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User Reviews for PBSC

Used to work

This was such a great program. I loved being able to ride to work and not have to ride home in 100+ degree weather. This app has become so glitchy and unreliable that it’s no longer usable. 3 out of the last 4 times that I tried to unlock a bike, the app would not work properly leading me to be late for work and other appointments. I close and reopen it. I delete and reinstall it. None of the things customer service tells me do work. :( I hope that they can fix this app so the system is usable again.

Chikasa, Oct 15, 2020
Works but needs UI work

Entering in my info when registering, things didn’t align on my iPhone screen. Second, some of the info should have carried over to the card registration screen. But app worked to get my bike and transaction worked well too.

dma333, Jul 29, 2022
Terrible - US trying to register

I would like that 45 minutes of my life back. The website option failed several times to recognize my payment option. The app, too big a download for what it is, then kept saying my national ID field was blank when I selected Passport as the option.

GoBoSox9, Jul 05, 2022
Watch your vacation waste away

Absolutely awful. Can’t even sign up. Hilarious user interface and terrible time wasting. You will spend two or three hours of your day trying to make it work and not be successful. Then you will want to throw your telephone into the river. It’s a shame these apps do not go through better testing and the developer owes everybody an apology. They only respond to positive reviews 😅😂😂

humunculus, Jun 18, 2022
Battery drainer

Trying to use the app unlocking bikes is a exercise in frustration. You have to quit the app each time sometimes multiple times and re-launch it. If you accidentally leave it running in the background God help your battery life. This is one of the worst build apps I have to use.

kittycorbu, Oct 02, 2021

For some reason the app won’t accept my (valid, triple-checked & correct) credit card information, which is apparently required to complete the (clunky and annoying in a myriad other ways) account creation process. So not only can’t I pay, I can’t even sign up. Do app developers even do QA? Not at all surprised that this is the platform my dumb city chose for its half-a$$ed attempt at a bikeshare program.

PeeAitchDee, Jul 07, 2022
Most unstable iOS app I’ve ever used

It took me 30 minutes just to successfully rent a bike. I had to restart my phone 3 times and force close the app multiple times just to get the input fields to accept what I was typing into them. I spent the first minute of my 30 minute rental to write this review. I’ll never use the service again.

Sal Romano, Jul 15, 2022
Doesn’t work

Tried to sign up to rent a bike for the day, but the app would not let me enter my information correctly. Specifically, the scroll wheel to select the month for my credit card kept defaulting back to one and as a result it was invalid with my actual credit card expiration date

ScottyDog20, Dec 26, 2021
It seems like it doesn’t work but it actually does!! Check your credit card statement!

I saw all the bad reviews talking about how it doesn’t accept the credit card/says passport info can’t be blank when it actually gets filled in but figured I’d give it a shot anyway as I needed to use a bike and I couldn’t find a different option.I went through the account creation process and got to the end where I entered the card information only to arrive at a blank screen. Not knowing what happened I tried to go back and finish the creation process again but got an error saying my passport number was blank OR NOT UNIQUE. My passport number was obviously not blank so it had to mean they already had my passport number on file. I verified this by checking my credit card app and saw I was charged the subscription fee! I then just needed to log in with my email/password and I was ready to ride!While it was not clear that my account was created successfully, in reality it ended up being a super quick and easy process to open the account and rent/return the bike so please give it a try!

TheeBirdDog, Jul 08, 2022
App is unusable - so glitchy

I’ve never written a review before, let alone a negative one but this app is beyond frustrating. Today I stood next to the kiosk trying to unlock a bike for 30 MINUTES. I’ve had the app for about a year and my credit card, password, etc. have all worked in the past, but the app takes soooo long. Normally it takes me about 15 minutes to unlock a bike. There is at least a 15 second delay every time you click something, and after you put in your password you have to wait at least a minute before the screen changes. The app is completely unusable. Please, PLEASE do something to fix the glitching!!

tillie1296636, Mar 31, 2022


CycleFinder is now PBSC! Your City Your App! PBSC app is for all the urbanites around the world who make bike sharing part of the pulse of healthy city life.

Our friendly app has all the features you need to locate a station, quickly rent a bike, and enjoy happy journeys. Download today to join users worldwide and discover the joy of bike-sharing! PBSC app allows you to: • Find the nearest available bike or dock based on your geolocation. • Mark stations as your favorites to easily see their availabilities. • Create a new bike share account directly in the app or login to an existing account (for systems that allows it) to be able to: ○ Rent bikes directly from the app in just a few seconds ○ Request extra time at full stations to be able to dock your bike at a nearby station ○ See details of current trip and trip history You’ll be able to use PBSC app in different cities around the world: • BiciCoruña, A Coruña • GreenBike, Aruba • WE-cycle, Aspen • Bicing, Barcelona • BA Ecobici, Buenos Aires • Bike Chattanooga, Chattanooga • C.vélo, Clermont-Ferrand • MoGo, Detroit • Careem BIKE, Dubaï • Mibici, Guadalajara • Biki, Honolulu • Hawaii Island Bikeshare, Kona • LouVelo, Louisville • MonaBike, Monaco • BIXI, Montréal • Velespeed Lefkoşa, Nicosia • POGOH, Pittsburgh • Bike POA, Porto Alegre • àVélo, Québec • Bike PE, Recife • Bike Itaú - Rio, Río de Janeiro • Bike Itaú - Riviera, Riviera • Accès-Vélo, Saguenay • Bike Itaú - Salvador, Salvador • dBizi, San Sebastian • Velo Sântana, Sântana • Bike Itaú - Santiago, Santiago • Bike Itaú - Sampa, São Paulo • Wolf Ride, SBU • Sibiu Bikecity, Sibiu • Huizi, Toluca • Bike Share Toronto, Toronto • Tugo Bike Share, Tucson • Libélo, Valence • Bike VV, Vila Velha Visit https://www.pbsc.com/ to know more about PBSC Urban Solutions - the company who created and developed the app.

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