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User Reviews for Operation:

So good!

Loved this.

EduKATE19, Nov 27, 2019
It’s ok but a few suggestions.

I am nine years old and I think this game is more for five year olds. There is too much rhyming and it sounds like a doctor suess book.There is no way to lose at this game. I don’t even have to put really any effort in winning this game. In my opinion it is kind of odd that a man in his underwear goes dancing around the room when you win. please take my suggestions so this game doesn’t seem so childish. Otherwise it is GREAT!

ef14514, Nov 16, 2021

Did not take out the amount that it said it cost.

fix this plleeaaassseee, Apr 13, 2020
So cute and funny. Just perfect!

The kids just love this app. It’s just like the board game but with so much more context and explanation for why Sam has these ailments. Fun way to bring it to life in digital form and test those tweezer skills!

jessiesmom112, Jun 29, 2021
As a long time fan of Operation, this is extremely disappointing

I’ve been playing Operation for nearly my entire life, I loved it back then, and I still love it now. So when I bought this game, I had high hopes for this game. After playing it, I was left severely disappointed. Let me start with the first negative, this game is not very appealing to look at. Animations are about as rough as a PowerPoint presentation. The art style isn’t that great either, this is something that bothers me in newer versions of Operation, it looks too soft and childish to me, so the art style isn’t this game’s fault majorly. The touch controls, while responsive, feel stiff, more specifically when you’re removing an ailment. I also don’t like the sound effects used, all of them are very royalty free stock like sounds, and the buzzer is literally just the Family Feud buzzer. The fatal flaw with this game is that it’s literally impossible to lose. Touching the sides has no consequence whatsoever, the game is just WAY too forgiving. Lastly, there’s no replay value outside of the main game. Once you finish the game, there’s nothing else left to do. Even for a $3 game on the app store, It’s disappointing.Now are there any positives I have with the game? Actually, yes there are. First major positive I have is that since this is an upfront purchase, there are no pop-up ads to be found. Another good thing I can say is that I have never had a single instance where the game suddenly crashed on me for no reason. I also like that each ailment has more context behind them than the original game, where it just gave you a vague and brief description. Although, some of these pieces have dumb reasons for being there, mainly Spare Ribs, I don’t understand how Sam can get sick just by trying to look for someone to share his ribs with.In conclusion, I wish there was more effort placed into this game, the negatives really outweigh the positives in this case. If this games continues to make money, I hope you can use that earned money to improve the game to the extreme. Here are some ideas I have that you may find interesting:Add cash as a reward for removing a piece. Along with adding doctor and specialist cards, just like the original game.Add multiple skins as unlockables for completing certain pieces without touching the sides, such as a 2013 layout, the 1970’s UK versions, the rescue kit layout, and even the original 1965 layout. It would make for nice unlockables, especially for long time fans.Give the player a penalty for failing an operation, either no cash or lose $100.Change the sound effects to something more professional and less stocky.Smoothen the character animations, make it look more natural and less puppet like, or you can make newly drawn images.Add multiple game variants such as a time limit to each piece, or a skill setting where the pieces will shake a little as you’re removing it (to emulate the nerve skills of the board game), similar to what the GBA version did.Add Brain Freeze as an unlockable piece.Add a difficulty setting that increases the penalty, makes the mazes longer and more complex, to really test the player’s skills, the higher the difficulty, the bigger the cash reward and penalty will be.These are all the things I would recommend adding to the game, and I hope you’ll be able to do so. Even if this game is targeted towards young kids, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into it, regardless of age demographic, a product should be made with lots of effort.

Paper-thin Man, Apr 09, 2020
Our favorite board game

This was very funny and fun to play. If you like the board game you will enjoy this.

Sammystheone24, Dec 01, 2019

I bought this game for my little brother. He completed it within 30 minutes… it’s not worth $3 in my opinion! After you complete the game it resets and you have to do it all over again. IT’S A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!

sasjfneodnfbsjw, Mar 20, 2022
Cute! It’s really great for kids!!!

