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Photo Collage - Collageable

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User Reviews for Photo Collage - Collageable

No Xmas templates. Disappeared from last week

No Christmas templates. Had the template last week and now it’s gone. Plus other templates. Only have 4 now. I renewed my subscription and I’m short on templates. What’s wrong with it. I have just a couple templates. Lost my icon on my phone and it says I canceled my subscription. I did not and it’s paid till Dec 23. I tried to get the icon back on my phone but it won’t go back. I can open it when I type the name it but can’t get the app back, plus only a couple of templates. What’s going on with it? I’ve been sending messages but no response from you. I’m paid up and want to use some templates. Help!

all sunny, Aug 04, 2023
Good but the update ruined it

Hi there, I loved using this simple app to create Ed stereoscopic photographs in frames to make an image but ever since the last update I have found this app only slightly reliable. When I go to zoom in on my image in the frame it casually turns the image, enough to mess up the stereo photo. It was never like this however. I used to be able to crop and zoom slowly and with patience until the images were perfectly aligned. Now there is no way to fix it if this happens and I have to completely restart the app if I want the image aligned again. Please fix this! But put it back to how it was before. The cropping sensitivity is off the charts- and this is the only app I can find which provides the simplest frames for me to use.

Amanda_gamer, Jun 29, 2021
Don’t download

The app has UNSKIPPABLE video ads at random times. After the video ad, it displays another ad and the X to close out doesn’t appear until ~10 seconds later, meaning you have no choice but to view the ad for 10 seconds. There’s an option to send feedback to the developer. However, the ‘Send’ button doesn’t actually work—Go figure! Be weary of anyone conducting business this way! Also, there’s an option to Rate the app in-app—doesn’t work! Funny enough, every single little thing pertaining to a subscription works PERFECTLY! 🤔 The app also tries to trick users as soon as it starts up. They make it seem like you have to purchase a subscription in order to use the app, but that’s not the case (there’s a small X in the upper left hand corner to close out). Don’t support slimy, disingenuous developers/scammers!

Cameron0208, Mar 15, 2022
Ask for help instead of writing a bad review first

Most one star complaints listed seem to be frustration from expecting too much from the free -with limited features- first week access, a normal policy which is made clear by the developer .. then the complainer won’t pay for the weekly (too high-should be monthly) or annual Pro tier level (a fair annual cost) to have unlimited access. People take a lot of time and effort to design complicated Apps and deserve proper pay. While I agree weekly their rate is too high- more appropriate for monthly access, but it’s their right to charge what they think is fair. What they offer is high quality compared to apps elsewhere, it’s super easy to use, fun and inspires creativity. If you respect quality and honest work as an artist you should be willing to pay others for theirs (someone’s else’s art) instead of expecting it to be free. Many wouldn’t think twice getting a $7 sugar- overload Starbucks drink or blowing $20 on random plastic jewelry that gives you a rash and breaks after a month but whine when it comes to paying for an extremely useful app you can be constantly very creative with. Think carefully about what you value and are willing to pay for.

CooganNYC, Jun 07, 2023
Nice But Overrated

This app has a lot to offer, but isn’t worth the hassle of constantly charging your account weekly subscriptions (why would anyone pay at least $4 a WEEK to put pictures in frames?). Not to mention there are around 10 different levels of subscriptions, none of which are explained beyond the pricing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least put in a sentence or two description of the varying levels and what each offers? Sorry, I’m not going to spend my money going on blind faith that I’m getting my money’s worth. This is entry level stuff, key info that should’ve been provided but wasn’t... Kinda makes you wonder. Also, I have been unable to use any of the collages I have created in the app on a computer (as a background or other image). The file is there, and you can view it, but that’s all you can do. I tried with several different files and several different ways - none of which worked. What good is a collage that you can’t use? I guess I should be thankful that I was able to use the file as my phone background (just kidding - this is yet another entry level mistake that this app makes, I shouldn’t have to be ‘thankful’ for squat), but that’s the only thing I CAN do. All in all: not worth the money and certainly not worth the effort. I’ll also be checking to make sure I don’t have the horrid subscription charge issues so many have had. Use the free trial, then boot it to the curb.

Empress Noir, Apr 16, 2021
Low res—For social media only?

I downloaded this app because I wanted to make a collage of images to use on some 16:9 PowerPoint slides. I like that you can select the output size as well as having a variety of different frames/number of photos that can be used. However, there doesn’t appear to be any way to change the output resolution. I tried making a collage and saved the image, and it was 619 x 348. Maybe this would work for posting on social media, but for viewing on a computer or PPT it is way too low resolution. The file was only 105KB. Additionally, as I was customizing the sample collage, an ad automatically played in landscape mode and afterward the app wouldn’t switch back to portrait mode no matter what I did. This was annoying because the app is much easier to use in portrait mode.

Hzievshxkajz, May 21, 2022
Not so good...

