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User Reviews for Paycor Mobile

Paycor is king

I’m currently employed at stateline power Corp (Perkins power Corp) we utilize the Paycor services and phone app, best way I’ve ever tracked my pay stubs ever! Been working various factories and other jobs for over 15 years and this is the most user friendly app/service I’ve ever used..why keep an unorganized mess of pay stubs in a filing drawer when you can always have access to whatever you may need right in your pocket..not to mention it’s more pleasing and organized...Paycor for the win!! You guys are doing an awesome job! Thank you for your amazing service...Sincerely Mr. C.Brown

12347973833735, Oct 14, 2017
Serious threat to your security

This is such an obvious threat to those with lesser means. I have never experienced a clock in system that requires the use of a SSN for literally every process daily. Upon setup at the request of my employer there is no disclaimers or liability claims associated with your sensitive information. Your company has all of your sensitive info. There is Zero reason you can prove that you provide every detail available to open a bank account. Who is best positioned if a data breach? The company that threw all of its employees into another system they were unaware of, the system that will just claim it assumed employers cleared with employees. Check your contracts with your employers they are NOT allowed to send your ssn to outside firms without your consent for any reason. Any other login system uses your employee ID which can be distributed freely and is almost impossible to misuse for nefarious reasons and it’s tied to you at your company. This is absolutely insane.

Andy_Wow, Aug 17, 2021
Hard to get the money you worked for

Hey court gives an option to take out earned wages. It directs you to a company called “PAYACTIV” used this feature last week Wednesday and it’s supposed to instant if you have their card or 1-2 business days. It’s been over a week and no funds. I’ve called and chatted 3 times and each time I was told to wait 24- 48 hrs to issues to be fixed. I’ve waiting longer than the time asked and still nothing. Everytime I call they say wait another 24-48 hrs. It’s beyond frustrating. If I didn’t need it I would have attempted to get the funds. I had to call over 15 times to even talk to someone on the phone. No one is helping just saying wait wait wait…. It’s a nightmare

AnUnHappyCostumer, Jun 23, 2022

This app is absolutely useless. The pdf instructions for this app show that you're able to see your recent punches and create them. Not only can I not see my recent punches but I can't even create a punch either, which is practically the only use I would have for this. All it shows me is my payday, which I already know when I'm going to get paid and my vacation hours. That's literally it. And so I am stuck using the mobile website version of paycor to clock in and out and have to re-verify my account every single day despite trusting my device every single day before. Everything about paycor is absolutely awful, in my opinion.

DavidWayneCarpenter, Sep 23, 2020
Problem with the recent update..

I’ve had this app for awhile now, and it has been better than any of the other apps I’ve used for work out there, but with the new update, it brought new problems. This morning I went to look at my schedule, everything was running just as smooth as it usually does, then BAM! The app COMPLETELY freezes! Now, at first I figured it was just me. So I decided I’d try again later, only for it to happen again. I try over and over just to look at my schedule and everything Insta freezes and I can no longer scroll through. And at this point it’s either I forcibly exit or it kicks me to the Home Screen. Today I go to work, and low and behold- it’s happening to everyone else. I figured it was just me, despite my phone running well, but no. Most people at work seem to have this problem since last night! I love this app, and it’s been really helpful to me, but I get stressed out easily. And not seeing my schedule stresses me out, please help!

HuHuwah, Jun 24, 2022
A Wonderful App for Employees!

I work at a public library and I have been employed there for nearly nine and a half years. Our employees have used the PAYCOR website on the computers to sign in and clock in when starting our work day, just to name a couple. Our library recently introduced the employees to the mobile version of the PAYCOR app. I decided to download this app on my iPhone and signed in to my employee account. The colorful and unique features of this app totally BLEW ME AWAY! Beside the nice greeting, I found the app pretty easy to use, compared to the other version of PAYCOR. I like when I am able to view my pay stubs and my W-2 forms. I also like the employee directory. It provides a photo, the full name, and the position of each employee. I feel that this is an important feature that helps new employees learn the names of current library staff. I will be using this app a whole lot! I will DEFINITELY download this app on my iPad. Every business SHOULD have this app for their employees.

Kimmy11kay, Sep 17, 2018

My employer recently changed from ADP to pay core.😳I am not very happy, there is information I used to receive from ADP that I no longer can access. It needs to show you your current pay rate, I looked all over the app and there is NOTHING available to show you what your current pay rate and OT rate is!! It should be listed with your benefits, or under your profile!! I also like a list of the days I have taken off, and not just the days I have approved from my PTO. I get them approved through the app just fine, however if you look BACK at the calendar it shows you NO where that you have taken ANY off. 🙄 I wish we could go back to ADP!

Leo's sunshine, Aug 24, 2019
For what it does

It’s an ok app. But it could be so much better. In this digital age of cell phones it would be much more useful to actually be able to view what you can find on the pc web page such as total hours for the week. Even more useful would be being able to see projected income for a pay period that is upcoming. My company uses DailyPay in conjunction with Paycor so that would be a huge tool to help budget with instead of just using DailyPay blindly. As of right now I have to guess my hours and calculate the amount I should be making and then deduct guessed taxes to estimate the actual net income. I’d rather not be flying blind. Thanks.

pickleonastickbayonette, Dec 17, 2019
Paycor is what an app should be!

I work for a small financial institution and we've used Paycor for the past few years. Because I am a supervisor, I use the system regularly to approve time cards and PTO in addition to tracking my own HR benefits. Once I discovered the app and we got it full set up, I rarely use the actual website anymore because the app functionality is so thorough and I can access the app from anywhere. It is easy to use and exceptionally stable, too. Thank you, Paycor, for this amazing tool - which gets the job done!

PZeeR, May 08, 2021
Unnecessary Location Tracking

This app has always been very convenient for keeping up with pay and deductions with minimal issues…however, recent changes were implemented that require ALL users to submit to location tracking for its usage. The claim is for accurate Clock In and Clock Out for those who it, but here’s the rub - not everyone using Paycor uses that feature. My time sheet, for example, is a simple Excel sheet I type up myself and submit to the office - no official clock in requirements necessary. Location tracking should never be required of any users of this app unless said users are utilizing the time card function. I’m likely deleting this app from my phone now for this very reason. And if my employer can see my location anytime I access the app, then that’s all the more reason to ditch it. Respectfully,A Concerned Employee

Scipio Americanus, Jun 21, 2021


Paycor Mobile gives you access to payroll, time and attendance, and HR features wherever you go. Sign in with your existing Paycor username and password to stay connected. Please note that some features may need to be enabled by your company’s administrator before you can see them in the app.

Employees: See your current and previous pay stubs, and W-2s Text, email, and print PDF copies of your pay stubs and W-2s Punch in/out, view your time card hours, report a missed punch Fill out your timesheet Accept your time cards / time sheets Request time off Calendar - view your work schedule, future pay dates, and time off Company directory View benefits Tasks & notifications Company learning View and edit your profile Company news Scheduling Managers & Administrators: Approve time off requests Approve workflows Acknowledge time card exceptions Add/edit/delete punches for employees Approve time cards Applicant Tracking General: English and Spanish language support Touch ID/Face ID, so you don’t have to enter your password each time Push notification support for new pay stubs, time off requests, time off approvals, tasks, and notifications

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