to do, can't even be done at all any more! What on earth were they thinking? I already uninstalled the app and will be looking for a different collage-making app today.

Pamela Hogan, Jun 10, 2018
I’m not sure what changed

I have used this app for a very long time and it was very simple to navigate. At some point, however, it stopped working as well. I’m no longer able to select what sized collage I want to use prior to picking my pictures. I can no longer place my pictures in the specific locations I want them to go. I have to work out before hand in which order to select my pictures for them to be placed how I want. And if, at any time, I make a mistake and need to change the order or number of pictures used, I can’t simply swap them out like before. I now have to delete my whole project and start over. Also, once I do complete a project, I have to delete, close out the app, and restart it if I want to work on a second project. I’m not sure what changed to make it be this way, but it’s quite frustrating. I gave a 5 star rating when I first started using this app so long ago. Now, I’d say it’s at 3 because I can still make a collage, it’s just not as simple as it once was.

RonCaiJah, Aug 25, 2021
Update is a scam!

I bought and paid for this app several months ago. It was my favorite go-to app for collage needs and I use it for my business. It had a very easy to use interface that I found preferable over other apps that do the same things. The latest update made major changes in performance and it is now difficult to use and simple things now require more steps. Very frustrating! The thing I’m most upset over is that even though I already purchased the app almost a year ago, all the features were locked and they now want to charge $4.99 a week to use it! NOT OK! I hit the button to “restore” my purchase so I have access to all the collages I did before, but now I’m afraid they are going to start charging by the week. I will delete the app and dispute the charges if this happens. I do not see a subscription listed in my iTunes acct so it’s kind of confusing. I want the app that I already paid for and I want it to function the way it did prior to the update... except minus the random crashes. P.S. The best thing about it was the ability to take a picture directly in the collage, that seems no longer possible in the updated version.

TheDivineMrsZ, Jan 29, 2018


Amazing photo editor and collage maker to share your best moments and memories! Just back from holiday? Put your photos together easily and keep the holiday spirit on your social media account!

Pick from the best basic and natural FILTERS to make your photos even more special. PicJointer combines powerful photo editing tools with awesome effects to wake up your creativity. Liven up your memories with hundreds of different FRAMES, STICKERS and FONTS! Mix and match them in any way you like using the COOLEST LAYOUTS. You won’t believe the art pieces you will create with just a few taps! PicJointer is the best photo collage app on the store with more than 5 MILLION installs all over the world. FEATURES: • ZOOM, PAN, ROTATE and MIRROR your photos to create the best combinations! • Use the easy PHOTO EDITING TOOLS to perfect your pictures. • Create your collage choosing among hundreds of STYLISH LAYOUTS • EDIT your layout by adjusting the FRAME, COLORS and PATTERNS • Pick from hundreds of categorized STICKERS to decorate your collage • Add colorful TEXTS with funky FONTS to make them even more expressive! • SHARE WITH ONE TAP on Facebook or Instagram to make sure all of your friends see your masterpieces! SUBSCRIPTION INFO: Subscribe to take advantage of the features described above. • Subscription length: weekly • Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. • You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. • Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. • When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Terms of service: https://bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=509987785 Privacy policy: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=509987785 Have a feature request you would like to see in a future version of the app? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Disclaimer: You will be required to sign up for an auto-renewable In-App Purchase before you are able to access the app.

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