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User Reviews for Pastel Friends

I love this game sm :)

This game is really fun I really like all the different selections of clothes and hair! I like to draw so something I do is when I’m done making a little character i draw it on paper and it’s always really fun! I hope that you can make more cute games like these in the future because they are really fun and entertaining! Something that I don’t like is that there is always an advertisement on the top of the screen and sometimes I click it on accident when I’m trying to save my character in a slot and it’s super annoying! But other than that this game is super fun! Hope to see more cute games like this in the future! <3

catboylover444, Nov 11, 2020
I have a few suggestions, but game is lovely!

I don’t normally write reviews, but I loved this game so much and I wanted to express my appreciation. However, I have a few suggestions (as you probably guessed). I would love to see an option to put animal ears on your character, as there is a tail section. My next suggestion is that you could change the color of each eye separately, if you wanted to have a character with different colored eyes. My final suggestion is that there could be a ‘randomize’ button, as I am a digital artist and love designing characters to draw with this. Overall, this game is wonderful, and I definitely recommend this game! The different options are plentiful, and the characters are adorable! I 11/10 reccomend this game! ❤️💕

DleepyDreams!, Aug 07, 2020
A WORK OF ART ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ some requests

This is pretty much my favorite game of all time.. and that’s a lot for me to say because i download almost every app I see. This game is awesome, but I have a few requests. One, can you please add cat ears? I love making all my pets into little characters, or even just cat people, but there are no cat ears!!! Two, please lower the price of those in-app purchases. It’s not too expensive, but since it’s several tiny packs, wanting to get access to all the choices total would then be kinda expensive. Just one pack is 5-10 items for $3. That’s a lot of money! Please either make it one single purchase for it all for like $15 or something? I’d pay for that! Or make the single purchases one dollar cheaper or something? Other than that, this game is beautiful and I love the characters I make!

doggy poo #2, Jul 05, 2020
Few suggestions

Just like the game description says the game is definitely healing. It’s a really cute game the art is well done and you can’t help but love it, but there is a few things about the game. So first off I think it would be nice if you guys would add the categories “dress” “jacket” and “makeup”. I also notice the adds that take up full screen that pop up every now and then have such tiny exit buttons that you either won’t notice them or are taken to a search engine because you accidentally have clicked the advertisement. I was hoping you could add more backgrounds please. I was also thinking that maybe you could add more poses were the whole body is moving and not just the upper half or shirts. Anyways this game is cute and I just wanted to point out that you guys still give us stuff that would usually be part of a DLC, it shows you care. And I mean if you guys make a living off your company it’s really not a rip off that we have more basic fashion because this is how you support your selves. Anyways good game 8/10

Everybicknamegetstaken, Jul 12, 2021
Some Friendly Suggestions ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Hello I really like your game and think it’s super cute. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅI just have a few suggestions. Could you maybe make an ombré hair option. Not just on some hairs but on all of the hair options.On the topic of hair, could we maybe get more spiky anime hair and some cute bun hairstyles. Also could you maybe add a third hair layer for pigtails and buns. Also can you maybe add different poses. I say this because the characters arm pose/ position is dependent on the shirt they have on and we can’t change the leg position unless you use a preset outfit which they’re only a few of and you can’t customize them.Another thing I might add is a color slider for hair, eyes and, skin as well as for certain parts of outfits, like maybe just the pattern on an outfit. Please add some realistic backgrounds and the option to import photos for backgrounds. Either way I still like the overall aesthetic of the game and the fact that the ads aren’t in your face every two seconds. Keep up the good work and keep my suggestions in mind. P.S.: stay home!Edit: So I realized that it’s been almost a year since the release of pastel friends so maybe you r planning a pastel friends 2 or something. If u are plz put my and other suggestions in it plz.

