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Justia Inc.
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User Reviews for OYEZ

Saving Audio offline Gone! — Rate 3-4 Stars.

I would have gave 5stars but I'm not able download audio from cases. Why? I've been a big fan of Oyez's site for years. Because of that I gave this a 4star instead of 3star. The instruction text on the App Store profile. Is it from the old PocketJustice app? Honestly, I plan to delete the app without the download function.

@iMatti_, Jul 30, 2016
Great Update - Almost Perfect

They just overhauled the app and it looks great. You have access to the audio transcripts, opinions, and general info of the Oyez database. A fantastic resource. I'd give it 5 stars but they removed the most useful feature—the ability to save case audio for offline listening. Bring back the save feature and it'll be perfect!

Corpico, Jul 22, 2016
Really enjoy this app however

As the title will tell you I really like this app but it just felt as though there could be improvements such as being able to bookmark cases (so you can come back to where you left off). Another example of an improvement would be being able to highlight text/underline/bold for the reason being to kee track of vital points in cases.

Dylan115256, Aug 20, 2017
Incredible incredible application

This application is the most comprehensive window into the world of the Supreme Court. You can listen to oral arguments while reading along to the transcripts, with each speaker identified. As well, you can read a brief summary of the case followed by the opinion of the court. I feel I have gained a more complete understanding of the subtleties of the court room and individual personalities of the justices. This application really opened me up to the world of SCOTUS.

Jamie Ironman, Aug 15, 2017
Makes Supreme Court Decisions Easy

This is the best app/ website ever. I use it almost everyday when I am referencing Supreme Court decisions. Gives the information needed in a brief yet informal way. However the only downside is you’re only limited to Supreme Court decisions and if oh spell anything wrong it most likely will now show up. Other than that amazing app.

MiriamLeigh, Apr 24, 2018
Helpful resource when studying American history

Books addressing various periods and issues in American history often make reference to Supreme Court cases. While some go into detail about a particular case, some only mention the decision. This app will allow you to read about a Supreme Court case and get more details about the topic. It not only supplements your reading, but helps you to develop a knowledge base of Supreme Court cases for future reference and discussions with others.

pjp73, Apr 22, 2017
Please fix this app.

After the most recent update (~4d ago), the app does not work. The app displays the loading screen with the Oyez logo for about 15-30 seconds and then crashes, which returns you to the iOS home screen. I have tried to use (open) the app several times since updating with no luck.. I really love the app normally and very much hope that it gets fixed soon. P.S., I will gladly change my review after the app gets fixed.

Rob_Nav, Oct 02, 2017
Love it but it doesn’t work…

I love this app. Being in college and using this tool to look up Supreme Court cases quickly and accurately is a must. However since the recent update it doesn’t open. It just opens and displays the title of the app then crashes. After reinstalling the app it works once then not at all. I’ll give the app 5 stars when they update it and fix this issue

The_Mav, Jul 10, 2022

I love this app beyond all belief. However over the past month the app keeps getting stuck on the opening screen. The only way to fix this has been to delete the app and redownload it. It will start working again only to stop again a couple of days later. I am saddened bc I have to start over my favorites list every time. Please fix this great app!

TMarshall68, Jul 16, 2021

I love this app, but it keeps getting stuck on the loading page. I redownload it, but then after a few uses it’ll stop opening. Please fix it!

xXAmazingXx, Jul 25, 2021


-- Oyez provides all the information available on the Oyez website plus the Justia Lawyer Directory & Annotated US Constitution in a conveniently package form for mobile users. -- Oyez can focus their attention to the portion of the Supreme Court’s work that most interests them. For example, a student studying constitutional law could limit the app to only those cases that would be found in any casebook or textbook. Practitioners interested in bankruptcy cases could create a collection that identifies only cases bearing on bankruptcy issues.

The choice remains entirely with the user. --Users can choose between streaming or downloading audio. Streaming provides immediate access to our synchronized audio and transcripts over cellular or WiFi networks. It is robust: You can pause and pick up hours later at the same point in the audio. Downloading allows storage and later playback. We recommend its use over wifi eliminating data charges. --We have improved design and logic, including a brief tutorial to instruct old and new users on the features and functionality in the app. —Oyez will be updated regularly to account for new and old case descriptions and as the Court adds new cases to its docket.

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