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Panic Room 2: Hide and seek

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Panic Room 2: Hide and seek

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User Reviews for Panic Room 2: Hide and seek


Like everyone else, cannot add other players unless they are in my fb friends list. Don’t want to send requests to my 85 year old mom or my uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. I want to interact with people that actually play this game. Also, since the recent update the game loads only about 40% then starts the process all over again. I haven’t been able to play since the update. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Too bad.

5kCoco, Aug 12, 2018
Not working. Fix the game

I was enjoying the game, but it hasn’t worked in weeks. Tech support said it would be fixed in an update, but I still haven’t gotten the update to fix.

bntbirch, Dec 22, 2019
Can’t connect to server

Game was working fine until today. It keeps saying it can’t connect to the server. I’ve hit refresh, unloaded and downloaded again about 4-5 times. When this gets fixed, I’ll change the rating. Thank You!

Colemays, Oct 27, 2019
I can’t report errors.

Tried to report an error in which I couldn’t access my friends list or information. When I tried to report the error it asked for my friend ID, listed in the friends section I can’t access. I can’t complete certain quests without friends. Really frustrating to have an error that prevents me from reporting errors.

Famanyx, Jul 06, 2018
Too difficult to get friends

I love the game but hate the restrictions for getting friends and help. The game is not as difficult as having friends and help gaining extras in the game. Keeps the brain working but frustrates the achievement.Can’t get gifts even though I can give gifts and have friends on my I pad

Flash for iPad, Oct 11, 2018
Game not functioning properly

I can’t load the game successfully for panic room 2. It tells me that a server error or something occurred and to contact technical support, but I did that and there’s still no change, the game still won’t load.

Ghostie12, Dec 21, 2019
No terms button

I can’t even accept h the terms to play since u updated them

JazzCruz85, Nov 09, 2019
Still can’t add friends

Can you please fix the issue so we can add friends? Can’t complete quests without this issue fixed. Will change to 5 star rating once fixed. Thank you.UPDATE: Thank you for fixing!! I hope you do more game updates and add more rooms!

michelle novalee, Feb 24, 2022

CAN NOT ADD FRIENDS! Plain and simple. This is the EXACT same game as the first Panic room. When I see a second game of the same title, I expect different things, different rooms, atmosphere etc. instead I see the same old house, the SAME rooms and t(e same stuff inside the room. What’s the difference between the 2 games? ? Oh I know THE TITLE! That’s it! This is like a bad sequel to a good movie! Change things up, make it better! Make the art work different. If I wanted to play the exact same thing I would go and play Panic 1! Also can’t save the game because I can’t get onto FB or anything like that. And because your game is so messed up I can’t contact support either to report this. I click the setting tab, I’m taken to a webpage. It asks you what platform do you play on. I click iOS and NOTHING! Just like trying to add people! This game is full of glitches and so is their website! There isn’t any difference between Panic 1 and Panic 2! Save yourself some time and find a different game. Or just go back and play Panic 1, it’s the same thing basically. Same storyline as well.

Minipawsvoluteer, Sep 12, 2018
Very disappointed - 6 tickets open since July

I play on iOS on my iPad and I have had multiple issues with this game since July 2019. First of all, I can no longer add friends (even though I was able to add them previously in the game), I received key quests for the back yard which this version does not have, then after that I received key quests for the Children’s room which is another area the iOS version does not have access to yet. I have not had any quests to complete since July other than the downpour event that just finished. I have made numerous attempts to get help with these issues since July and have opened 6 tickets. I have not received a response to ANY of them. I even tried posting issues on the game Facebook page and all they told me was to open another ticket with support. The game hasn’t been connected to the server for over a week now. Thank god I did not spend any money to buy gold to play this game. The customer service I have received has been horrible!

Missm0703, Nov 01, 2019


Your trip to a gloomy abandoned mansion led to an imprisonment inside the maniac’s house. It was an itch for gain that led you here, but this place still reeks of fear of its previous victims, and only the desperate will to survive will help you to win back your freedom. The walls of the once-luxurious but now dilapidated house still remember the terrifying events and the suffering of the victims that futilely tried to escape the madman’s clutches time and again.

The history starts to repeat itself, but this time the victims are chosen on purpose. The new events, trials and challenges will surprise you with previously unseen brutality. You’ll have to work hard to survive, let alone escape or find out who’s hiding behind the mask of the Puppeteer. There are no accidents. So what were the transgressions that brought YOU here? Features: - A plot closely resembling spine-chilling thrillers! A nail-biting narrative that will give the creeps even to the most jaded fans of the genre in the very first minutes of play. - Distinctive atmosphere! The game recreates the disquieting aura of a crumbling mansion with realistic graphics and perfectly matching music. - Varying gameplay! A cornucopia of puzzles, collections and diverse activities will keep you entertained and keep the game dynamic and captivating. - Different game modes! Master the original gameplay modes such as «Night», «Shadows» or «Invisible ink» that add variety and excitement. - Extensive social aspect! Make friends, talk to them, help each other and exchange gifts! - Nonlinear plot! Freedom of choice offers you two branching storylines. Choose which path to follow!

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