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Pepi House: Happy Family

  • Education
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Pepi House: Happy Family

  • Education
165 ratings
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User Reviews for Pepi House: Happy Family


Hey, love the game really fun, but I was wondering if you could improve some stuff. Like making the car fit more than 2 people or making it night time or even putting for people in the game. Again just a suggestion that in my opinion would make the game better, for me.

525637373, Feb 22, 2019

There isn’t much to do. Yes there are several rooms but like NOTHING to do on them! There is no clothes to wear and they can’t invite over friends. They don’t do the things that they do in Pepi hospital and pepi super stores! Like when you hand someone a guitar in PSS they will play it and move their shoulders up and down but when you do the same in PH they just strum it.

Good Vibes Bro, Jun 23, 2018
READ! Suggestion's

I like Pepsi house but I have a few suggestions to make it a bit better. You should be able to cut food like maybe fruit or something. There should be a Pepi School and shopping store! That would be REALLY AWESOME!! You could shop for clothes! That's all of my suggestions and I hope you read this!

I dont kmow, Dec 10, 2017
Sound issue

I bought this app (well I bought the bundle) for my son since he has all the other Pepi apps and loves them. While he does seem to like these apps the big issue is that there is no sound unless your using headphones. I have this issue with all 3 apps from the bundle. My son is only 5 so it is not a typical thing for me to allow him to wear headphones when using his iPad. I already did a trouble shooting with apple and the issue is only with the apps in this bundle. Would love for it to work and function fully.

JasonSylvester, Mar 27, 2019
It’s really boring and a few glitches

The app is fun for a little bit but then it gets super boring cause there’s not much to do and there is no clothes so the characters just stay in the same clothes and you can’t make the characters hold the baby and the baby won’t sleep when u put it on the crib

johnnyiturra, Mar 23, 2022
I love it

This game is great I love that there is no adds and I love that it’s for everyone. But like most things there are some downs. I do have a few suggestions too. First one instead of the game starting over every time you log back in how about it saves progress. My second suggestion is if there could be some clothes. I really love the dress up but it would be funny if the family switched clothing 😂. And my third suggestion is that you could add a white spray paint or an eraser if you mess up on the picture you work on (for the easel in the kids bedroom). But other than those things it is a perfect game 👍🏻. Excellent job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

lakittygata25, Jun 14, 2020
You didn’t add clothes in a new bed what does that have to even happen you forgot!!!

I know that you can’t drive to no where. I played it you didn’t even add anything all you did is literally fix the mirror glitch. more bed there’s no clothes and like can you make a drive to anywhere by the way can you make more houses please🙏🙏🥺🥺😇😇?!?!?

Lovehoneybabe8820, Apr 30, 2022
Excellent Game for Excellent Price!

My 3 year old LOVES this game! There are so many things you can do in this game. It teaches toddlers how household items work and helps them to emulate daily routines. There are many sound effects. The price for 2.99 is incredible for hours and hours of entertainment and learning. Thank you so much !

Photo-holic📸, Jun 23, 2022
Annoying bug 👶🏻🍼

Hello love the app but there’s a bug i filled a glass of red juice I put the bottle for the baby milk in the half glass and the milk turned red it’s annoying I tryed to fix it but won’t work please fix this bug also add clothes for the baby also make the baby sleep When put in the crib so bye

puppy are adorable, Jun 10, 2019

This is a colorful and wonderfully interactive game. There is so much to do. It would be even more fun if the bird could eat food instead of just drinking, and if the food regenerated on its own. It would be cool if the food did that in the store game too. Thank you for a great game.

shadow egret, Mar 24, 2017


Meet and greet the huge Pepi family in Pepi House! Join 10 lovely characters in their day to day life. Create your own scenarios, play, explore and have fun!

Pepi House is a fun and safe educational game for kids about daily life in a household. Pepi House is a digital version of a classical toy — doll house. We designed Pepi House to be as reminiscent to real life toys as possible, but the digital element allowed us to offer something even more. While playing kids can learn basic home rules, explore daily routines, learn the names and use of different equipment, experiment with various items and discover many new things every day. There are hundreds of items within Pepi House, most of them can be interacted with and some of them can be mixed and matched for awesome results! As always, we at Pepi Play encourage parents to play together with kids. Tidy up rooms in a fun way, create new house rules in virtual world first and then apply them to your daily life. Talk about activities, broaden your vocabulary, experiment and most importantly have some fun and healthy laughter! Explore the house by simply checking the environment and interacting with it – fix your family car, do the laundry, dress-up characters or make them a tasty burger! Want even more? Go ahead, use our elevator to move items between the floors, discover new combinations or even prank some of the house dwellers to see their reactions! Pepi House is all about the freedom of making your own choices and learning what you can do with various different items or their combinations. KEY FEATURES: • 4 house floors representing different areas of a household. • 10 different characters (Including favourite pets!). • Hundreds of items available for play. • Themed rooms carefully represents real life environment. Each room is filled with various items you’d expect to find in a real house. • Great animations and sounds. • Can be played by various methods. PEPI HOUSE is all about the freedom to experiment. • Use the elevator to move items and characters between different floors. • No in-app purchases. • No third-party advertising. • Recommended age: 3-7.

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