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User Reviews for OpenTerm

Just needs a better way of explaining

Yet right now I don’t know the real potential of this app and the way it teaches should have been like the desktop cmd to where in the text it gives examples and what it can use with it. Overall I feel amazing having this on my phone though. Even though I’m kinda confused about it.

?!?????????!!!!, Apr 26, 2020
fantastic beginnings

as this isn't real just very simulated almost fake maybe it's time to give it real world use. id like to be able to easily use local files & interact with my stuff vs your implementation. i bet you can build that very easily.

~~~Michael Wood~~~, Jul 17, 2020
Missing DIG

I purchased this app to use the DIG command on mobile to check DNS configuration but that command was missing, despite it being listed on the app description.

Alexbbt, Jul 07, 2021
Don’t spend your money on this

You can’t do much with this and I can’t believe I spent money on this crap

Chuck Canon, Nov 15, 2020
Doesn’t show enough lines when using SSH

Doesn’t out put enough lines when you SSH into a remote device. Makes it really hard to see the result of commands that you’ve ran.

Dang The Hung, Jun 11, 2020
ssh is really bad

Not worth it I tried to use ssh, is get connected but i cant run the commandfor example when i type pwdit print pwd instead of the path and it stopped responding !

Hebah ALbuloushi, Sep 17, 2021
Screen printing bad

No matter what command I try to use, if they have to print output on the terminal (ls, cat...) I can only see the very first line. If there is more info but it's longer than one line, it just doesn't show up. Could you please fix this or at least give money back. I thought if it was a paid app the minimum would be working. I have an iphoneSE second generation (iOS 15.4.1)

Josuerinho, May 12, 2022
It was a mistake to pay $5 for this.

First thing I tried to do with this was ssh to a local server I have in the house and the password prompt didn’t even obscure my password as I typed it. Once I was logged into my server I then tried to use sudo and it kept sending an enter key while I was trying to type my password. This app is a useless rip off.

KissTheRing, May 20, 2021
So far so good

It’s amusing to see reviews from users who have very little or no idea on how to use this app. For users who have extensive experience with Linux shells and CLI, it becomes readily clear what this app is for. There are limitations on what this app can do, but the capabilities it already has can come in handy in certain situations. For a more powerful app, try LibTerm or a-Shell, both of which were open source and available for free on the App Store as of this writing. For users who have never used CLI on Linux, I suggest that you first learn it and use it on Linux for real-world useful stuff for maybe a couple weeks or months until you are really comfortable with it, before tackling this or other similar apps.

NJ_user_74757, Jun 03, 2022
Nothing works

Most of the commands are not installed and developer website doesn’t seem real don’t think it’s the real developer probably coded with hidden malicious scripts etc.Like I said more then half of the commands, modules etc don’t work I didn’t know I was paying for just the shell, no repos etc. every other app comes full with the basics I also did a search on line for open term and the links were dead because open term was removed. I imagine that’s why your website is http only. Scam. Otherwise refund my purchase please.



OpenTerm is a sandboxed command line interface for iOS. It is the most popular terminal emulator and SSH/FTP client. Commands included: awk cat cd chflags chksum clear compress cp credits cub curl date dig du echo egrep env fgrep grep gunzip gzip help host link ln ls mkdir mv nc nslookup open copy paste ping printenv pwd readlink rlogin rm rmdir say scp sed setenv sftp share sleep ssh ssh-keygen stat sum tar tee telnet touch tree uname uncompress unlink unsetenv uptime wc whoami gps icloud .....

More commands will be integrated into this fantastic terminal emulator!

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