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User Reviews for Paycom

Terrible. Not user friendly. PITA

Out of all the apps/ programs we have used for HR at work this is the absolute worse. To start off, this is one of the least user friendly apps I’ve ever worked with. Everything you do seems to be about 15 years outdated. If an employee wants to take 3 days off you have to manually review and approve 3 separate days off. The home page is awful showing the entire gambit of stuff you can do. Why not default to the 2 or 3 most common things we use instead of showing everything at once? On top of the lack of user friendly layout, it is one of the most cumbersome tools to perform all of the normal HR/management functions that we used to do easily without Paycom. It seems like there is always something extra I need to go out of my way to do on this program. It was honestly easier to do by paper and that says a lot. Would give this negative stars if possible. If your company is considering Paycom, stop it, resist, runaway. Bad move!

All nicknames taken stupid, Feb 14, 2022
Set up was extremely faulty and why doesn’t it show how many hours per shift I worked

In truth, I was using ADP for over a year and I wish the company I work for would go back to that. I had huge problem during the set up of Paycom when they asked me for I9. I tried many times for over a week to upload my passport photo. I was hitting all the requirements Paycom asked for over and over again in variety of ways. Even took two days off from trying and tried again still didn’t work. It took my boss 3 days!!! To get it all sorted out after contacting support through Paycom. I never had to upload passport photo when I used ADP. Another major con for me is I’m not able to see how many hours I’ve worked in a single shift or in a single week. Maybe I need to be shown how but I looked all throughout the app and didn’t find it. Some other minor things I don’t like is cosmetics but that’s not really a bother. The green I’m not much of a fan of. I was so happy with ADP and the organization of the menu and general layout and setup was. I’ve got me. A pro that I do like about Paycom is the quick punch that’s nice. Overall Paycom does its job for me for being able to punch me in and out. I ask that Paycom foxes not being able to see how many hours worked.The whole bad experience with initial setup leaves a really bad impression for me, that’s why I give it two stars. This happened with other employees as well in the company o work for I’m not the only one.

amazon driver bay area, Mar 19, 2021
hopelessly tedious

constant clock in/out issues. it takes forever to load the opening screen which could mean you lose or gain an extra 15 min on your time card. plus after you clock in it takes forever to register - if you turn your phone off or exit app too soon, the punch may not register. the supervisor approval process is tedious. if your supervisor can’t approve quick enuf, you’ll need a pen and paper and calculator nearby to figure out your hours by hand to figure out when you should leave come friday. (despite the fact that the app IS a calculator and could help you out - but won’t) and you’ll just have to hope you’ve guessed the rounding scheme correctly when making these calculations. this is ridiculously poorly built. our entire organization universally hates it. it’s clearly built to appease finance departments with absolutely no concern for the actual users. it’s an utterly tone deaf interface. needs to have a running total of what your corrected hours are for the week so you can tell when to clock out otherwise you dig yourself deeper into a hole. it only gives you a punch total - which is useless - because if one punch is incorrect - it’s adding up a total lie. wish we’d never chosen this company based on this app alone

Bhermes123, Jun 13, 2022
More convenient than the website

As a person that has to use the employer side (I process part of our payroll) and the employee side, the app is way more convenient for punches on the employee side. I just have 2 things I wish were better.. I work a lot of overtime, and I have noticed if I am clocked in via the app, it will clock me out automatically after 10 or so hours.. or time out and out my out punch as a ‘?’ which I assume is a built in thing because it assumes you work a normal shift and forgot to clock out… it would be nice to turn that off when I know I’m going to have a lot of OT coming up..Second, since I process things on the employer side, I know payroll is sent to Paycom, processed and finalized a few days before actual payday.. for people like me, and other employees, that live paycheck to paycheck, it would be nice to see pay stubs in the app/website in real time as soon as they are completed, not at 12:01am on payday. It would help people like me know what our upcoming paycheck is going to be, to better budget etc. There are many times I get my direct deposit before I can view my stub… granted only by a hours, but it would be nice to see it before pay hits.. especially when I know it’s completed long before it’s viewable.

ccloonan, Nov 14, 2021
Decent but could be more user friendly

Coming from HotSchedules, this app lacks a lot basic features. First, there’s no way to sync schedule to google calendar. This is a basic feature that should’ve been implemented from the beginning. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to manually input the schedule every week. Also, if a shift changes, it would be nice I was informed of the exact change, rather than having to check my new schedule and compare it to the now outdated version. Also, you can’t simply log into a particular section instantly. The app should have a way to show my schedule instantly upon logging in. There’s little daily use for the other options. Another thing, when I do go into schedule, it should immediately start with the current day, not the beginning of the week. There’s a long list of improvements this app could make, but it seems they’re not interested in making it really functional.

Craigw79, Nov 30, 2019
Great time tracker

It makes is it so easy to clock in and out, for the day or for lunch breaks! This is a big one to me. At my previous jobs I had to use a separate app to keep track of my time... Which let’s face it, about 71% of the time I completely forgot to log.With this application I don’t have that issue because if I don’t log it, I don’t get pay. So great for clocking in and out for the day and breaks, while also keeping track of your time! For those of us that forget rules in our employee books, no worries, the app allows you to access the company’s employee’s handbook super simple and right at the touch of your finger tips! No complicated instructions needed.

