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User Reviews for "OXXO"

Beautiful game ... but not very challenging

I hope the developer is planning to update with additional puzzles. The game is beautiful and very creative, but with all the different options in the game, I would’ve expected tons of more puzzles getting increasingly hard. It took me probably the equivalent of an hour’s worth of play to complete all the puzzles — I bought the game around noon, and by the end of the afternoon was done; I was expecting a lot more challenge for a paid game, not just an afternoon’s worth.

A random nickname 65543, Aug 10, 2019
Short and sweet

Definitely worth the money, I wish it were longer but for what it is it’s worth the price.

Darkhowl2, Aug 16, 2019
Best Puzzle Dev yet!

These guys make the best is puzzle games and it's not even close. I don't even bother reading the app descriptions anymore, I just buy them without thinking. I was craving more Scalek, and this is the closet thing yet. So challenging yet so peaceful. They masterfully educate you on the rules of their games as you go. Another stunner, thank you!

HoardApps, Aug 13, 2019
Another Great Game 👍

I have been waiting patiently for this and was not disappointed. I LOVED Scalak and have bought all of the Blue Box games. I am a fan of puzzle games that require thought and strategy rather than speed and agility. This is another lovely Zen offering that I will probably play multiple times. Thank you.

Kathykx3, Aug 06, 2019
Cool Game!

This is a fun and challenging game that will put your spatial awareness, geometric imagination, and visual aptitude to the test. Seeing it in front of you at the beginning and knowing what it needs to look like to complete it in the end, is not the same as knowing how to get it there. The little twist here or move to swap parts from end to end can really be quite interesting once you feel like you're making progress while you're really just getting more and more away from the beginning and not necessarily any closer to the end. Great game - I think it is the coolest!

kyjalldamnday, Aug 10, 2019
Very chill and fun game

I’ve played several of the games by this developer and everyone is a treat. This one is no exception.

myrontaslov, Jan 05, 2022
Very good puzzler

I’ve played a lot of these sorts of games. This one is definitely worth checking out. It’s original and hard to put down. They don’t waste a lot of time before throwing twists at you and there are plenty of challenging levels. If there was something to be said that was any kind of negative it’s that it wound up being rather short. There are a lot of easy levels that make it zip along. Easy because there really is only so many moves you can make and you wind up just guessing your way through. They probably needed to develop a more challenging system, like achieving certain objectives vs just solving?I would still recommend playing it though!

Nat.Venger, Mar 30, 2022
Why no iCloud sync?

Love all your games but wondering why there’s no iCloud sync since I like to switch back and forth from my iPhone and iPad. Thanks

Stephen_79, Aug 08, 2019
A must buy!

I wait for your games. There are very few I Check on regularly. Your games are in a class of there own. Thank you. I still go back and play all your old ones. Amazing once again.

Ufinknow, Aug 10, 2019
Another Hamster Classic

It’s rare for a game to be the whole package. Fun. Challenging. Not too hard. Sounds and atmospheric music good enough for me to not turn them off completely. Etc. Great work, Michal.

Uncoolcentral, Feb 23, 2020


Hey, Hamster here! I create puzzle games for you: Scalak, Zenge, PUSH or Art Of Gravity. "OXXO" GOAL: Group similar blocks. They like each other ;) HOW TO DO THAT? -Discover the game on your own, no tutorials! -Play with the blocks.

You can't loose in OXXO! -Rotate them like in no other game before. -Use all 3 Dimensions :) -Sometimes you'll have to think a bit. I designed OXXO for you to experience discovery of ever changing mechanics. Relax, enjoy the puzzles, feel good about yourself! Have fun playing, and thanks for your support! -- BATTERY - USE HQ BUTTON TO SAVE BATTERY -- Yours Mike aka Hamster On Coke

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