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User Reviews for Pet Hotel - My animal pension

No real money necessary, easy play, but needs some improvements

I downloaded this when I needed something quiet to do in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. It’s very addicting and fun. You get to choose how much time and you end the day so you can play constantly. Love that part. The “income” is weird though. Every Animal pays the same, yet the food does not. The dogs, cars, ponies, and alpacas cost $40 per client per day. They pay 110 for one day, 120 for two days, 130 for three , 140 for four, and 150 for five. Now I’m not a mathematician, but even I know you’re losing coins for stays over three days. Oh, you can watch an ad to get double the coins, but it should not need that. The other irksome thing is that once you upgrade all your enclosures there’s no point continuing to play. I think my payable hours is less than 20 and I am done. Yes, there are “quests” but what do I need the coins for? There’s nothing left to purchase. I would love to see a separate location dedicated to avian and exotic pets. Or a way to decorate and choose the enrichment myself. I absolutely abhor the colors that the cat and dog rooms become at level 6. It’s way too dark and the floors and wall are all reddish hues. It cost me nothing though and killed time. Ended up watching so many ads though. Hope it actually earns them some funds to improve the game.

AbbyNormal88, Jul 09, 2020
Suggestions 🤓

So this game is amazing. I love how the animals have their own toys and have other animals of their kind in the tank. The animals are really cute. So far, I didn’t see or have any bugs. Now let’s starts with the suggestions! 1~It would be nice if the animals would interact with each other. 2~Can you add some new animals? I know you developers just add two new animals, but can add at least two of my animals? Here are the animals: Parrots, Goats, Chickens, squirrels, Owls, Pigs, and Horses.3~So when you delete the game or you get a new device, can you automatically save the game so if we want to download it again then our progress won’t be lost. So let’s say I deleted the game right? I would download it again and when I get into the game, then there would be slots to show when you deleted the game and then you would press a button that says “Continue” to begin what you have started. If you don’t want to continue it then you press the “End” button.Sorry if this was to long. You probably fell asleep or went to go read a shorter review of this game. It would be really nice if you guys( the developers) would add some of these things. Okay then, this is the end, Bye 😜

Animal L🖤ver, Sep 17, 2018
Cute game but poor game play mechanics

The animals are cute and I enjoy interacting with them, but the actual game play does not flow well at all. You start with two animal pens, with most things costing <$500 and then the third pen is at $2500. It would be better to have a more reachable third pen and slowly ramp up the income producing buildings. Also, as some people have mentioned before, the more expensive to unlock animals do not bring in more money the the base animals. And to add salt to the would, those bigger animals cost way more to feed, enough so that it usually cost more for you to house them, then how much you get paid to house them. This game would benefit from a more gradual unlocking arch, like more animals at the $1000 level, but then you can put one ore two at an even higher amount like $10,000. But then you must have it so the more expensive animals are bringing in more money, otherwise it is a terrible business expense and your teaching kids to make poor business decisions just to play with cute animals.

Atm256, Aug 08, 2020
This is the best game

So fun you get to take care of your favorite pets and you can save up money to get dogs cats hamsters guinea pigs and chinchillas ducks and more there’s barely any ads I love this game because You can upgrade your pets house and make it better and better and better until it’s great so just saying this game is the best I will just get this game because you try it I think you’ll Love it and it’s free so get it everyone stop playing this game it’s the best game everyone should get it and you have so much fun playing it and and and you always want to play it’s because you can unlock the new pets and you can upgrade houses and you can feed them in their tanks and feed them and give them drinksIt’s so fun so get this game am I love it so much I would get make more of these games because these games are so fun whoever invented these games I will give a thumbs up

Chloe Beethoven, Nov 30, 2019
Dear Developers, and others

My experience with this game so far: Food is expensive. So are upgrades. I do understand that it takes money to put some things in this game, I really do. But everyone would love to have more interactions with the pets! I’m sure you could add a petting zoo where people pay to pet the animals. After all we do have that fancy archway at the entrance. But at most this would only cost 5,000. Please if you add this (which I hope you do!), don’t make it so expensive! Also maybe if you could clean the pets for the owners, like a hair cut! They would pay you for that, based on how good you did the cut. I know that this would require work, and time, and dedication. But this would definitely satisfy people! This message is not just based on what I want, but I asked several of my friends to play this game and tell me their experiences. I did not write this myself, my friends helped me with these suggestions! I appreciate you all reading this so much! Have a wonderful day!

hkbotes, Jan 20, 2020
Dear Developers,

First off, I love this game. I just wish there were more things to do. For example, having your customers give you ratings based on how you treat their pets. I know the “smiley face” is considered a rating but I’d like a 0/5 rating scale. And when you get the rating I wish it would affect how many pets you get. For example, if you do very bad with a pet, and the owner gives you a 2 star rating, your rating score would go down and make people come to you less often.Second thing. It would be nice if you could shop for supplies, like food bowls, wheels, hideouts, and cages! When you start the game, you would get a large sum of money that you use to buy supplies for the animals. It would be way more interactive if you did that.But overall the game is very good. I hope you all take my suggestions to mind and make an update including them. Thanks, 😊