Glory1290, Feb 22, 2021
System will not let me access from a computer

I have tried multiple different computers multiple different times tried getting it reset from account managers nothing works. I’m no longer able to access Paycom from my computer so I can’t do any trainings or update any of my trainings. I work with children so I’m about to lose my job because Paycom can’t support my credentials. This is the worst system I’ve ever used.Update finally got the password to change. Now it won’t let me in because I must either be misspelling or miss quoting the stupid answer this question about your life. And of course it only asked me what’s the street you grew up on (there were a lot of them I don’t remember), the one that I keep trying isn’t working either mis spelling or its right when the other questions wrong. The other is who did you go to prom with which is a trick question I never to any of my school’s proms (I can’t remember if I said “nobody”, “I didn’t”, “no one”, or even may ever “your joking right?” to no avail. Now because of this crappy system I’m going to get fired from a job I’ve had since my junior year of high school.So thanks Paycom I needed another reason to kill myself with 2020 clearly wasn’t enough for most people. Real highly of my year.

john leish, Jan 13, 2021
Customer service is horrible

My wife works for a larger company and they also use paycom which is how I came to hear about them for my business. My wife bragged about how they were top notch, detailed, and had great customer service. When I was first signing on with paycom, that is exactly what I experienced. Their customer service, onboarding methods, and just being there to help in the beginning was top notch. They explained everything to me, walked me through it, and were there every time I needed them or if I had a question. After the on boarding process was done and I started running payrolls on my own; that all went totally downhill. I’ve been with paycom for about 5 months now and when I have a question now; my designated customer service rep is nowhere to be found. I’ll send an email with a question and I may not hear back for a week, and sometimes; no answer at all. I’ve had to reach out multiple times before to get an answer. The only person that can get things done and handled for me was the person that onboarded us in the initial setup. Customer service definitely needs help after the onboarding process. I was so pumped at first to find such a great company in the beginning but that is not the reality of how they run their business after onboarding. My wife’s company is also always frustrated with them and are thinking about switching. If it were not such a hassle to switch payroll companies, I would’ve already switched. But I’ll switch if nothing changes.

jsgtbso, Jan 12, 2022
Getting better, with one big exception

The Paycom app is very helpful in performing tasks from my phone, a great convenience. In fact, logging in is easier with the app than it is on the website, especially on the employee side. It’s easier, too, to switch between employee and manager (which, by the way, when will they just be merged, with managers just having more access to things under a single login?). It’s also easier to navigate to the common tasks of time cards and time off requests.So the big exception, which also applies to the website: Why can’t I just enter hours or dollars on a time card like it’s a spreadsheet — as it appears? I see the spreadsheet-like setup, but I really separately have to go to the plus sign and a whole separate window to enter anything. Never made sense to me, when cells appear that it would seem you could just click into and enter numbers (and you could set up drop down menus with all the options on each row). It would seem you could make it all quicker. I do appreciate that at least you can enter consecutive days at once. But try doing a time card where you work like Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and time yourself.While we’re using PayCom at work, I’m glad to have the app.

nahho, Jan 10, 2021
On-Boarding Painful

Trying to update my private email was confusing and frustrating. The “Verify Email” button does not Verify the new email like I assumed it would - it simply reloads the page and sends a verification email to my work email. After three failed entries I scrolled down and found the “Update” button. I figured this should help me and filled out the forms and clicked “Update”. I received an error as the emergency contact field wasn’t filled out - but it was never indicated as required. I clicked the provided link to go back and found the forms empty as the system had not retained my previous entries. I did everything again and finally got my email added but it took far longer than it should have. Additionally, the emails have no indicator that they are from Paycom at all in the body of the email and they look like spam. App overall seems okay. On-boarding and notifications are a nightmare.

SaiausV2, Nov 03, 2021


Expressly for employees who already utilize Paycom’s HR and payroll technology at work, the Paycom app puts the power of our Employee Self-Service technology on your mobile device. Please note that some Employee Self-Service features must be enabled by your organization’s Paycom administrator. If you have questions about these features, please connect with your HR/payroll department.

ACCESS YOUR DATA Whenever and wherever you need it, your personal employee data is accessible here, including past and present pay stubs, benefits, tax forms, performance reviews, goals, contact information and more. With our secure, touch-ID login, your data is literally at your fingertips! EMPLOYEE-DRIVEN PAYROLL An industry-first, Beti™ gives you the keys to access, review, manage and approve your own paychecks before payday. It allows you full visibility into your paycheck before it’s processed, clarity on how pay changes, a visual of deductions, expenses and other allocations, a guided process for paycheck approval and confidence knowing the amount is correct. ACCURATE TIMEKEEPING Whether you punch our web-based time clock or input your hours on our web-based timesheet, you may do so through the app. You also can submit your time for approval, check your accruals and request time off for vacation, medical appointments and other events requiring supervisor approval. APPROVALS FROM ANYWHERE Because work doesn’t stop when managers are away from their desks, Manager on-the-Go helps them make the most of their workday. This mobile tool allows managers and supervisors to complete essential management tasks involving their employees from anywhere, including approving hours worked, time-off requests and expenses; viewing team members' schedules; and more. DEFEAT THE RECEIPT No more keeping track of paper receipts for your expense account! Simply snap a photo of the receipt and upload it through the app for reimbursement. You can check the status of pending expense reimbursements as well. LEARN AT YOUR PACE Any employer-assigned training courses or learning paths can be taken here. In addition, any courses applicable to your system privileges through our client training and certification program, Paycom University, are accessible. MILEAGE TRACKER Conveniently track your business mileage with Paycom’s Mileage Tracker. Easily store copies of receipts for quick reimbursement, sync your existing trip information to Employee Self-Service and even set up automatic tracking to streamline your expense submission process. Missing a certain feature? Reach out to your HR department! CONTACT US As with our core product, we welcome, appreciate and listen to all feedback. Simply email [email protected]. Face ID, Touch ID, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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