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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

  • Entertainment
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Philo, Inc.
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User Reviews for Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

Is there an Ad-Free Philo option?

So far, I’ve been enjoying Philo, I’m at day 5 of the 7 day trial. I’ve been able to watch many of the shows that I enjoy and some that I’m unable to get by using any other Apps.Using other Apps, I’ve been able to find 70%+ of what I like to watch. Philo seems to be a good alternative, however because I’ve been using only ad-free Apps for the past couple years, Philo seems to have way to many ads.I don’t see an Ad-Free option? If there is an Ad-Free option and it’s a reasonable price, I would purchase the upgrade in a heartbeat. I’m not sure if that is an option, if not, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to wait through the ads. These ads are between 2-6 minutes long, I don’t want to spend my leisure time watching promotional ads for things I don’t need, nor care about.If there is an inexpensive upgrade (remembering that the cost is already high for Philo) I would either upgrade to that or stop the service.I just don’t want to spend the limited time that I have on weekends, watching promotional ads for unneeded products or services.

AKoag, May 28, 2022
Add more channels and allow people to watch shows that have previously aired

This app is so good because it has a lot of channels and shows that I love to watch but it’s lacking in some ways. For example you should be able to watch show that have previously aired just in case you missed an episode or want to watch a movie, I don’t know why philo allows a certain amount of channels to let you watch previously aired shows or movies, plus it dosent even tell you when you are allowed to watch it when it airs on live tv. And another concern I had was that there is no Cartoon Network channel on philo. Why? You guys have add ons for starz and epix but why no Cartoon Network or showtime? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And the last thing I wanted to add is why do some channels not have all the seasons? For example jersey shore only has season 3 and 4, and black ink crew only has season 8 and 9, dosen’t really make sense. But overall I like the app and all the good shows it had but it needs a lot of improvements. I’m not gonna pay $25 a month just for a couple of channels when half of them you cant even watch what previously aired, some of the seasons are not even available and some channels that most people enjoy aren’t even there… i’d rather just stick to sling unless philo changes their game.

ANIME IS LIFE(⌒▽⌒)☆, Aug 14, 2021
Love it but very grainy and freezes

I am quite fond of your service. I think you offer an amazing value with a lot of variety. I stream your service on my television and my phone. The problem I have is, the service is terrible on my brand new iPad Air.I’ve reached out to your customer service numerous times only to be told to stream online Wi-Fi. Well, that doesn’t solve the problem and I don’t always have Wi-Fi and I shouldn’t have to use my Wi-Fi to use your service when I’m paying for unlimited cellular data.I’ve used your live chat, I’ve use email and I recently sent an email a little over a week ago and I still am not hearing back from anyone.. I keep the app updated regularly and I still have a grainy choppy service. I would love it if someone would help me but I can’t seem to get anyone to help

bbghytdfgv, Jul 11, 2021
You get what you pay for

I have been a Philo subscriber in the past and thought the service was okay but canceled due to the price (really not a good value considering the channels) and the advertising. I know you say that you run fewer ads than other live services, but I’d like to see a side by side comparison. In looking at the channel line up, there is a lot of duplication, with Sundance TV, TV Land and one or two others airing the same situation comedies and old drama series over and over. The only way to get a decent movie channel is to purchase add-ons, which increases the price, and the service loses its affordability. You have some additional “free” channels that you include in the monthly price, but it’s basically filler to increase the channel count and things that no one has heard of. There is such a thing as quality over quantity instead of mind-numbing junk. It’s not the same for everyone, but I would be paying $25 a month to watch about 5 channels. I don’t understand why you need my phone number; I think you are the only provider who uses that at sign up.

cmm472, Jun 04, 2022
Can’t beat the quality/price/channels and support

I don’t leave reviews very often, but thought this might come in handy for someone (perhaps fellow apes) that research as much as I do. I could not recommend Philo any higher!! The user interface is seamless across every platform. Whether streaming on my smart TV, laptop, or phone, there are absolutely no hiccups between stopping on one device and resuming at the same point on a new one. In terms of navigation, it’s so simple that even apes love using it. I was nervous about cancelling my cable and only having Philo, but as soon as I made the change, my reservations were gone. Philo is a game changer! It’s been able to help me budget better while not sacrificing what I love, which is TV shows! And crayons.. and tendies. I like the app.