I bought this game for myself for the nostalgia. It’s cuter than cute, but it probably won’t be something I play a lot. I can see kids LOVING this game. It’s perfectly geared towards kids. With this game we get Sam’s back story. We learn how he’s gotten all these ailments and as we learn from his mistakes we also learn a great life lesson. The sound effects and the rhyming are adorable. While it’s not super fun for adults to play, it’s fun and nostalgic. I think if I was a kid I would lose my mind for this. It’s adorable.

songbirdmc, Jan 25, 2020
Horrible. Crashes freezes

Don’t waste your money

Tiffeyyd, Apr 09, 2022

Im a fan of hasbro games but this one was not even worth 2.99. I dont like the story mode or the medicine part, and the tweezers are too hard to squeeze 😑👎🏼

Wthe12, Jul 29, 2020


If you grew up with Hasbro’s classic OPERATION board game or have kids who are working the tweezers as we speak, this engrossing app brings a childhood favorite to life! Just like the board game, the app tests kids’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills but also unveils twelve entertaining short tales! Transformed into an exciting tactile app experience, the OPERATION App delivers everything you remember and more including the classic ailments and the nail biting ‘tweezer’ tension!

Remember carefully trying to remove Sam’s ailments? Now you can try with a set of virtual tweezers! If you touch the side, Sam’s nose lights up. You hear the familiar buzzer and feel your device vibrate in this beautiful tactile experience. Kids learn what each ailment means as Cavity Sam gets personal and ‘spills his guts’ on all twelve of the classic ailments. A fun rhyming narrative introduces the user to Cavity Sam’s peculiar situation and how he ended up in each mess. ‘Read along’ medical files give you and your emerging reader the story behind Cavity Sam’s every ache and pain and a fun way to practice those fine motor skills. Fix him quick!! He will be so glad. Return to the operating table after every successful operation to pick the ailment you want to tackle next! There are twelve different ways to make Cavity Sam feel better and a relatable story behind each one! Plus, every successful operation includes an easy to read ‘lesson learned’ that kids can use to stay healthy and strong in their own lives. The new OPERATION app delivers all the classic ‘buzz’ you can handle with ‘virtual’ tweezers, but so much more! Features include: • All twelve classic funny ailments, including Charlie Horse, Adam’s Apple, Spare Ribs, Wrenched Ankle, Butterflies in the Stomach, Water on the Knee, Writer’s Cramp, Pulled Muscle, Broken Heart, Wish Bone, Bread Basket and Funny Bone! • Maze: Navigate Cavity Sam’s insides to find and remove his ‘ouchies’ • Surgical camera: Focus the surgical camera to find what’s gone wrong (and make it right)! • Deliver medicines: Tilt your device to move the treatment to the right spot! • Eliminate germs: Swipe away the pesky bugs that are keeping Cavity Sam down! • Cavity Sam, brought to ‘achy breaky’ life! • Twelve different ways to fix up Cavity Sam and make him feel better! • Classic ‘tweezer’ play for every ailment • Fun rhyming narrative • Learn the story behind every ‘ouchie’ – how did Sam end up this way? • Sam shares ‘lessons learned’ that kids can use to stay healthy and strong. • Beautiful animations • The ‘buzzer!’ ABOUT PLAYDATE DIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. is a publisher of high-quality, interactive, mobile educational software for children. PlayDate Digital's products nurture children's emerging literacy and creativity skills by turning digital screens into engaging experiences. PlayDate Digital content is built in partnership with some of the world's most trusted global brands for kids. Visit us: playdatedigital.com Like us: facebook.com/playdatedigital Follow us: @playdatedigital Watch all our app trailers: youtube.com/PlayDateDigital1 HAVE QUESTIONS? We'd love to hear from you! Your questions suggestions and comments are always welcome. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

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