I downloaded this when searching for a simple and elegant tool to collage photos. I was looking for an app with customizable layouts so I could really frame the subject matter within the space on the collage they were placed. I chose this one because it seemed the most promised based on reviews and description.This app has an excellent array of templates, but it is hard to fine tune them to the photos you are using. I am honestly having a hard time understanding all the positive reviews based on my personal experience with the app.I also have the following concerns: 1. Crashes VERY consistently. I had to restart my first attempt at creating a collage 4-5 times at various stages of completion so it's pretty much useless on my iphone 7s. 2. Navigating tools and undoing things such as positioning and scaling photos to fit the collage is tricky. The controls lack finesse. It's too easy to lock in what you do so you have to start a project all over if you make a mistake with crop/scale.3. The ads are very frequent and obnoxious. They interrupt your workflow once you're up and running. I would be glad to pay a reasonable price for the ad free version provided it was a quality app that did its job well.I feel a bit bad for leaving such a negative review. I actually found myself trying to like this app, being ok with it, but the more I tried to use it, the more frustrated with it I became. I hope it improves with future revisions.

lez0n, Apr 01, 2017
Overall pretty good

I’ve had this app for eeehhh a month maybe more, I’ve made a couple collages with it and I always love making them with this app. Though it’s annoying that not all of its free, majority of the things that are useful are in fact free. Many different free formats to choose from, ability to change background to ANYTHING, good controls for moving around a photo. Not a huge fan of how when moving a photo around, the border ig changes shape in a way but that’s roughly my only complaint. If there were to be a future update, I’d love to see something where you can change the picture sizes on your own :) I will definitely keep this app for a while!

LilyH🤠, Nov 22, 2021

I downloaded this app, it asked me to subscribe and said there would be a 3 day free trial. I chose this and within the hour they charged me. I contacted their services and they said there was nothing they could do and that it was likely my fault suggesting that I had used it before and the trial can only be used once. I don’t remember ever using this app in the past but even if I had it is insane that the app can still “offer” the trial if I had already done so before and then just charge me anyway without warning about not being eligible for the trial. They told me this was apples problem but I would like to know how they are going to fix this if apple chooses not to as apple wasn’t the one that scammed me, they are. Obviously they make money from these apps so you can’t tell me they don’t have my money to return. Avoid this app and their shady practices or they may just steal your money and blame it on you.

Liz4310, Mar 09, 2021

Hi, my name is MaxI want to say that this app is so much better than a lot of these apps on here, it has everything that a person needs in a photo app, but there’s just two things wrong: 1. When you’re placing your photos into the sequence, why does it start out random, it’s very confusing to me and maybe a lot of others; the sequence should go from top to bottom always. 2. Why do we have to pay for some of the stickers when you could just make the inside items free, but pay $5 for the whole app. I’m sure after these small fixes, you’ll start to see more people liking and paying for this app 🥰👍🏾Thanks for reading, if you did read, and hope you think about my advice.

MAXYMUS45, Oct 18, 2023


The easiest pic collage app! Choose from tons of trendy template designs and photo collage styles to TELL YOUR STORY with one framed picture! Hundreds of awesome effects, stickers, frames, backgrounds, patterns, and text labels!

FEATURES LAYOUTS – 300+ collage layouts in different shapes and styles. – Move, scale, rotate your pics in any way you like. – Combine from 2 to 25 pics into one creative image. – Make collage boxes larger or smaller, squarer or rounder. BACKGROUNDS – Tons of diverse patterns. – Flowers, fruits, stars, owls, candies, dots, lines, neon, and much more. – Red, yellow, green, blue… Pick the color shade that suits your pics best! FRAMES – 100+ original frames: from classic ones to fun shapes, letters, numbers, signs, etc. – Crop your pic to fit nicely in an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest post. – All popular aspect ratios available: 1:1, 3:4, 4:5, 4:3, 2:1, 2:3, 16:9, 9:16. TEXT & FONTS – A rich variety of handpicked fonts. – Color your text, select a gradient, or go for one of the 90+ patterns. SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES – Tons of ready-to-use templates for the most creative stories. – Packs for any mood and aesthetic. – 100% editable: change the default text, add yours, and create the right atmosphere with stunning filters. – Add videos to fill your stories with live moments and emotions! SEASONAL & HOLIDAY TEMPLATES – Surprise your friend, better half, relative, or colleague with a personalized birthday card! – Make things memorable for the family. – Have a summer mood in winter or autumn mood in spring? Whatever the season, you can look back on your sweet memories with the Seasons pack. – Holiday packs arrive just in time for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. STICKERS – 400+ cool stickers and decorations: pop art, adventure, love, food, kawaii, neon, etc. – Add tattoos and six-pack abs for an all-new body look! FILTERS – 100+ pro filters: create an entirely different photo mood! – 50+ quick-fix beauty filters: enhance your natural beauty and look your flawless best! BEAUTY TOOLS – Smooth out your skin, slim your face, and fix any flaws. – Enhance your eyes and get rid of the red eye effect. ———PLEASE NOTE——— Due to the processing power and tech specs of older iPhone models, some editing experience may result in lagging and crashes. ***Premium Subscription*** 1000+ collage layouts & effects, filters, professional portrait & beauty tools, and more! -5 subscription options: weekly ($4.99 USD, 7-day free trial), monthly ($5.99 USD), monthly ($7.99 USD, 7-day free trial), annual ($29.99 USD), annual ($35.99 USD). -By subscribing you get unlimited access to all the app’s functionality for the whole duration of your subscription period. -Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. -Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. -Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. “Free trial” > $3.99/month, or renewal equals to the initial subscription chosen and its current price unless a special price is offered. -You can cancel a free trial, manage your subscription and turn off the auto-renewal anytime through your Account Settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. -Privacy Policy: https://irontech.mobi/collageable/ios/privacy -Terms of Use: https://irontech.mobi/collageable/ios/terms -Please note: as per Apple’s Price Matrix, the USD price is equivalent in value across different countries and is converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. -As soon as you purchase a subscription, any unused part or time-span of a free trial period will be forfeited. We’d love to hear from YOU! Drop us a line at [email protected] ~Your Collageable Team

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