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Ourtime - Meet 50+ Singles

  • Social Networking
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Ourtime - Meet 50+ Singles

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Ourtime - Meet 50+ Singles

Things to look for add to look out for

One thing that I just recently found after I’ve been off of this app for a while, and that did not show up when I had the app on my phone, where his messages from men that I’ve never seen that went into my spam file. So while on this app, check your spam file tool so sorry to all those men that I never responded to because I never knew about you. The other thing is for men and women to look out for if a man or a woman wants you to go off to a different texting messages system and I threw a regular text message on your phone. I want you to download one either through your Gmail. Or another app they are a scammer. Also, if they claim that they’re gonna meet you and then all of a sudden no longer can meet scammer and shortly after that something happens to them like losing their credit cards. Or something went wrong with your bank account and they need your help and want you to send the money. Don’t do it. They are scammers if they can’t meet you within the first week or two face-to-face don’t bother. Cause they’re probably living in another country. And another heads up. If it looks like a professional picture it’s probably a scammer . please some of the pictures I’ve seen our basically just a nose . you need to show your whole face in your pictures. Just thought these are things you should look out for. I have found somebody on another site.

Blue heeler lover, Jan 11, 2023
Just a photo book

Just like match they don’t tighten things up enough for the women they have to make it mandatory that they want to look at pictures if they want to talk to people they have to be members. I don’t like the fact that even with my pictures that no one is getting back to me, and that’s most likely the sites problem that is not an issue of me not being seen it’s just there are so many members that are men in so few that are women the site itself makes it hard to meet. Women are always going to receive more responses than men therefore women should be only allowed five then when they go through those five they have to wait another seven days before they get another five to make it more competitive if I threw 100 pennies in front of you and say that five of those pennies are worth $1000 it’s gonna take your time to go through them all to find the one that’s got the marking of the date. And it’s the same way on match and our time and plenty of fish they’re all the same, they give too much flexibility to the women. And expect a man to pay for it

bruntshvd, Jul 11, 2020
No customer service

I downloaded the app to see if there were members out there that I would be interested in and upgrading my service. I tried to upgrade, but on the app itself you have to have a credit card on your iCloud account and I don’t have that. So I got online to do it and it cost five dollars more online. I contacted customer service multiple times, and continue to get only the scripted answers. I cannot get anyone to read my question and answer the questions that I’m asking. Why would I pay for the service going forward, when I can’t even get a simple answer to a question to upgrade my account? It concerns me that if I had issues in the future that I would get no help. I won’t waste my time with an app when I can’t even get questions to simply updating my account. I wouldn’t waste any time with that. But the members look interesting, you’ll have absolutely no help from customer service

cleversole, Nov 04, 2021
Not able to continue to upload photos

I used to be on this app and had issues with uploading photos before but finally got them complete. Just got back on site and went to upload new Photos and successfully got 3 photos to start. Went back to upload more and wouldn’t allow said I needed to give permission in settings. My setting showed for their app photos was on. Emailed them and they told me they had removed one of my photos for not following guidelines?? It was a picture zoomed in of two drinks toasting? Emailed again and no response. Called only auto hold. Emailed no response. Called today, did not select technical support but “other” #6, and was told issue with my phone. I said it still showed access and I had not changed anything. He was Very condescending to me and told me it wasn’t a technical issue. When asked what kind of issue it was he just said issue with my phone but wanted me to remove app and reinstall. Wanted to stay on phone with me. However his tone was so off putting with his dog barking in background I said I’ll reinstall & would call back if needed additional help. Well reinstalled and now settings doesn’t even give me option to allow photos for their app. Guess I’ll have to call again but so frustrating and 🤞

cookie lover 21, Jul 28, 2022
Account behind in payment

I got this notice when I tried to read a message saying my account was suspended there was a phone number so I called and got a CSR and said that I needed to renew and explain the message. So I gave him my CC number he told me the message would remain for 24-48 hours but I could use the account. Unfortunately for me he applied my payment to my free account. Which is blank instead of my profiled account.So far I have emailed them 3 or 4 times and they keep asking me what I needed when I’ve explained my problem in every email/text respondent one was Jamie and she explained what to do ignoring the fact the I would need to pay again,Respondent 2 was James, he did d give a Monday thru Friday phone number and I was able to respond to his but haven’t heard back.

Dennisj47, May 05, 2019
Business model is flawed against subscribers

The app itself is clunky and not easy to navigate. There’s no search engine to locate someone you have communicated before. So you have to manually go over the Sent section and scroll down. The business model is to get the subscribers to add features beyond the paid membership. If you like someone and send them a message, but the receiver does not have the feature to reply to you then the whole match doesn’t happen unless you pay for them to have the ability to reply to your message. It’s may not be they don’t like you. You also have to pay additional for the feature to know that they opened your message. Again what good is to know there’s a possible match, but the other member cannot reply unless you pay for that feature too?There’s no price transparency when you sign up. Do not recommend.

