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User Reviews for OpticsPlanet.com


I wish all the companies I do business with other than OP had an app that is as user friendly as Optics planet. Bass Pro and Cabelas I can lost on the first page. Midway USA doesn’t have one, Midwest Gun Works needs one but don’t have one. Many things would be easier for me if user friendly things would happen. As a veteran that got hurt very badly in service and received a Traumatic Brain Injury, caught a bullet, torn liver, 28 screws and rods in my spine. I had to relearn everything. So websites get difficult. Simplistic Apps I can typically handle. My biggest complaint about Optics Planet is how the military discount thing works. I don’t understand how to get my discount added on to my ending amount owed. But places like kryptek or Sitka. Even Midwest Gun Works adds my price to each item I add to the shipping cart. Certain things would be helpful. The app itself it a great help though.

Corban.c, Apr 01, 2022
Outstanding Customer Service

I’ve ordered several items from these folks within the last year and that said, they continue to set the model of superior personal customer service. I ordered an item, a range finder that happened to be on extended back order, they not only monitored this status but also offered us an option to upgrade to an available unit ready for immediate ship that was discounted significantly. This would’ve been an excellent deal however for simplicity and much smaller in size we opted to stay with our original choice selection. When this deal was originally suggested I was notified via email, since I hadn’t responded in a timely manner a representative actually picked up the phone and called us as further means of follow up on our back order. These guys rock in superior A&B CS! Keep up the great work OpticsPlanet team!

Hunt for Deer, Jan 13, 2022

Don’t waste your time or money! Go to Primary Arms, Brownells or Midway USA instead! I’m deleting this ridiculous app, what a joke! I ordered stuff (for a birthday grift) from this site that said “In Stock” and will take 1-4 days to ship out to me. On day 5 I get an email saying it’s taking longer than expected and no estimated time of when it will be shipped out. It’s been about 2 weeks now and still nothing! Tried calling and you only get an automated machine saying the same thing and instead of trying to do something to make up for it like rush delivery or throwing in a little something for the trouble or even a discount, nothing! Top it all off, if I want a refund it’ll take 3 weeks just to get my money back!!!I’m not the only one that this has happen too either! A few of my buddies and tones of people from a Facebook group I’m in as well

JasonThomg21, Nov 09, 2020
A Good Choice - If You’re Careful

Optics Planet usually has as good or better prices than ebay or anyone else. I like that one can use PayPal Credit here and get their 6 month no interest on orders over $100. However, on the negative side, their value (free) shipping is pretty slow, so don’t expect anything to be delivered in less than 10 days. Also, MAKE SURE that you verify that every item you purchase is in stock Before you order it. I failed to do that and I waited over 2 months for an item that always showed a “2 to 11” delivery date. Finally had to cancel and get it elsewhere - BUT Customer Service was polite and effective when I called to cancel the item.

Mark Wiz, Oct 07, 2019
Excellent app from a great company

I have been shopping with Optics Planet for many years. I’ll agree with the reviewers that say this app is easier to use than the website. As has also been mentioned, the Optics Planet app and website allow you to purchase items that are on backorder without explicitly warning you during checkout. The in-stock/estimated ship information IS listed for each item. You must simply pay attention. With all of that said, I find their willingness to backorder helpful. Many items are extremely hard to find these days and I appreciate knowing that a purchase is locked down. OP provides updates via email for backorder items and has not ever cancelled a item with me. Dozens of great transactions with Optics Planet and consider myself a loyal customer. I may still shop around for price options, but routinely end up back here.

MrComa, Sep 15, 2020
Outstanding App / Outstanding Company

I have been using various apps to purchase products for many years and OpticsPlanet is one of the best around. Not only is the app outstanding and easy to use but the customer support is equally as outstanding. I recently bought an item that didn’t fit my non-standard weapon and I returned it for a quick no hassle refund. I purchased the correct item and it arrived in a timely manner. Best of all, OpticsPlanet is a American company and not one from overseas that takes months to get your items. Look no further than OpticsPlanet because they are great to buy from and deal with in this modern day internet shopping market. This Army Veteran give OpticsPlanet app and the company 5 stars.

TerhuneT, Sep 08, 2020
Phenomenal App

I have made quite a few purchases through Optics Planet, and found that they are the best company for purchasing firearm equipment. They give great deals, and give you “OP Bucks” with everything you buy. I saw the app and decided to download it. I was not surprised to find it works well just like the website, but seems to be more suited for iPhone. I love being able to save my info, cart, etc. I believe this is the only review I’ve ever given on the App Store because this app has made shopping easier for me. I would recommend this to anyone who plans to make purchases over a period of time or just browse until they have the money to buy what they are looking for, the benefits are unmatched. OP Bucks have equated to about $600 in gear that I didn’t “pay” for.

