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Pet World: My Red Panda

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Pet World: My Red Panda

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User Reviews for Pet World: My Red Panda

Very good but one problem

It’s a great game but the one promblem is that when you are playing some mini games it blacks out and you lose

Dana529, Nov 26, 2021

So I had this game a wile ago, and I remember it was really fun!It’s the same but there’s a problem. The flying game blacks out and is impossible. every time it blacks out I can’t see so I crash.It’s hard to earn coins and get a good record. Like when I had it a wile ago I remember getting really far! But, now the best part of the game is gone, :(

dragon lover 255, Apr 21, 2022
I love it!

I love playing this game. I love how you can do tricks with the red panda. I love how you can run around with him. I love how he wakes up. It’s so cute!

holly marie park, Apr 13, 2023
It freezes

It freezes you have to pay for every thing seems like could be fun but it is not it .I mean it was fun for awhile. Hope it gets fun that would be great .

lol dolls are cute, Apr 03, 2021
Pretty good but…

Yeah it is one of my fave games but some of the games are like… next to impossible and if kids are going to play this, please make some of the games easier . But other than that it is like the best game ever, (along with Roblox ) highly recommend 😁

NikkiLanza, Apr 24, 2022
This app rules the world!!!

This app is the best thnxs so much for making this! Red pandas are my top fav animals!

Peyawesomecutiepie, Jan 02, 2022

this is literally so unrealistic, red pandas are gonna be threatened by humans or other red pandas. its also ILLEGAL to have a red panda as a pet. at this point just make a scorpion a think that doesnt attack.

sussy bana, Jun 17, 2023
Love it but...

Ok so um I can like make it happy and do tricks but WHY NO PET??!! I want to pet my red panda k???? So plz add a update ware I can pet it

trhubbell, Nov 21, 2021
I think pretty good

There is a little black out in a game so need to fix that it’s really hard to level up I would make it easier and at the beginning there’s a other black out if it happens for people how play this and that happens try again because it does work otherwise it’s pretty fun 🤩 get the game!

Wizzleteets, May 21, 2021
Sooo cute T^T

Omg love this game it’s so realistic so many mini games but maybe you should be able to play hide and seek more often.

WolfPup0225, Apr 16, 2022


Who is taking a nap in the grass? Isn’t that your Red Panda? Adopt your new virtual pet, chose a name for him and discover exciting adventures and games in the jungle!

As a virtual pet, your friend will always be by your side. Feed him with treats and make sure that he is always hydrated. Play exciting games so that he doesn’t get bored. Wash him whenever he gets dirty while playing. And the most important thing: pet your Red Panda so that he knows how much you love him! Of course, your Red Panda also likes to be entertained. The glade of the bamboo forest invites you to play and to explore. If you want for new challenges for you and your companion, you won’t have to look too far. Use the map and travel to new exotic places where you can unlock more than 10 mini games. Take him gliding in heights above the old ruins and help him avoid obstacles and canyons. You prefer calmer activities? No problem. Puzzle games and other riddles are entertaining for everyone! The playground invites you and your Red Panda to play around. Travel to the Dome and see the exciting and interactive games that are waiting for you. Here you can gain experience and collect coins while having fun with your Red Panda. But the best thing about this? You can do these things in either 3D or in augmented reality! That way you can bring your Red Panda into your own world and interact with him directly. To be full up on energy for the next adventure, your companion will also need to take breaks now and then. A shadowy spot is the best place for a nap, so the mysterious ruins are just the right place. But maybe you can find another place to count sheep with your panda? Your pet always wants to look good on pictures, that is why grooming should not be forgotten. Help your pet clean its fur from bothersome insects. Change up the look of your Red Panda with lots of cute skins. Visit the cave to switch up the look. Your new friendship is all set to explode into full bloom! • Choose a name for you Red Panda and start a wonderful friendship! • Take care of your Panda’s needs • Discover the bamboo forest and more exotic places • Play exciting games for rewards • Unlock up to 16 great skins for your pet • Use the augmented reality mode and bring your Red Panda into your life In case of questions or issues, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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