Giendi63, Oct 27, 2020

While I’ve found several gentlemen to date/get acquainted with I wasn’t thrilled with the overall app. Many of the profiles for guys are scammers. Their profile is well written but when they start communicating one finds their English to be quite poor to the point where it’s obviously not their first language. Some of the posters lie about their appearance. The guy who turned out to be way over 300 pounds and had trouble walking did not even vaguely match his photos. You might strike gold here. I found one particular guy who may work out romantically but there are plenty of these guys who are delusional if not downright liars. One guy just wanted phone sex free. No dates. No getting to know each other. Just phone sex. Others post profiles where the description of their perfect woman sounds more like they are searching for the perfect dog. If you want loyal, agreeable always, and obedient, check out the local pound, not a dating website! Good grief!

Gwenzella, Aug 15, 2023
No options to choose your personal preferences

I continue to get the majority of recommendations of White men. I am interested in finding someone from my race and culture. Our Time does not dig past a person’s surface to find out what the client is personally looking for in a mate. You just send random people to your clients. For me, yesterday was my first day and I’m very disappointed in your last of research on OurTime’s part to do any work besides collecting and banking the fees to actually find someone one would actually be interested in meeting according to the client’s personal profile. I wanted to test your services out prior to committing significant funds to finance this venture. I submitted a review saying this exact thing yesterday, and I bet my last dollar that OurTime did not read it as I looked at a couple of your recommendations this morning with the same results as yesterday so my disappointment continues. I will not be renewing for further time but I guess, as usual in life, the Dominant Group is disregarding people of color and their needs. DO BETTER, OurTime. Don’t just collect money without actually trying to find your clients someone they might actually be interested in.

Hoping for New End Result, Jun 09, 2022
Technical issues/Horrible customer service

I had lots of technical issues logging in. At least once a day I couldn’t log in. When I called customer service the first time, the woman was friendly but couldn’t help. The next time, the rep sent me to the internet company. I called back & he told me it was my internet again. I explained the steps Time Warner did to prove it wasn’t the problem. He put me on hold without muting the phone. He had a personal conversation for about 12 minutes before coming saying he had to go back to this stupid customer. I explained I wasn’t stupid. He finally pulled up my account. He said “You are young. So you know about apps.” I confirmed. It wasn’t until then that he was willing to walk through the steps to figure out the issue. I was so furious. I deleted my account. I will never renew. Considering that most customers are older, I can’t believe OurTime would allow this person to continue working for the company.

JenELane, Oct 11, 2020
Terrible app

Garbage. Almost useless. Very limited use. You can search and send / receive a message. That’s it. All the messages are jumbled up together. Terrible user interface. Who wrote this garbage? The search options are not there either. Can’t search for non smokers. That’s a deal breaker for me. All I see are bad reviews going back as far as one cares to look. No changes. No help. No anything. Don’t waste your time and money. They are not making anything better. Same generic crap response to every unhappy user but nothing changes. I also think the site generates false interest to get you on the site or app. It’s fraud. It’s illegal. I get emails daily saying I have a message or a view or something. You login to see who or what it is and nothing is there. Where does it go? Once it’s in my messages how can it vanish? It can’t. It was never there. Not only is the site full of fakes and scammers the people who run the site create false interest.

plgtfvjg, Jan 22, 2021


Ourtime, Dating Made Easy Ourtime is the #1 dating app made for singles over 50, with a simple mission: To help singles in their 50s, 60s, and beyond spark meaningful connections. Our unique focus is on celebrating this time of your life, and helping you find the quality connection you're looking for. Whether it's marriage, romance, friendship, or companionship — we want to help you find that someone special to celebrate this time of your life with.

In addition to being the best dating app for people over 50, we're also safe and easy to use. We review every profile and every photo to help ensure the best quality of matches for you, and we've completely redesigned our App with the focus on simplicity. It's easier to use and easier to personalize your profile for better matchmaking! Join now and find that connection you've been looking for! Go from wondering who's out there to discovering someone wonderful. Right when you join, you can: - Tell your story. Customize your profile by adding pictures and telling other members about your life experiences - Discover profiles of men or women, and customize your search for more personalized matches - Receive a personalized, curated list of top picks that meet your search criteria - Send and receive likes to other members--the more you send; the higher the chances you make a mutual connection With a subscription, you can also: - Discover mutual connections by seeing who's liked you - Engage in conversation by sending messages to other members - Instantly receive messages from other members - Know when your sent message has been read We're here to help you every step of the way. There's no better time than now to go from wondering who's out there to discovering someone wonderful. This is your time, so wait no more! If you choose to subscribe and make an in-app purchase, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your subscription. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your account settings in the iTunes Store after in-app purchase. Terms Of Use: https://www.ourtime.com/registration/membagr.aspx?lid=4

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