Tmoneysmovee27, Jul 31, 2022
No more rainy day Bluez

From Covid to the rainy day Bluez it seemed like the magic 8 ball is stuck on outlook not so good. If you too are finding it hard to make ends meet let alone get awesome top line gear at anything affordable chin up . The optics planet app will hook you up with gear you couldn’t afford in your next lifetimes. I don’t know how they do it - none of the gear is damaged flawed or used. Next rainy day or time you’re down in the dumps start planning for better days out in the great wilderness at prices you’ll be able to afford. I love using this app for times my brain needs a vacation but there’s just no time for that. I can browse the gear plan to buy it my cart is never whipes out or maxed out it brings my spirits up.

TrashPanda85, May 08, 2022
Great prices and service easy to use app

Very happy with this app. It makes everything from ordering to returning items easy. The backorder button is a very nice addition most websites don’t offer. You can get an email to let you know when an item is back in stock just like the others or lock in your purchase. Make sure you click on the availability link to see how long the item is expected to be on backorder though. If you find somewhere else before they fulfill your order it’s quick and easy to cancel it. Shipping times are quick and customer service is among the best.

xSK0RCHx, Jun 01, 2022
Positive experience

I never rate anything not matter how good/bad it is, but I felt like OpticsPlanet deserved a good review from me. Their app is extremely organized and easy to navigate, and their customer service is superior! I had questions one time about what particular scope to purchase for what my goals were, and they put me in contact with one of their specialists who walked me through what they would recommend and why. Sure enough, it was exactly what I was looking for! And I’ve had no issues with it at all! I love the app, company, and employees! I hope everyone has the same experiences I’ve had with it!

zbxivfjgxygbs163830, Aug 11, 2021


At OpticsPlanet.com you'll find hundreds of thousands of products for both those who take their passions seriously and the professionals that protect and serve others. Now you’ll find all the perks of an ecommerce store at your fingertips with our OpticsPlanet App. OpticsPlanet has grown into the destination for millions of professionals and hobbyists to find the right gear for camping, backpacking, game management, hiking, birding, astronomy, science lab equipment, active outdoor apparel, and more.

Not to mention prescription glasses and the latest sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Whether you’re looking for men’s clothing, kids’ shoes, women’s apparel, or nearly any type of outdoor gear, use our shopping app to browse, purchase, or check availability at the most versatile outdoor e-commerce stores. Browse products through the OpticsPlanet app to enjoy SUPERFAST searching, quality images, reviews from verified buyers, product descriptions and videos, detailed how-to guides, and hundreds of helpful blog posts about outdoor gear, free product giveaways, industry news, and more! KEY COMPONENTS & FEATURES SLICK & AD-FREE INTERFACE: We don't advertise on our app and you won't find 3rd party ads anywhere, ever. FAST & SAFE CHECKOUT: Say hello to a safe, simple and speedy checkout process within the App. Easily browse 300,000+ products with beautiful images, custom descriptions, manufacturer's descriptions, reviews, blog posts, product specs and more to help you find the right gear and apparel. SPEEDY & PIXEL PERFECT: Maintained and created in-house, specifically to keep up with the demands of our users for the best experience. Hi-Res product display allows users to view full product images at their sharpest, cleanest look. All the technology, aesthetics, quality gear and simplicity in one easy app to help users find what they need, fast. SIMPLIFIED SEARCH & SHOPPING: When you use the OpticsPlanet Outdoor Gear App, you will be surprised by the simplicity, speed, and accuracy of the internal search interface, the quality of images and product descriptions for all product brand pages, categories, deals and review pages. Find quality outdoor gear easily including All Sport Optics, Athletic Active Wear, Backpacks, Camping Gear, Prescription Sunglasses and Eyeglasses, Microscopes, Telescopes, and More! COMMUNICATE W/ CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are here to answer any and all questions about our products, features, purchases and shipping status. Just ask! CHECK YOUR SHIPPING STATUS: Stay Alert with your shipping status of all orders from initial purchase to door-step delivery. Always Remember, online shopping for outdoor gear and apparel has never been better with OpticsPlanet Outdoor Gear App. Download today and start saving… a lot!

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