Jason Lee 123, Mar 31, 2020
It’s Good I have some suggestions

OKAY I HAVE LOOKED AT THE ANIMALS FOR A WHILE NOW AND I AM ACTUALLY OK WITH THEM but I would love it if u would still try update the alpacas and yes I know it takes a while to re do them but it would make me and my friend happy! BUT DONT EVEN BOTHER READING THE REST IF U DONT WANNA WASTE UR TIME XD My friend kept asking me and asking me to get the game but at first I didn’t want to then I decided I would give it a try and when I got it I asked her where the cats pen was thenI saw it and I wasn’t too happy not trying to be rude but I wasn’t really happy with the designs of the cats neither the horses so if u could change up how they look I would love that thank you and I will be updating this soon so I can’t take a look at them all also please don’t be mad at me for say this edit:I wasn’t so happy about the alpacasI know it’s quite a lot of work but if you could fix those I would love it 😍 like I said it’s just a Suggestion also please no hating on me for this :) also I have not read any of the comments witch I am doing now XD

kdhrnrlehrmdhfjdddguwedd, Aug 10, 2020

I have gotten this game before and got all the animals and finished it so I just decided to buy it again like a year later and then I realized they put in new things and the new things are Alpacas and a duck pond. It has made the game way more fun since there are more animals and more things to keep going on, I would also enjoy it even more if you put more animals in there like raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and etc. I would love it if you did put all those animals in there it would expand the game and make it more fun to play in my opinion. Maybe you could also put fish and birds in it. I know you guys can’t add all of these animals and things but can you at least add a few. Please try to change the prices on the food!Can you also maybe make the pets interact together, it would be sooo cute and adorable!! I know you may not be able to do this because it does take time, but please try your best! Hopefully you get to read this.

q5596478, Jul 08, 2021
Animal care

So honestly I liked the game itself but I’m going to stop playing it as I don’t want to support your portrayal of animal care. Most notably for me is housing the hamsters in groups of three because in real life Syrian hamsters will kill each other if kept together and Syrians are the most popularly kept hamster. If a little kid or even adult plays this game and doesn’t do the proper research and put two or three Syrians together all three will likely die. In my opinion it is your games responsibility and other games like it to portray animal husbandry at least close to proper care. It’s a game and I’m not expecting like perfection as it isn’t real life but yes they need wheels but I understand the aspect of upgrading and they won’t like actually die without one, I don’t find this one thing a serious issue. I just ask you do your research at least slightly into each animal so you don’t influence people to end up accidentally killing their pets by in this case housing hamsters together.

StRstund, Feb 22, 2020
Um? bRokEn?

So I played through most of the game, and came back after doing things on other games. When I came back, it started giving me the tutorial again. I had all my progress still there, but it just went through the tutorial. I thought “Oh, that’s fine. I’ll just go through the tutorial again and get back to the game.” At first. Then it went to the first hamster upgrade. The thing I already bought. I tried to tap out of it, but it kept saying “tAp tHe uPgRaDE” on the side of the screen. So I flicked the app up, and went back in. Right as I pressed the play button, it took me back right into the tutorial. I don’t want to lose my progress, I was so close to finishing the game, and it took awhile. So can you fix this? Also, I know this has nothing to do with this game, but your “Dog Hotel” game keeps crashing, and I’ve tried restarting my iPad, turning off and back on again, flicking up the app and going back in, and everything I know that usually works with games crashing. After I tried my last technique, I knew it was the game and not my device. Zap578

Zap578, May 20, 2021


The animals are coming! When pet owners go on holidays or on business trips, they certainly don’t want to leave their furry friends all alone. That’s where you come into play: care for cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas and rats, play with them and return happy pets to their owners. ***Care for 5 different types of pets and play with them!*** In your PetHotel, there's always a lot to do!

Many pet owners come to your pension and demand the best care for their loved friends, so you'll need to give everything to make the animals' stay as cozy as possible. Play with your guests and make sure they have everything they need. ***Complete exciting quests and make sure all the animals are happy*** You'll never get bored in the hotel, thanks to the exciting quests you'll have to complete in order to advance in the game. Expand the hamsters' enclosures, buy new toys for the dogs! There is so much to be done, but of course you'll be rewarded for your work. ***Lots of different breeds and beautiful coat colors*** The cute and realistic 3D animations in PetHotel will make the PetHotel experience all the more enjoyable for all our animal friends. Watch the pretty Siamese groom herself and the happy Labrador frolic. Reward your pets with their favorite treats after washing them, and don’t forget to cuddle them! * Open your own pet hotel for hamsters, dogs, cats, and many more! * Expand the animals' enclosures and fill them with great items * Complete quests and collect coins to improve your hotel Get started, open up your pension and look after all the animals! Visit us on Facebook: facebook.com/tivolamobile

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