Hermosa5678910🙋🏽, Jul 15, 2020
I just have 3 requests

I LOVE this game and I love the expression of all of the faces and the variety but it is just missing three things: there should be a girl hair style that is all to the side and u should be able to have ur characters be bald too because I was trying to do all of the characters in the battle pass in fortnite but I couldn’t exactly because when I was on brutis I couldn’t do bald and he is bald so I had to give him hair! So here is my last request: this one is for hats there should be cat ears because I was trying to do meowcles from fortnite but this game doesn’t have any cat ears so I had to do mouse ears!!! So that is my review so thank you for reading this and I hope you add these to pastel friends and the hair pulled to the side in pastel girl. :3

i love [email protected], Jun 13, 2020
Love it, but some suggestions

This is such a fun game and I love the how it looks, there are some suggestions tha I have for it. First I would love if my made it so you can change the color of the outfits and have the option of if you want half of your hair one color and one a different color, and all of them can do this not just one. Another thing is that it would be nice to have different poses that are you can have with anything your wearing. Over all the game is just amazing and I don’t think you will be adding more to this game but if you make another game it would be nice to have this in it

Its Lunar Wolf Plays, Feb 23, 2022
Good app, but Pastel Girl is better

I have to say, it’s got some good improvements. But for the most part, those were just fixing some minor inconveniences- other than the whole Decorate Friends thing, which i do enjoy. It’s a good app, I like it- it’s just Pastel Girl had more pastel options when it comes to clothes, and the clothes on this app are a lot darker. And while, I’m fine if they wanna expand their wardrobe and add new options for this app, I personally prefer the other app’s wardrobe. So it only really comes to personal preference I guess. (Except for the fact that, again, this apps wardrobe ain’t really all that “””pastel”””)Oh, and- that MUSIC dear god the music. It’s repetitive and annoying, so thanks for the mute option. I do prefer Pastel Girl’s music as well Ye but good app solid 7.5/10

Mdawg-19, Aug 11, 2020
Cute game

This game is really cute! But here are some suggestions maybe some poses and add ombré hair? Also some more clothes options and more accessories, and import photos from our camera roll as a background. Maybe add in a make your own clothes! That would be very unique and some objects like flowers, or even some magic powers? To hold and a lot more including phones, envelopes, and lots more. Add in some more head accessories like crowns, and others. I would like to have long dresses like a ball gown or like a princess dress or just a long dress and maybe add in a dress color like how you do it with the eyes, hair, skin. We get to pick the colors also we can get colors from our camera roll? But after all this is a really cute and good game. <3

Melody Jane Vang, May 14, 2022
I was expecting more.

To start out, I’m a big fan of Lily Story and Pastel Girl. After Pastel Girl and Lily Story started getting fewer and fewer updates I was hoping for something great, but sadly I didn’t receive what I wanted. I was expecting to download a great game when I saw this but I was majorly let down. Firstly, there are barely any good items that can be used for free. I understand the creators do need money and people buy the add-ons, but please cater to those who can’t pay as well.Secondly, the mechanics/design of the game. I don’t get why we have to save our character and then load a different part of the game just to add the extra effects. I personally see no point in it. What I mean about the design is the character base we use. Why are they so small? Things look so cluttered when you put on more than 2 or 3 things. It’s also hard to make an older looking person when they’re the size of a 6 year old.I’m going to keep the game downloaded in hopes of more and better content before I delete the app completely. The last thing I’ll say is please, developers, consider continuing updating Pastel Girl and Lily story if you read this. It’d be a shame to not get new things on my favorite apps that still have many users playing.

Sarah Alder, Apr 01, 2020


1. Pastel Friends is a relaxing game, in which you decorate adorable avatars and their backgrounds in pastel colors. 2. There are two modes : Decorate Avatar and Decorate Friends.

The avatars you saved can be used in Decorate Friends mode. 3. There are varied functions such as Drag & Drop, Mirror & Change Layers, and many pretty animations! 4. Create your own avatar story by using many outfits, items, effects, speech bubbles and text! 5. Share your beautiful avatar and background image with your friends. ※ As the data is saved to your device, once you delete the game, all saved data will also be removed. ※ In-app purchase data is saved to the server, so you can restore data when you re-install the game.

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