DD_1, Mar 12, 2021
Love philo

I picked Philo after taking a good look at what I actually watched on cable. I discovered that there were only a few channels that I actually watched. I was totally wasting my money plus cable was always raising my costs every month. It was a little stressful cutting out cable. I researched the ruku idea and found subscriptions that I could add that had a channel for every program we watched. The only one was Philo. I’m adjusting to missing my favorite news channels but Philo is great. I could not be happier with the hundreds of dollars it saves me. And I mean hundreds. I’m sorry that I’ve wasted so much money all of these years. Thank you Ruko and Philo.

Ilpjp, Mar 11, 2021
Better and Worse

I think Philo is an absolutely amazing platform. Everything about it is great, really. There’s just one thing that should be tweaked. There are more ads than any other streaming platform at more frequent intervals than any other place as well. For 25 dollars a month, if you do the math you can quickly calculate that by the amount of ads you’re forced to watch you realize that you shouldn’t be paying so much.My suggestion is maybe lower the monthly price even if it’s not by a crazy amount. Philo needs to show it’s not greedy, by doing this I’m confident people will respect the platform even more and use it more than other video platforms. Which would be great for Philo. The balance is off after all, anyone who knows about ad revenue knows this company is making a lot of money in an almost actually unfair way since it charges so much per month when it’s the King of commercial breaks currently. Though I say all this I’ve never seen a company take anything except it’s own advice and that goes for every company on earth. There’s always going to be a lot of greediness so all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that maybe people and things are actually capable of change. Anyways, love where Philo is going and hope that it continues to do things right and great as it has been.

insomniatiiic, May 08, 2022
Love it but hate it at the same time

This app has some really good shows on here ! My only problem is when I’m watching a show I can’t push the pause button, it’s like it locks and you can’t push anything until you just close the whole app and reopen it again. Sometime when I open the app I can’t even find the show I was just watching and if I do find my show it wont even play where I left off and I have to fast forward it which is also a problem, usually it will play an episode I’ve already watched. Trying to fast forward on a show you can’t even see where you are fast forwarding too unless you remember the episode and time where you left off.

jynrose24, Mar 13, 2022
Love it!

My husband and I finished the three seasons of Yellowstone on Paramount+ and decided we couldn’t stop there, so we subscribed to Philo. I’m so excited to watch all the Hallmark movies and Alaska PD. The amount of media and the option to record and skip through the ads is great. I haven’t used it yet, but I will in the future. Great deal for what you’re paying, in my opinion. Also, their customer service is great. I’m having issues with Chromecasting, and their service team helped me as much as possible. I was even disconnected, and the sales rep emailed me with extra steps I could follow. They didn’t work, but I think it just might be a glitch. It’s the thought that counts!

kee527, Jan 02, 2022
Really bad!!

This app has gotten progressively worse over the last couple of weeks or so. The app keeps crashing & going back to the main Apple TV screen. It buffers every so often and lately I’ve had it freeze up on me where all I could do was shut my Apple TV off and turn it back on again. And yes I am up to date with software updates on both my Apple TV and Philo itself. Tonight was the straw that broke the camels back…the time will not simply keep up with the guide. I’m trying to watch a show that is on at 9pm and the guide will simply not refresh to show the correct time/show and is stuck on 7pm. This is so frustrating to say the least. I will NOT be renewing my subscription that’s for sure!! Not worth $25 a month. Philo…get it together or you’re gonna lose a lot of subscribers!

Mayo4078, Mar 11, 2022


Welcome to Philo—television for everyone! Start your 7-day free trial to access 60+ live and on-demand networks. After your free trial, continue to watch the shows and channels you love for only $25 a month.

Philo’s channels include AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, OWN, Paramount, Travel, TV Land, UPTV, VH1, Vice, WE tv and more! From reality and true crime to lifestyle and scripted drama, Philo has the shows you love. Looking for content for the kids? Watch favorites like PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and more on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and TeenNick. Philo offers an unlimited DVR and the ability to stream on up to three devices at once. Start watching now on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Personalize your Philo experience by creating up to 10 profiles per household. Everyone who shares the account can have their own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and watch history. For more information please visit our Help Center: https://help.philo.com To find: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Ad Choices, and Do Not Sell My Personal Information, please visit philo.com/legal. This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see https://sites.nielsen.com/priv/browser/us/en/optout.html for more information.

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