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Paycor Scheduling

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Nimble Software Systems, Inc
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User Reviews for Paycor Scheduling

Terrible app

One of the most frustrating apps I have had to deal with. Often requires me to re-sign in but cannot access the content of the app. Have to open another app and come back to be able to access. Also does not not hold settings. It shows me who is at a particular location even though I have checked all locations be shown. Probably minor issues but should be corrected

Allivin, Jun 16, 2020
Employees Can’t See The Full Schedule Anymore?

I liked the old Nimble app much better. As an employee, I NEED to be able to see who I’ve been scheduled with each day, and it seems in this new version I can’t see that anymore. I also used to be able to see who all was working on a particular day, and I can no longer do that. There are certain people at work I prefer to avoid because they are lazy and dump their work off on other people on a routine basis, so I don’t pick up shifts on days they work unless I have to. Plus, if they happen to schedule me with one of the employees that is like that I need to know so I can drop the shift. I can’t do that if I can’t see any information about the other employees!

AppleFanTara, Sep 14, 2018
It has so much potential!

However, it is very glitchy. Randomly logs my employees out, randomly wants us to use Captcha. When adjusting a schedule for an employee - when changing the clock in time it automatically enters a random clock out time. If I forget to check the clock out time before I start to change it I’m stuck. I had so much hope for it when PayCor purchased the app from Ximble. But still so many random, annoying bugs. I’ve reported them numerous times yo no avail.

froyogirl99, Jul 17, 2022
The worst

So I have been using Paycor for about 2 months now and I finally decided to write my review. It’s literally the worst. With all the apps I need to use for my job, this one is the one I’m always having trouble with. It constantly logs you out. Every time there is a new update it breaks and wont stay open when you are trying to log in or out. The way it calculates it’s hours is wonky. It feels like they hire the worst developers or there is some kind of internal struggle within their company. Nothing feels intuitive, nothing is easy to use, nothing is straight forward. It’s like they sit in meetings and talk about how to make it the most difficult and least user friendly as possible, and they are succeeding at that. Maybe they just hire people off the streets to develop their product, I don’t know, but that is what this app feels like to use. If you can avoid at all costs and do not use for your company.

Gary_Host, Jun 16, 2022
Not a great app

App is good to see your schedule and easy to navigate but the fact that you get logout and doesn’t even have face recognition is just absurd, you have to put your credentials all the time you want to see the schedule. Not liking the app

grgtej, Oct 12, 2022

This ap is awful. I used it for a year and a half (begrudgingly because I paid for the year) and it gave me nothing but trouble. Every single time it updates something awful happens. Once I lost ALL my repeating clients BUT when I tried to renter them it said there was a conflicting appointment... even though you couldn’t see it. 😡 It boots me out on a regular basis so when I’m sitting with a client and need to open the schedule I have to make them wait while I sign in again. Sometimes it just won’t load at all and I have to close it out and reopen it. But when made me cancel mid-year was all my girl’s schedules randomly scrambled. If you clicked on it you could see the correct date, but it would put it on the wrong days and frequently says that the current day is “tomorrow” this has been a complete nightmare and now that I have Sling I see even more clearly how terrible it is! I highly suggest looking into Sling if you have a small business!!! It’s amazing and the free part of the app has a ton to offer and the paid option is extremely reasonable!

Housekeeping Company, Apr 26, 2021
Helpful for teams over different locations

In our office we pull in freelancers for specific skill sets on different projects, the ability to enable and disable particular employee profiles rather than deleting it is useful and the app itself helps to manage different employees in different locations nationally and internationally. Matching working shifts and schedules so they cross over with the needed personnel helps smooth out any bumps we might encounter in a project and makes sure we're all clear on out objectives.

Lori E Armstrong, Jan 30, 2018
Pay for

Terrible app. Set it up. First time I went to use it , it said password was wrong, so I asked for new password and email was supposed to be sent but they never sent email. Went to another staff for help to fix it. Was I doing something wrong? She had the same issue and can’t use it either. My job is desperate for people to pick up shifts but they depend on this thing so I m not getting shifts I want, they aren’t getting shifts filled and staff who are working are ticked off to be working short-staffed all the time. EVERYONE is unhappy.

mad rn 2, Aug 09, 2021
Not very effective

Don’t like the fact that the colors are so similar on the schedule. Also wish we could have two dept. on the schedule or at least be able to choose our own colors would even be more helpful. Even if you save you password it still sometimes make you log back in. This app is not very efficient.

managerje, Oct 10, 2020
Hate It!

I work at a smokeshop that depends on this app to get our hours and we really have a hard time specially apple users to log in to clock out or clock in bc it constantly kicks us out and takes a long time to load our log in info. I hate that it always has our hours mixed up bc of the time frame after 4pm it is already the next day.

s.hxry, Mar 15, 2022


Say goodbye to scheduling headaches! Use Paycor Scheduling’s mobile app to create, manage and view work schedules on the go. *How Paycor Scheduling helps your business* *Ensure all staff members are kept up to date with their schedule via email, SMS and push notification.
* Create, edit and publish shifts. * Schedule staff across multiple locations and worksites * Fill open shifts and manage shift trades. 
* Manage team communications easily in one place: broadcast announcements and send messages to multiple employees in real time.
 *How Paycor Scheduling helps your staff* * View work schedules from anywhere
* Let your manager know your availability
* View and accept available open shifts
* Find someone to cover for you, request shift trades or pick up shifts from other colleagues About Paycor Scheduling
Paycor Scheduling is available in multiple languages and is used in 50+ countries. Our app is updated regularly to make sure we’re always providing the best and most flexible features to the businesses we work with.